This is "Dark" Trunks from Dragonball X (not to be confused with dark TRUNKS from Dragonball Xz):

"Dark" Trunks
Debut Dragon Ball X Chapter 1- Darkness Descends
Appears in Dragon Ball X, Dragon Ball Z (before possession), Dragon Ball Gt (before possession)
Race Hyrid (Half Saiyan, Half Human)
Gender Male
Weight 132 lb.
Occupation Black Smoke Shenron
Allegiance Black Smoke Shenron (only because he's possessed)
Likes Death, Destruction
Dislikes People who are stronger than him
Family Bulma (mother), Bulla (sister), Vegeta (father), Black Smoke Shenron (inhabits his body), Shadow Dragons (they are Black Smoke Shenron)

"Dark" Trunks is the son of Vegeta and Bulma, Trunks, while under the influence of Black Smoke Shenron. He has taken a new form.



  • Pink Jacket
  • White Under Shirt
  • Black Pants
  • Black Boots


  • Hair is a very dark shade of grey, almost black even, and has taken the form of that of Trunks' super saiyan form's hair style.
  • Eyes have rolled back inside his head, now appearing to be white, and slightly glowing.
  • Golden aura, doesn't continuously stay around him
  • Muscular


Black Smoke Shenron Returns

After Son Goku left with the eternal dragon Shenron for special training, Trunks volunteered to return the still corrupted dragon balls to Dende to be fixed. Soon afterwards, Black Smoke Shenron leaves the dragon balls, once all seven are put together, and possesses Trunks' body, increasing his power beyond his previous limitations. Now attempting to kill Dende, to split his life force from the dragon balls forever before the negative energy he's made of can be cleansed, Vegeta stops him, and they prepare to battle.

Combating the Z-Fighters

Vegeta's Humiliation

Dark Trunks first gets to test his power at Kami's Lookout against Vegeta. Despite his best efforts, Vegeta can't land a single pucnh on Dark Trunks, forcing him to ascend to the level of a Super Saiyan 2. In this form, Vegeta fares much better against his enemy, but Dark Trunks still isn't phased. In a desperate attempt, Vegeta fires his galcik gun. However, Dark Trunks knocks the energy wave away with his knee. The Look Out is literally rocked by their bttle, and so is Vegeta. Dark Trunks comlpletely humiliated Vegeta, but before he can finish him off, Uub appears. 


Dark Trunks is in a league of his own. The amount of negative energy brought into Trunks' body by Black Smoke Shenron has increased the saiyan's ki reserve exponentially, greatly boosting his power level past previous limitations. In a normal state, Dark Trunks can easily dominate Super Saiyan 2 Vegeta at full power, using an equivalent of only 1% of his own strength. Not even the power increase granted by the Super Saiyan 4 state gives Dark Trunks much of a problem. 

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