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AXC is an Ancient Android. Long ago, he was created by Blizzad. However, he was forced to be abandoned and left. Years later, he was activated, charged with the DNA of Frieza's race. He began to destroy nearby planets, before coming across a Time Machine. He used it to invade other Fanfictions. Now he can be used by anyone in any fanfic. Just link me to where you want to use him so I can add his role to the page.


  • Black Star - AXC fires a black ball of energy
  • Supernova - He fires a mini sun from his fingertip
  • Dimensional Rush - AXC punches the opponent in the chest over and over before teleporting behind them and blasting them

Used In

Dragon Ball AD


  • He was the first "Can be used by anyone" page on this wiki
  • Due to his time travel and Android Body, he is very similar to the Maligus
  • He looks somewhat like Cell, and is similar in that they both have Icejin DNA