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Bardin is a character created by Jeenking.

He is the son of the never unknown and unnamed Saiyans Picassa and Jayke. He can transform into a SS1, SS2, SS3, SS4, Legendary Super Saiyan and Legendary Awesomeness Best of All Super Saiyan. He is a Saiyan that survived extinction by being sent via space ship into space. Bardin destroyed Earth and killed Goku, and all the other Z-Fighters when he destroyed Earth. But he was killed when a exploding piece of Earth hit the planet he was on. He also terrorized the Namekian Planet when he died before being turned into sparkles. Bardin's base form looks like a Super Saiyan.

Known Techniques

Ticking Time Bomb : A giant 10 foot tall Pink Ball. It deals a huge amount of damage

Dragon Blast of Raging Fury : Looks like a Kamehameha but green and more powerful.

Instant Transmission: Teleports you to a ki signature.