Beyond Super Saiyan Purple is achieved by breaking through the limits of Super Saiyan Purple. The flow of Galactic ki is near uncontrollable, and until it is mastered and controlled, the user will have a blazing purple aura and green hair. When it is fully mastered, though, the aura disappears and the hair turns a deep purple.


In the first through tenth episode of Dragon Ball TR, Goku travels back in time to teach Vegeta this form. So far, he hasn't quite mastered it like Goku has.

Power and Usage

The form has infinite power, in both versions. BSSP Goku was able to defeat Time Lord Android 17, which is something a regular Super Saiyan Purple wouldn't be able to do.


Unmastered Beyond Super Saiyan Purple isn't weaker than the mastered version, it just lasts for less time. The power and ki constantly flows out of the user, tiring them faster. Their body also can't handle the strain of their limits being pushed that far, so stamina is practically nonexistent. 


In this form, the aura disappears and the user is able to contain the energy within themselves. Their bodies have also adapted to the strain, and as such they can remain in this form as long as they want. They can even use it while sleeping.

Super Saiyan Beyond Purple

Beyond Super Saiyan Purple

Limit Breaking Galactic Super Saiyan

Super Saiyan Deep Green

Power Sunken Super Saiyan

Appears in Dragon Ball TR
Inventor Future Goku
Users Goku


Class Transformation
Color Purple (Mastered

Green (Unmastered)

Vegeta (Unmastered) and Future Goku (Mastered)

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