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Bella Almira

Bella Almira, Also Known As Hel Or Just Mag Is One Of The Main Protagonist Of Ultra Dragon Ball, They Appeared Out Of Nowhere And Started Editing And Creating Pages Within The Fandom Universe. They Are Currently The Female Gogeta SSGSS Strongest.

  • 1 Overview
  • 2 Appearance
  • 3 Personality
  • 4 Powers And Abilities
    • 4.1 Transformations
      • 4.1.1 Super Saiyan
      • 4.1.2 Super Saiyan 2
      • 4.1.3 Super Saiyan 3
      • 4.1.4 Super Saiyan 4
      • 4.1.5 Super Saiyan Blue
      • 4.1.6 Super Saiyan Rose
      • 4.1.7 Super Saiyan God
      • 4.1.8 Super Saiyan 5
      • 4.1.9 Super Saiyan 6
      • 4.1.10 Super Saiyan 7
      • 4.1.11 Super Saiyan 8
      • 4.1.12 Super Saiyan 9
      • 4.1.13 Super Saiyan 10
    • 4.2 Weaknesses
  • 5 History

They Is One Of The Supreme Beings Of The Universe Known As The Ultra Dragon Ball And Also Creator Of Another Universe Known As Redacted. They Appeared…

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Female Gogeta (SSGSS)

Female Gogeta Is The Metamoran Fusion Of Female Goku And Female Vegeta, Formed To Defeat Female Broly. While All Fusions Have Immense Power, Female Gogeta's Power Is Abnormal Even By Regular Standards, As Female Vegeta And Female Goku's Intense Rivalry Has Brought Out An Exceptional Power.

Tier: High 1-A+

Name: Girl Gogeta

Origin: Dragon Ball

Gender: Female

Age: 18

Classification: Saiyan

Powers and Abilities: Nigh-Omnipotence, Nigh-Omniscience, Nigh-Omnipresence

Attack Potency: High Outerverse Level+ (She Easily Defeat Every Characters Includes (Goku, Vegeta, Vigeto, Gogeta, Beerus, Jiren, Broly, Zeno And Grand Priest)

Speed: Nigh-Omnipresence

Lifting Strength: Class 500

Striking Strength: Universal+

Durability: Universe Level+

Stamina: Nigh-Limitless

Range: Universa…

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TehUltraKamehameha TehUltraKamehameha 27 January

Holy Moly people still use this site?

Goodness gracious, I had no idea that people used this wiki still. Wow. I honestly thought it was dead after all these years. Shoutout to the mods and users keeping it going.

For those that don't know, I was TUK, or TheUltraKamehameha (later i cringingly changed my name to Daimao with a line above the o) but I lost access to that account. I was a mod almost a decade and have the most edits on the wiki. IIRC the wiki just kinda fizzled out. People stopped coming by and the fan fictions dried up. I eventually got bored, since DB was kinda dead in 2012 and Battle of Gods didn't interest me at the time (I'm still not a fan of Super lol) and I eventually left. Lots of great memories here though and I'm happy that people are keeping this place go…

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Irish Illustrations Irish Illustrations 12 January

Dragon Ball Alteration - Main Arc's

  • Perfect Host Arc
  • Forgotten Memories Arc
  • Ero's Freedom Arc
  • Freiza Force Eradication Arc
  • New Emperor Arc
  • Battle of Gods Arc
  • Central Sector Arc
  • Baby Arc
  • Dragon Lords Arc
  • Broken Dimensions Arc
  • Universal Correction Arc
  • Big Bang Arc
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Irish Illustrations Irish Illustrations 11 January


  • Dense Ki
  • Neutral-Ki/Ren-Ki
  • Strange Ki

  • Origins
  • Update

  • Alpha (Elysian) S-Cell
  • Delta (Ruttsu) S-Cell
  • Gamma (Legend) S-Cell
  • Omega (Regulator) S-Cell
  • Sigma (Artificial) S-Cell
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Harpikana Harpikana 3 November 2021

Dragon Ball CK is now Live

So after a few months of planning, Dragon Ball CK is finally live. Follow the escapades of a bounty hunter by the name of Tigrai as she travels the universe hunting bad guys. It's going to contain many races not normally fleshed out upon in Dragon Ball, and keep Earthlings, Namekians, and especially Saiyans to an absolute minimal.

Not to spoil much, but while Tigrai works alone currently, she's going to encounter different people throughout the galaxy in her travels and form a ragtag team with them as they face off against the series' foes. Only episode 1 is out now, but I plan on adding at least 1 episode a day if possible so we can start meeting the other main characters.

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4M1RISGR34T 4M1RISGR34T 1 November 2021

Dragon Ball X: The Series

The events of Dragon Ball X take place between the events of the Granola Saga and the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero saga. After Goku defeated Granola, the world had finally came to peace, and Goku and his friends were celebrating the aftermath of the battle. Vegeta, angry that he feels like he still hasn’t surpassed Goku, (even though he achieved the Ultra Ego transformation during the battle.) went off to surpass his limits by training himself. Although what they didn’t know is that there was one more problem they had to deal with. A Saiyan, who still survived the explosion of Planet Namek. His name was Orkari (named after Okra). 10 years before the genocide of Planet Vegeta, Orkari’s family wasn’t like the ruthless savages like the rest …

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The Legendary Vin The Legendary Vin 30 October 2021

Sorry for my inactivity, But Time for week 4 state of the wiki!

So recently, due to school, discord, and tests, I haven't been entirely active, My apologies for this, I will attempt to do better this week for you guys! So far, its still been pretty quite, we've had someone I suspect to be the first person I talked to's alt wandering around, working on his old work, which I hope is true! I missed him! we haven't had much vandalism, and GLBB seems more at ease! Either today or yesterday he posted a really cool shadow dragon OC! I really liked the art he found for it! anyways, not much to mention, all quiet as usual

With love and care,


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The Legendary Vin The Legendary Vin 23 October 2021

it's been quiet, week 3 state of the wiki report

10:32 pm, 10/22/21

I haven't been as active, due to regaining discord, and all, as well as some personal issues, but I've remained vigilant, and have put my trust in my staff, it seems Glbb is enjoying them self here, and that's a great sign! I'm glad they are still using their endless creativity, and trusting us enough to share it with us, even after their issue with the dragonball wiki, I know I've said that I would extend over bans from the main wiki, but I've chosen to not block GLBB, as due it wouldn't do much other than alienate someone as nice as them, and I truly enjoy reading some of their work, even if some of it confuses me, other than that, I've also been constantly vexed by this new fandom update, but really, it's kinda just be…

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The Legendary Vin The Legendary Vin 17 October 2021

All quiet here, Week 2 state of the wiki report

it is 5:30 Pst. 10/16/2021. friday

the wiki has been quiet, No known issues to me, GLBB is here, making his stuff, which makes me happy, and honored that he chooses to trust us with his creations, Somarinoa (Still trying to recall how to spell his name without my cheat card). has been doing an AMAZING job, we haven't been targeted with Vandalism, and everything is pretty good here, we will slowly build our editorial base, and I am still trying to figure out how to do everything, we may have a new logo soon, as suggested by Shockwhiteee, and I'm glad that we have daily edits, (Im trying to get the devoted badge! I need to edit daily for a full month! AGGH!), anyways, that is all for this See you guys!

With Love and care,


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The Legendary Vin The Legendary Vin 9 October 2021

It's been going well, week one state of the wiki report

it's been a few days that I've had this wiki now, it is friday, 10/8/2021, at 9:30 pm Pst,

I have quite a few staff, I trust each of them to do their job well, we had some vandalism, but it is handled, and I'm fairly happy with the wiki, it's going great so far, we have had a spike in activity, one of the old members of the wiki returned, and has been since doing their part, Ya boi king kai and Shockwhiteee patrol the community, Habuba helps with decoration Advise, and Somarinoa has been really helpful since his return, I've seen some great characters from him, and he has impeccable grammar and spelling, plus is HIGHLY intelligent, and I have a good deal of faith in his abilities, so, for this week, I say we are doing great!

With Love and c…

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Asljkadfjhbasdfujhioas Asljkadfjhbasdfujhioas 8 October 2021

Yamcha is not weak

IMO yamcha is one of the most underrated characters as he is often underestimated and being memed for losing against a saibamen, though with all the power boosts characters got in super he probably got one too so it would make sense for him to be at least super perfect cell level.

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Ulmanx Ulmanx 5 February 2021

Trinity seven Saiyan

Trinity seven Saiyan is a form used by Rigor that makes the user immortal while using.

The user has unlimited power and immortal abilities. This form puts more stress on the users body than Kaioken, but somehow does not wear them out. It is understood by Rigor only(Since Rigor is the only one to have achieved it). It's power is limitless, and can destroy anything, and holds as the most powerful form in the universe.

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The 2nd Existential Seed The 2nd Existential Seed 18 April 2020

Dragon Ball: Omega

  • 1 Summary
  • 2 Cosmology
    • 2.1 Universes
    • 2.2 Dimensional Cores

Dragon Ball Omega (Or known as Dragon Ball: Supremeverse) is a fanon variation created by The 2nd Existential Seed. It is every possibility of Dragon Ball rolled into one, with far greater possibilities, What-If Realities, and everything of this nature and even hypothetically beyond it. Generally speaking, the verse will have major differences yet simultaneously new possibilities sprung. All versions within the Omega Linked Worlds, no matter their difference in scaling, have the same exact cosmology within each and every one of them, however hierarchy and entiies within can be changed in a variety of ways.

Universes are the backbone of reality. Generally speaking, every possibility that has,…

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Bat24 Bat24 7 April 2018

A new fan fiction series about Dragon Ball

Hi everyone! My name is Bat24 and I was wondering if anyone on this server could help me with a sequesl to DBGT series.

It's okay if you guys aren't interested I understand. :)

Feel free to provide ideas!

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Bradbruh679 Bradbruh679 16 December 2016


Can anyone explain to me how the character's of Dragon Ball fly? I understand they utilize ki, but I just don't get how.  Do they push energy out of their feet or is it more difficult than that?

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Prillin101 Prillin101 8 June 2016

I was a member in 2011, what's happened to the wiki since?

So it seems this wiki is dead, but it had a nice run so I don't mind. I came around basically right after launh (on my previous account and this one).

Without further ado, I'd like to ask the following:

1.) How can I contact Gotenks? We were friends and I'd like to see how he is 5 years later haha

2.) How can I contact SupremeGogeta? He left while I was around but if any of the admins know how to contact him it'd be great because I'd love to speak to him again.

3.) Are any of the originals around? It seems no one is really around anymore and the only original I can find that's still not-really around is Gotenks.

4.) So what's happened since 2011? 



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Dogssmileatme Dogssmileatme 9 September 2015


Hmm... Gohan?.... Trunks?... which one is worth more?! I need help deciding!!! HELP!!!

By telling me your idea of a better charracter, your can inspire my point of view. So go on, "TRY", to inspire me. It's up to your best, and most convincing arguments (aka debates). 

Whatever your argument, make sure you make it good, support it with details, and make sure it is one of a kind. (Sorry to point you out on that SaintsHoodie). So, let me see who will win!

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Timefreezer4 Timefreezer4 31 August 2015

I AM BACK! Kinda....

Hello, children! I rise from the dead to say my occasional hello. So, what's up everyone? I miss this place a lot, and I kinda want to catch up. I can't believe it's been years since I've been here, damn.

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Ssgssgohan Ssgssgohan 7 July 2015

new characers

so im thinking of adding my own characters since I started today and got intersted, alot of them will be alternate universe versions or alternate universe characters. so i hope you guys will enjoy

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Goku322005 Goku322005 24 May 2015

goku vs gohan

goku is stronger than gohan as, when goku and vegeta are having a fight in buu saga vegeta says you stronger than your son when he fought cell

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Fireblaze Inferno Fireblaze Inferno 12 April 2015

Anybody still alive?

Damn this place has been dead for some time. Anybody online?

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ScarletPlumage ScarletPlumage 5 April 2015

Anyone active?

Been making lots of edits recently, but I ain't seeing much from anyone else..

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Dragon,ball,new,fighters Dragon,ball,new,fighters 17 March 2015

Dragon ball new fighters the characters

DBNF- dragon ball new fighters

Uub Jr. Uub and Bulla's son he do something that only he can do he can go smj- super majin a mixture of ssj and majin his most powerful moves are awe-some-ness, spirit bomb, awe-some-ness combo, I got this, do you want a present, and etc. He is funny, but serious almost never his good friend Gohan Jr. They can do fusion and at time they are mortal enemies. His specialty is speed. Gohan Jr. His mom and dad are videl and gohan. His best friend is uub jr but they fight a lot for fun but it's always tie they do fusion and there name is uubhan jr. His moves are golden kamehameha,kamehameha combination,extreme rush,can't touch this,exploding punch,double and randomness and he pretty much can copy anymove instantly,…

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Hulk10 Hulk10 26 January 2015

Golden Great Ape

I wonder how one might get the amount of zenos needed to transform into a Golden Great Ape without using the power of the dragon balls to restore or create another planet in anothers orbit.

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Hulk10 Hulk10 25 January 2015

Opinion on Super Saiyan Usage.

I would use the Super Saiyan power as much as I could.

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Hulk10 Hulk10 24 January 2015

What species would you be in the DBZ universe?

What species would you be in the DBZ universe?

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The Alpha The Alpha 16 December 2014

This wiki has gone to sh*t

RIP in peace good udbw content 1945-late2013

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RandomDude68 RandomDude68 3 December 2014



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RandomDude68 RandomDude68 1 December 2014


I am awesome do you agree or not

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Zendarmanitan Zendarmanitan 3 October 2014

Wiki Transfer

If you guys are unaware why my inactivity has been lower, my reason is that I went to the lookout wiki at the end of July. I may update Path of Two now and then, but besides that, I probably won't contribute here.

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Zendarmanitan Zendarmanitan 16 July 2014

Sequences vs Story: which should I finish first?

In Path of Two I am adding a sequences in addition to the fan fiction. The sequences section just shows the plot elements whearas thefan fiction itself has way more detail and takes much longer. Which one should I finish first? Do you guys want to know the story before all the detail is in place? I've planned te entire story out for months. Completing it is the true problem. 

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Zendarmanitan Zendarmanitan 7 July 2014


My Path of Two fan fiction is going slowly despite already having everything planned. It is just hard to write it because it takes more time than planning it. I haven't even finished the Majin Buu part, which is not very significant.

How are you guys doing with your pages? 

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Hell XD Hell XD 26 June 2014

Is this wiki active?

I have a question is this wiki active?

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Zendarmanitan Zendarmanitan 19 June 2014

Free Time, Ideas, and a Chance for a Character

Because I finished my last exam, I can actually make decent edits! 

Anyway, I came up with this idea that I call "Narrative Canon." Basically, it is when a canon story is written as a fan fiction. This allows writers to relate more closely to the writing of Dragon Ball. 

I have one more thing to say. I'll be editing Path of Two; after doing so, I'll work on its sequel instead of DBZ: Multiversal Battle. It isn't the same one I came up with a year ago, nowhere near the same. Because of this, I want commenters to tell me what characters I should add. Preferably, it should be a Human, Namekian, or Saiyan. Give me a name and a story about the character, which should include his/her/its background and character. If I like it, I may put it in my s…

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Kakarott45 Kakarott45 8 June 2014

Ideas for Budokai (Tenkaichi) 4 expanded.

Since my ideas for a hypothetical Budokai (Tenkaichi) 4 would be waayy too big to put in a single comment, I've decided to make an entire blog post them!! Gotenks hopes you'll enjoy it!!

In the Characters section, the two "**" after a character's name or form indicates a What-if character introduced in the game.


Dragon Ball:

Kid Goku(Base, Great Ape)

Pilaf Machine(Base, Fused Pilaf Machine)


Kid Krillin

Tien Shinhan




Roshi(Base, MAX Power)

Jackie Chun


Android 8


Major Metallitron


General Blue


Cyborg Tao


Grandpa Gohan



King Piccolo(Old, Young)


Bardock(Base, Great Ape, SS**, SS2**, SS3**)




South Supreme Kai

(East) Supreme Kai(Base, Kibito Kai)

West Supreme Kai

North Supre…

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Zendarmanitan Zendarmanitan 20 May 2014


I'm being lazy—so lazy that I haven't been explaining why I haven't been writing—and I decided to take a break from writing for a while. I might start writing again soon.

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Steve9021 Steve9021 16 May 2014

Fanfiction Must Read!

Dragon Ball Z: Wicked Rebirth

By: Steve9021

During the story of a different future – the one from which Future Trunks came to warn the Z Fighters about the Androids, the Demon God of ancient Namekian folklore seeks to rewrite history, but by doing so, he garners the attention of yet another largely forgotten by time.

Dark Demon Realm Saga - Part 1: Resolution

Future Timeline. Age 764, six months after the defeat of Garlic Jr,

Capsule Corporation had proven to be a comfortable enough place for training, but Vegeta hadn’t the past few nights. He had been unable to sleep a wink. The feeling of anticipation, of hardly being able to wait another day, drove him to get up in the middle of the night and fly out into space. As a boy, he had feared the em…

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Zendarmanitan Zendarmanitan 1 April 2014

My next fan fiction

With Path of Two almost complete--I still have some more detail to add-- I want you guys to vote on my next fan fiction.  I'll do the one with the most votes after I'm done Path of Two.

Human Forces : A fan fiction revolving humans.

Cell change: Cell 's personality changes when he absorbs 18 . He becomes a good guy and joins the Z-fighters. 

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Zendarmanitan Zendarmanitan 21 March 2014

Hypothetical Scenarios

I decided that I needed something special about my pages, so i came up with Hypothetical Scenarios. These are parts that I will add to most of my pages which aren't part of the story. For example, in the Rapid Bomb page, I have a scenario with Goku learning the Rapid Bomb before fighting Raditz. That scenario isn't done because I have a limited amount of time. After this blog I will be done for the day.

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Zendarmanitan Zendarmanitan 19 March 2014

Path of Two: Plot somplete

The plot of Path of Two is complete; however, I still have things to add. If you have questions about the fan fiction, mainly the plot/ story, ask me.  It can help the story become better.

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Someone90 Someone90 16 March 2014

wow such blog very return


i'm thinking of returning, so expect more overpowered characters that try to beat everything geti has ever created to nothing.

also doge is best meme ok

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Zendarmanitan Zendarmanitan 15 March 2014

Help Stop Sopa

This is from the SOPA petition. "Stop SOPA. SOPA stands for Stop Online Piracy Acts. In this case, all fanart will be deleted, all fan-pages, fanfics, fan made videos, etc. Please help stop SOPA."

You can help: https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/stop-sopa-2014/q0Vkk0Zr

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Zendarmanitan Zendarmanitan 15 March 2014

Your sentence with the most words

Quote the longest sentence you have written on this wiki. that you have written on this wiki.

Here's mine:

"The origin of the universe started with 10 gods: Smelks and Demion, the gods of power who give beings their abilities and potential; Crete and Orverge, the gods of life who create beings and objects; Spen and Krios, the gods of personality who give beings their beliefs and behaviors; Horos and Kelton, the gods of knowledge who give beings their intelligence; and Barrios and Protek, the gods of dimensions who make sure that the universe doesn't combine with other realms. "

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Zendarmanitan Zendarmanitan 12 March 2014

Possibly back

I was talking to a friend of mine in real life today about DBZ and I decided that I might want to come back. Of course, I need to relearn how to use templates and stuff.

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NeoCatastrophe NeoCatastrophe 11 March 2014


Hello UDB, TOAA here, Some of you may know me, most of you may not, some of you may even despise, for good reason, though, none that i can recall at the moment. What many of you may not know is that UDBW is the place where i began my wikia career. I'm looking to return to where it all began. Regardless of the past i may have in relation to you, i'm starting anew, fresh, it's a new day. So it is with great pride and zeal that i am here to announce my return to UDBW, i look forward to forging a close relationship with you all and working together, thank you and good day.

If you're interested, I won't be working on my main character. Instead, i'll primarily be working on the figures and characters which are pertinent to him as well as the loca…

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TheDragonGolen TheDragonGolen 28 February 2014

Vegeta and Steve

Read my last post to get this.

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TheDragonGolen TheDragonGolen 27 February 2014

I'm Back

For those who know me, Hi! And for those who dont... Hi! So I'm making a video game much like Super Smash Flash and I made a short little test for you guys, tell me what you think! I might be updating with a fight scene tonight!

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Super Saiyan Infinity (SUPERTITAN MEGAA's version)

Super Saiyan Ultimate Infinity is the most powerful super saiyan transformation in the Dragon Ball multiverse.

The power that this transformation has is infinite. In this transformation, the hair is dark blue and the user's ora is red. Unlike the other saiyan forms, this one cannot be reached by training or pure anger. This form is reached by achieving inner peace. It might sound strange but it is the only way to reach this form. After reaching it, the angrier the saiyan gets, the more power he/she gets. The only person to reach this form was the first super saiyan (also being the only one to reach it). Because of his primitive nature, when he reached this form, he mutated into a huge beast with three snake heads, as a blue glowing skeleton…

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Raven1001 Raven1001 6 January 2014

I'm back once again

I'm back once again! Yay!

Hope you guys had a good Christmas and a Happy New Year! Well since I'm back I can contribute more on the wiki and play more.....Mario Kart Wii XD

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