Body Change Special
BodyChangeSpecial1 BodyChangeSpec
Debut Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors 2
Inventor Goku & Captain Ginyu
Users Goku & Captain Ginyu
Class Energy Wave
Color Template:Color & Template:Color (Finishing Blast)
Similar techniques Body Change

Body Change Special is an attack performed by Goku and Captain Ginyu in the video game Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors 2. First, Ginyu switches bodies with Goku, and then he fires a Kamehameha.

This technnique is from a what-if battle in Ginyu's story in which Goku, Ginyu and Vegeta fight with Broly. Goku prepares to fire a Kamehameha when suddenly Ginyu switches bodies with Goku. Ginyu adds his newly increased power to the Kamehameha, then he fires the combo beam which finishes Broly (though, Broly is still alive and killed later).

Strangely, the Kamehameha is colored yellow when Goku charges it, but this could be of the fusion result adding Ginyu's power to the Kamehameha.

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