Ruttsu Karera

Karera Ruttsu is the only son of Endife and Cress, and the blood brother of Gohan after the latter helped Ruttsu escape from a planet in the Alnasl Solor System.

Unlike many other Saiyans, Ruttsu is no ordanary saiyan warrior. Ruttsu was born with a mutation that changed not only his hair and eye color but also his ability to transform.


Ruttsu's appearance doesn't change too much throughout the series, Dragon Ball Alteration, due to being a full blooded Saiyan he also possesses a tail but due to his albinic mutation it's white. Ruttsu aslo has white almost silver hair and blood red eyes. He has his father's facial features, and also has his mother's light peach complexion rather than his father's dark tan skin. It should be noted that dispite being albinic himself, his parents are not.


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