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Chorrocho Berries are items featured in Path of Two. They are berries that have powers above Senzu Beans.

Appearance and Location

Chorrocho Berries are red berries that look like cherries. They are very small and grow on Planet Quiroso: A planet with the conditions necessary for life but only has plants. These are the only berries that grow in Planet Quiroso and when the Planet was created, there were about 2,000 of them. A berry takes 2 months to grow and there are 80 plants that grow them so in a year, 480 of them are grown on Planet Quiroso. 


Similar to Senzu Beans, they can prevent someone from having to eat for a long time. Senzu Beans only keep someone full for a week while Chorrocho Berries keep someone full for a year. In addition, these berries can heal a person to full power but with an additional effect;  505 of the person's power is kept dormant inside whenever needed. Eating two will give 100% of dormant energy but if the amount exceeds 100%, it can be very fatal. The dormant energy can be used whenever needed. Old Kai advises that someone shouldn't eat more than two Chorrocho Berries without using the dormant energy. As see from Vokua, the dormant energy is used up whenever a small child is very injured.  

Rarity and Title

The Supreme Kais state that this item is the rarest food in the entire universe.  They are found only on Planet Quiroso: an isolated planet with no life other than plants.


Currently, only Vegito and Vokua have used this berry.