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Prince Cicer is a prime specimen of his race, being roughly 6'9" in height and possessing an impressive muscular build gained through rigorous training. As a Primal Saiyan he possesses the Twin Tail moniker that separates him from other sub-species of the warrior race known as Saiyans. He possesses unruly hair that protrudes in every direction that's accompanied by 2 distinct bangs on his forehead. Cicer's hair is a unique shade of black known as Gunmetal while his tail is the same as any other Primal Saiyan's, that being Zeus Black. As a member of the Royal Okoshi Bloodline he's always in a state of Mizaru, meaning that he possesses colored eyes and a pupil, his being an almost piecing emerald green.

As a warrior he can be found most times equipped wearing his battle armor and as a General his is made with a special metal capable of strengthening itself by absorbing its users excess Ki, known as Absoralium. The armor itself is a black sleeveless body fit lined with mold fitting silver wraps. His legs in particular are weighted, this is clearly distinguishable with its yellow exterior bands that compress upon the body which are located on his thighs and calves. He also possesses a single basic kusazuri that's decorated with three bolts, two on the bottom and a single one centered at the top.





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