Cole is the son of Uub and an unnamed Saiyan mother. He is a Majin/Human/Saiyan Hybrid. HIs Mentors are Goku, Gohan, and his father Uub. Not much is known about his mother assuming she died but he is trying ask a lot of stuff about his Mother. Cole is a very curious person, his voice was like kid Gohan's when he was a child and when he was teen it sounded like Uub's voice and when he's an adult is sounds like Adult Gohan's Voice.


His personality is much like Goku's.


  • Super Majin
  • Super Human
  • Kaioken x1000
  • Kaioken x100,000,000


  • Super Majin Blast
  • Tri Beam Cannon
  • Martial Arts
  • Galatic Donut
  • Explosive Wave
  • Energy Volley