Dakon is a character created by Jeenking.

Dakon is a Namekian who was born 9 years before the Frieza Saga. He went to New Namek but quickly came back to receive training from Goku. Though he was a Healer type Namekian, he trained hard and got a powerlevel of 578,000.

Before the Androids came he created a form for Namekians called "Infinite Form". It is like a super Saiyan transformation except the only appearance difference is that the user grows four horns and two giant black spikes from their shoulders. The user gets and increase of speed, power, and master more ki attacks. this transformation puts his powerlevel at 858,000.

He attempted to defeat Cell second from but was killed. In the afterlife, King Yemma let him go to Grand Kais planet with permission from Grand Kai. There Dakon received training from Pikkon. He adopted the new moves Ticking Time Bomb and Dragon Blast of Raging Fury. Before that the only moves he new were ki blasts, instant transmition, and Spark Bomb.

After Pikkons training he got training from Grand Kai himself. His powerlevel now at 3 million, and his Infinite Form powerlevel at 5 million. After that he was wished back by the dragon balls and showed Piccolo, Gohan, Tien, and Yamcha his new power by defeating them all at once. Dakon won the 26th World Tournament. After the tournament he created the 'Infinite Form 2'. It looks identical to Porunga except with legs and no shoulder spikes.With It's powerlevel at 10 million, he was strong enough to defeat Perfect Cell. His original powerlevel at 5 million, and his 'Infinite Form' at 7 million.

Dakon was killed by Omega Shenron and refused to be wished back to life. But not before destroying Eis Shenron. In the Other World he got Supreme Kai to create a planet next to the Sacred Planet of the Kais called Namekian Planet. It is where Namekians go when they die, he is the ruler. Dakon is now known as second in power only to Goku.

Known Residents of Namekian Planet

Grand Elder Guru