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Dark SSJ Goku by JohnSeppala
Dark Goku Super Saiyan 3 by Delmor
Dark super saiyan by nexxnecis-d3b9dhx
Vegeta ssj4 saiyan armor by daresx-d4h6wse

The Dark Super Saiyan was first used by Broly. This technique takes you to a new crazy level of a Super Saiyan! A Dark Super Saiyan has powers way past regular Super Saiyan, but unlike the regular, there are some side effects. To begin to achieve this mode your heart must be black, soulless, unforgiving, and ruthless. The only thing you would ever want to achieve this form is death and destruction! This attack also may alter your personality for good! Dark Super Saiyan is one of the most strongest Super Saiyan forms ever!

People who have Used Dark Saiyan

In Death of the Hero (see Gonine or Vegeta Jr. page) Vegeta Jr. Reaches Dark Super Saiyan, and was almost as powerful as Lord Beerus. In A World Without a Hero Gonine also reaches Dark Super Saiyan and is more powerful than Lord Beerus. Vegeta Jr. still had a part of himself when he was in this state, showing resistance to Dark Super Saiyan, while Gonine lost all control.


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