Dark Super Saiyan is the Super Saiyan transformation for Dark Saiyans. It is quite different from the regular Super Saiyan transformation. Everything from the appearance to how it is obtained is only known by Dark Saiyans and is their most closely guarded secret


The Dark Super Saiyan transformation occurs when a Dark Saiyan's life is in danger or they have just experienced a major emotional loss. The Dark Super Saiyan's first transformation can be overwhelming and unless the Dark Saiyan is truly worthy of such power, it will consume the Saiyan warrior, plaguing the Saiyan with insanity. The Dark Super Saiyan is 70x base power than a Dark Saiyan's base form. Dark Super Saiyan can be a little too much for even the mightest Dark Saiyan warrior. It can take over and overwrite a Dark Saiyan's personality, making the Dark Saiyan nothing more than a wild feral savage who will continue to fight until someone finally puts the Saiyan out of its misery. The  only way to prevent this is to undergo harsh training in the Dark Super Saiyan form

Appearance/ Usage and Power

The Dark Super Saiyan's red eyes deepen turning to scarlet. The hair stands up like a flame and turns from white to silver with red highlights. Their muscle tone is more defined and their skin tone lightens a little. The aura of the energy is radiated like a flame. However, any vegetation near the DSSJ's initial transformation will wither and die. With each DSSJ form, the Saiyan's power level is multiplied by 70x. However, until the Dark Saiyan can control his power it is recommended that the Dark Saiyan doesn't go all out in battle. DSSJ Grade 2 is 1.5x stronger than DSSJ and DSSJ Grade 3 or Mastered DSSJ is 100x base form

Legendary Dark Super Saiyan

The only way anyone can become a Legendary Dark Super Saiyan is if a Dark Saiyan is born during an eclipse, an extremely rare event. LDDSJ's hair stands like a flame but turns a platinum color with maroon highlights. This form keeps its pupils. The build for this form resembles the regular SSJ Grade 3 transformation. When this form is achieved all vegetation dies around the Dark Saiyan. LDSSJ is 85x bsse form, LDSSJ Grade 2 is 1.5x LDSSJ and LDSSJ Grade 3 or Mastered LDSSJ is 110x base form