8 years after the events of the Miraf saga settled in, Earth was under threat once again. A very powerful Namekian has come to Earth to assassinate the Z-fighters. The Namekian received power from every villain in Hell to avenge their deaths and kill the Z-fighters. The Namekian is named Cargo. He was possessed by evil, and then turned evil. The first of the
Vegeta knocks down 19

Vegeta Fighting Cargo

Z-fighters he killed were Tien, Yamcha, Krillin, and Videl. The death of Videl angered Gohan. Vegeta, too proud of his abilities, attacked Cargo in his SSJ4 form. But the power of all the villains in Hell was to much for Vegeta and Cargo killed him. Goku decided to blow up Cargo, this plan failed horribly. Cargo saw Goku and attacked him, injuring him severely. Through his wounds a fatal virus peeped in. After 2 days it killed Goku. Only few Z-fighters are still alive. They decided to stay in a pack so if Cargo attacked they would have a chance of winning. But when Piccolo was flying to Kame's Lookout to be part of the pack.

Piccolo Defending Himself From Cargo

He was killed by Cargo. Trunks and Goten fused into SS3 Gotenks and Majuub and Gohan fused into SS1 Gojuub. Gotenks and Gojuub ambushed Cargo. Cargo used........Read part 2 to find out!