After SS1 Gojuub ( a fusion between Majuub and SS1 Gohan ) and SS1 Gotenks ambushed Cargo. Cargo used the evil Kamehameha and hit Gotenks. Gojuub punched Cargo twice in the face before Cargo punched his gut and blasted his face. Gotenks used Big Tree Cannon but Cargo dodged it and used Dragon Blasting Dance and shot a small yellow ball at Gotenks. Gojuub attempted to kick Cargo but Cargo used Evil Kamehameha on Gojuub. Gojuub fell to the ground. Gotenks used Ghost Kamikaze Attack and hit Cargo. But Cargo quickly recovered and used Evil Kamehameha on Gotenks. Gotenks fell to the ground next to Gojuub. As they were recovering Cargo was charging up a Negative Spirit Bomb . He thew it before Gojuub or Gotenks could move. Both were hit and died. Cargo then went and assassinated all the Z-Fighters and blew up Earth. Cargo got these attacks from the villains in Hell.