Yamcha: Hey you guys see the people who did this.........Wait, a Red ribbon!

Dr. Gero: Insolent fool (takes energy and forces hand through chest)

Others arrive and take Yamcha away

Goku: Lets settle this, but i do not want any innocent people getting harmed

Dr.Gero: You want the area free of on lookers, very well (charges the energy for his eye beam thing) HA!

(Beans come out)

Dr.Gero: What! I took energy from the Yamcha, why there are refried beans instead of an eye beam!

Yamcha: Aww man, those are the beans from my enchilada!

Dr.Gero: You mean to tell me I accidentally drained the energy from your stomach.

All:I guess so!

Tien: Yamcha aren't you mad the androids took your lunch

Yamcha:(too busy eating the beans)Sorry i am hungry and I have to get my lunch back in me!

My Lunch!