Dragon Ball: The Chosen Elite (ドラゴンボール:選択したエリート; Doragonbōru: Sentaku Shita Erīto, commonly abbreviated as DBTCE) is the sequel to the epic series Dragon Ball Z. This series is a new story created from another period of time in the Dragon Ball universe, made by Akira Toriyama. In the United States, this series is considered "Dragon Ball Z: Chosen Elite" to formally continue on the Dragon Ball Z series.



This story, begins a time another milleniage later, after the efforts of the Z-Fighters, defeated the evil Kid Buu and finally saved the Earth from evil. As we all know, time must pass, and our Z-Fighters must pass on as well. Son Goku, the main protagonist in Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z, has passed away as well as his comrades Vegeta, his son Gohan, as well as even his granddaughter Pan. This story begins on a new playing field, when the evidence of Saiyans are completely wiped out, and Earth is now a windy, deserted planet. This story's focus is on the young 12 year old warrior Āyke, who becomes interested in the possibility of Saiyans' survival into this period of time. This story takes on a very adventurous atmosphere, just like the original Dragon Ball series. Āyke teams up with his sisters Vivo and Derideas to find the Saiyan remnants!

Developed Characters

Āyke - Main Protagonist, Age 12, Unknown Race, Male

Vivo - Secondary Protagonist, Age 17, Unknown Race, Female

Derideas - Secondary Protagonist, Age 9, Unknown Race, Female