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This is about my story of Dragon Ball AF, it has Xicor, Goku (Adult), Goten, and basicly all the main chararacters from Dragon Ball Z. DBGT is not canon.

Chapter 1 - Xicor, The Saiyan God 


Xicor got in his spaceship, and looked at his Mom one last time, "I love you, I will find Dad, I will remember him... Goku." Xicor pressed the button and the door flew down, and he waited. "I will find him, and I will make him regret what he did." Xicor said, hitting his fist against the controls. The spaceship landed in a field near mount powaza. "Damn! His power level... it's 900,000,000!" He said, flying up to it. Then he saw Goku, happy as ever training with Goten. Xicor fired a blast at Goten, "Hey man what the heck?!" Goten screamed. Goten came back and punched him in the face, making Xicor fall into the ground.

"Wait a second, white hair? Are you a Saiyan, or better yet, a Super Saiyan 5?" Goten asked. Xicor got up "Maybe" Xicor said, hitting Goten off the hill. "Goten!" Goku screamed "You..." Goku's mucles began to grow "You..." His hair turned blonde, he was now SSJ, then like a snap he had become a SSJ5. He

SS5 Goku VS Xicor .jpg

began to breath heavily. "DAMN YOU YOU BASTARD!" Goku screamed, punching Xicor. "Wow father, you're strong!" Xicor said, blocking the punch. "I think you got me mixed up with someone else, 'cause my son wouldn't have killed his brother!" Goku screamed, powering up even more.