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Chapter 1: Origin Of Squid Game

Goku's Voice: To play this game, you are gonna have to shape like a squid, this is a Korean kids game that everybody plays, the rules are simple, to win the game, the attackers must get through the defenders and get to the squid's head, and the defenders must defend the squid's head from the attackers, if the defenders pushes you out of the shape you die, that's right, you die, and if the attackers touches the squid's head, you win and yell victory

Dragon Ball Squid Game

Episode 1, The First Round

(Morning alarm rings)

Announcer: Attention all workers, soldiers and managers, a new day has dawned, please get ready for work, you have 10 minutes to do so, so go now

(Guards puts on their uniforms)

(Timer stops)

(All Guards exits their rooms)

Announcer: Now time for head count

(Music playing)

Announcer: Head count complete, all workers, soldiers and managers, please proceed

(Pink Soldiers plays)

(Guards marching)

Announcer: All staffs, please get to your formation

(Guards walking on stairs)

Guard (Square): Number 56

Guard (Circle)/Goku Black: Sir

Guard (Square): Why are you standing there, your duty is to contruct the games for the 33rd Annual Squid Game

Guard (Circle)/Goku Black: Sorry sir, i got a little confused there for a second

Guard (Square): See me after this, I'll have a talk with you after that confusion

(Guard walks away)

Guard (Circle)/Goku Black: Why did i do that?

Guard (Triangle): You there, get to work

(Goku Black goes to the contruction side)

(Drill buzzing)

(Hammer knocking)

Guard (Square): Get back to work, all workers, it's no time to rest

(Goku Black drilling)

(Goku Black breathing heavily)

Guard (Circle)/Goku Black: This is tiring

Guard (Square): All done for the first game, now time to cook

(Hammer knocking)

(Metal clanging)

(Guards cooking)

(Goku Black stops stiring)

Guard (Square): What, keep stiring

(Goku Black continues stiring)

(Metal clanging)

Guard (Triangle): The cases are done

Guard (Square): Great now, prepare the third game arena

(Guards setting rope down)

Guard (Square): Make sure the rope is equal on both sides of the towers, or else it will not be a fair game

(Drill buzzing)

(Goku Black knocking hammer)

Guard (Square): Now prepare the fourth game

(Hammer knocking)

(Drill Buzzing)

(Guards putting marbles into pouches)

Guard (Circle): Here are the pouches, 10 in each bags

Guard (Square): Prepare the fifth game

(Drill Buzzing)

Guard (Square): Make sure that each glass contains normal and tempered, each sides have two panels, and total number of glass is 24

(Guards placing glass panels)

Guard (Square): Now the fifth is done now time to get work to the last game

(Guards putting tape on the floor)

Guard (Square): The shapes contains Square at the bottom, Triangle above the Square and Circle on top of the triangle and in the small top of the edge of the triangle)

Guard (Circle): All done sir

Front Man: All staffs, your duty today is done, you may now proceed back to your rooms

(Guards enters the quarters)

(Goku Black enters his room)

Goku Black: Now, i am ready

End Of Chapter 1

Chapter 2: Betting For Horses

“Capsule Corp, Age 790, 3 Days Before The 33rd Squid Game”

Goku walks on the street buying groceries for his family, he enters the store and search for everything he need to give to Chi Chi, he takes a giant fish and then he encountered a gangster, Goku said “Hey what’s your problem?” The Gangster replied “Hey you son of a bitch, that fish is mine” Goku replied “Really? Is your name on it you asshole?” The Gangster replied “You bastard, give it to me” Goku punched the gangster and he flew through the wall and fell down injured, Goku takes the fish and went to look for more stuff to buy for his family, after Goku buy everything he need, he went back to his house and gave all the stuff he bought to Chi Chi, Goku said “I’m back honey” Chi Chi replied “Hi dear” Goku went to his room and changed to his gi and he went out to go watch a horse race, Goku exits his house and went to the horse race stadium

”Horse Race Stadium, 5.00pm”

Goku goes to the ticket counter and sign his bet to get a ticket to see the race, after he signed his bet, he took the ticket and went to the stadium, the gun shoots and all the horses runs, Goku shouted “Come on, number 7! You can do this!” Goku cheered for number 7 as it is his son Gohan riding on the horse, as the horses continues to race, Goku continues cheering and yelling for Gohan to win, Goku said “Come on.....come on Gohan, kick their asses down!” As soon as the horses runs to the finish line, Number 1 touches the finish line first, Goku said “NOOOOO! How Can You Lose With Such A Great Horse?!” Goku tore his bet and thrown it away, Goku wished to watch the second match and he went to the counter to sign his bet to get the ticket, as he was trying to think, a person was trying to tell him to hurry up, the person said “Hey you, hurry up would ya?” Goku ignored him and continues thinking, the person taps on his shoulder and said “Hey buddy........hey....” The person taps Goku’s shoulders and Goku turned around and said “HEY DON’T TOUCH ME! HOW BOUT YOU LEAVE ME ALONE?!?! CAN’T YOU SEE I’M TRYING TO THINK?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!” The person steps back and let Goku continue signing, Goku continues signing and took his bet and ticket to see the second match, Goku cheered and yelled for Gohan to win, he shouted “Come on Gohan, win this time! Come on come on, YEEEEEESSSS!” Goku cheered in hyper as his son won the race, Goku said “See I Told You My Son Will Win This Time, YEAH!”

End Of Chapter

Chapter 3: Ddakji

After Goku finished watching the horse race, he went to the counter to withdraw money to give it to his family, Goku said “Hey ma’am, can i get a withdrawal, i need the money back” the cashier accepted Goku’s request and gave Goku the money back, Goku exited the stadium and went back to his home, he gave the money to Chi Chi as a suprise to help his family from getting poor, and then Goku went to the claw game arcade to win a present for his granddaughter Pan, he tried many attempts to grab the prize in the claw machine but he kept failing, Goku yells in rage as he kept losing the game, and then a child name Bulla came to Goku and said “Hey Goku, you need help?” Goku replied “Bulla? What are you doing here?” Bulla replied “If you are having trouble grabbing the prize, i can help you if you want” Goku replied “How many you won?” Bulla shows Goku how many prizes she won, Goku was shocked that she won many plushes, and Goku requested Bulla to help him win the prize, then Bulla plays the crane game and she lowered down the claw to grab the prize, Goku said “Come on, you are almost there” Bulla replied “I’m on it” Bulla grabbed the prize and dropped it into the prize chute, Goku and Bulla yelled and celebrated that they won the prize, Goku takes the prize from the prize chute and he and Bulla happily celebrated, Goku said “Good job Bulla!” Goku hugged Bulla for helping him win the crane game, then Goku went to Gohan’s house and offered Pan the prize that he won in the crane game, Pan said “Grandpa, did you get this from the crane game?” Goku replied “Yes i did, i won that just for you” Pan replied “That’s good, i wonder what’s inside this box” Pan opened the box and saw that inside the box was a dragon ball, Pan said “It’s a dragon ball” Goku replied “Wait what, how did they even put this in there?” Pan replied “I don’t know, I’ll just keep it”

“Capsule Corp, 5.00pm, 1 Day before the 33rd Squid Game”

Goku sits on a bench in the train station to wait for his son to comeback from work, but then a businessman came up to Goku and said “Hey sir, do you want to play a game with me? Goku replied “What game?” The businessman replied “It’s Ddakji, if you win, you will earn a 100 grand and a promotion to join the game” Goku throws the blue Ddakji and the red one didn’t flip, the businessman picks up the red Ddakji and the blue flipped, Goku said “Mine flipped, so what?” The businessman slaps Goku and Goku said “What was that for?” The businessman replied “Everytime you lose, you get a slap” Goku continues flipping the red Ddakji, the second attempt he failed, then the businessman picks up the red one and flipped Goku’s Ddakji again, then he slapped Goku again, then Goku throws the blue Ddakji and it still didn’t flip, then the businessman throws the red Ddakji and Goku’s flipped and he slapped Goku again, Goku throws his Ddakji again and still didn’t flipped and Goku yelled and the businessman slapped Goku multiple times, Goku picks up the Ddakji again and throws it harder, and then the red Ddakji flipped and Goku celebrated, Goku said “YES! See? I beat you, come here it’s my turn” Goku tries to slap the businessman but he catched Goku’s hand, Goku said “What are you doing you jerk?!” The businessman gives Goku the 100 grand for winning his game, the businessman said “Your 100 grand, you’ve earned it” Goku replied “Oh yeah, i forgot” then the businessman exits and took the train, Goku looks onto the card that the businessman gave him, he reads the back of the card and he said “At 12am, wait at the bus stop near the market”

End Of Chapter

Chapter 4: Entering The Arena

After the Ddakji game, Goku went back home to get some rest, when he got home, he greeted his wife Chi Chi and his son Goten, then he went to bed and slept with Chi Chi while Goten is sleeping in his own room,

“Capsule Corp, 12.00am, 33rd Squid Game Begins”

Goku wakes up as it was 12am to wait for a car to pick him up, he wore his Gi and washed his face to keep him awake, then he went outside to the bus stop near the market to wait for the car to arrive, as soon as the car arrives Goku went inside and sat down with sleeping people, the a steam shoots out and made Goku fall asleep, then the car exits and leaves the destination, and then the car arrived on the boat and sail away from capsule corp to another island

”10 Hours Later”

As Goku opens his eyes, he woke up and saw that he was inside a large room, then he got from the bed and sees 455 people in the room, them he looked around and saw Vegeta, he walked to Vegeta and said “Hey Vegeta” Vegeta replied “Kakarot? You sign up too?” Goku replied “Yes i did, i played this game called Ddakji and ended up in here” Vegeta replied “Ok” then an alarm rang and 10 guards enter the room, the Square Guard said “Attention all players, welcome to the 33rd Squid Game, in here you will be playing 6 games, if you win all 6 games you will win the prize money” Vegeta replied “So you tricked us thinking that this is a competition and then kidnapped us” the Square Guard replied “Player 218 Prince Vegeta, Age: 3000+, Region: Planet Vegeta” Goku said “Is this some kind of joke? Bringing us here without us knowing what it is, is a complete bullshit” the Square Guard replied “Player 456 Son Goku, Age: 3000+, Region: Planet Vegeta, these two players are the special ones here, and now whichever player wins all the 6 games will take the money” Shallot said “If we win all 6 games, how much do we get?” the Square Guard “Since there are 456 players, the total won is $45.6 Billion, every game goes on the worth increases” As the giant piggy bank glows up on the ceiling, the players were so risking to win the prize money, the Square Guard said “Now come and sign up to participate the game to win the money, if you do not wish to play, then let us know at this time”

End Of Chapter

Chapter 5: Red Light Green Light

All players have signed their contract and joined the game, after they finished signing their contract the first game has begun, the announcer said “All players, the first game will now begin, please form a line in the center of the line and make your way towards the game hall” all players exits the lounge and walks on the stair maze to get to the game hall, before they enter the game hall, they took their photos to participate in the game to check on their status if they are eliminated or not, after Vegeta took his picture, it was Goku’s turn to take his photo, the voice from the computer said “Face the camera and smile” Goku smiled and the camera snapped shot his portrait and was paste on the player section, after everyone took their picture, they entered the game hall and the square guard said “Attention all players, welcome to the first game, please step inside the three doors to enter the game arena” every one stands in each door and entered the arena, Goku said “Wow, this is so beautiful” everyone were chattering about the arena that resembles a sandbox, the announcer said “For your first game you’ll be playing Red Light Green Light, in order to win you must get to the finish line in time, you can only move when it shouts Green Light, stop if it shouts Red Light, if your movement is detected afterwards you will be eliminated” Shallot said “Red Light Green Light? Isn’t that the game we played when we were kids?” Goku replied “It might be” the announcer said “You have 5 minutes to get to the finish line, now let the game begin” the timer starts and the doll shouted “Green Light!” And everyone started to run foward, the doll shouted “Red Light!” And it turns around to detect the player’s movements, Player 390 moved his arms and got shot, and everyone gasp that they heard a gunshot and saw Player 390 fell down, the doll shouted “Green Light!” And everyone runs foward again and the doll shouted “Red Light!” Then it turns around and detects the player’s movements again, and 3 players got shot for moving, then Goku said “So that’s what happens? You lose, you die?” The doll shouted “Green Light!” and everyone runs foward again faster and the doll shouted “Red Light!” And everyone stops and 5 players got shot, then Player 146 runs away and pushed Goku down and got shot, then Goku fell down without getting caught, then the doll shouted “Green Light!” And everyone runs foward again and the doll shouted “Red Light!” Then everyone stops and the doll turns around again, then 10 players got shot, and Goku was gasping as he was shocked, Vegeta said “Kakarot, you can’t stay there much longer, we need to get to the finish line before time runs out, as you see we have 3 minutes left so hurry up” the doll shouted “Green Light!” And everyone runs forward while Goku still stays on the ground in terror, then the doll shouted “Red Light!” Then everyone stops and 20 players got shot, then Goku continues panting and gasping in terror in the ground, Vegeta turned around and said “That timer!” Goku looks at the timer and they have 2 minutes and 30 seconds left, then the doll shouted “Green Light” and Goku gets up and runs forward and everyone runs forward as well and the doll shouted “Red Light!” Then everyone stops and 6 players got shot, meanwhile with the Front Man, he drinks beer and he told the guards to sing Fly Me To The Moon for him to give him a chill time watching the game, then the guards plays the trumpets and trombones, while the female guard takes off her mask and getting ready to sing, she holds the microphone and sing “Fly Me To The Moon, and let me play among the stars, let me see what spring is like on, Jupiter and Mars” then the Front Man continues watching the game and 7 players got shot for moving in the camera, as the song continues, the players continues running to the finish line, then everyone stops as the doll shouted “Red Light!” Then 14 players got shot, then everyone runs forward again, the female guard continues singing in the background and every players continues running as they have 1 and a half minute left to get to the finish line, then everyone stopped and 13 players got shot, Mai reaches to the finish line along with Broly, Roshi, Shallot and Giblet and successfully completed the game with 300 other people, then Goku continues running and stopped and 30 players got shot, Vegeta then continues running and jumped to the finish line along with 40 other people, Goku has 20 seconds left to get to the finish line, then he stopped as it shouted “Red Light!” Then 2 players got shot, then it shouts “Green Light!” And Goku runs forward even faster and he had 15 seconds left, he was almost to the finish line and he tripped on a dead player, as soon it was about to shout “Red Light” Gohan grabbed on to Goku’s jacket and prevented him from falling down to get shot, then the music stops and 1 player got shot, the clock continues ticking and they have 10 seconds left, the doll shouted “Green Light!” And the music continues and Goku and Gohan ran to the finish line and successfully survived the first game, then the timer stops and the remaining 50 players got shot for not getting to the finish line in time, then Goku and the others gasp for air as they ran too much

Total Passed: 284

Total Eliminated: 172

End Of Chapter