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In Dragon Ball X Generation (DBXG) is a series of my friends and I. There are 10 planned Saga's and an uknown amount of episodes in a saga.


Demonic Destruction Saga theme "Battle of Omega"

Demonic Destruction Saga

Episode 1

Gotek: is it finally time to start the series?!?!?!?!?

Little Trunks : Yes,yes it is bam intro!

  • intro plays i dont have an intro yet so deal with it*
  • Cosmic and Mammad's space pods land*

Cosmic:Whats this has this planet survived the past saiyans?

Mammad:I think so brother.

  • suddenly they see a tall grey being walking towards them*


Zeta Buu: The question should be why are you here?

Cosmic:*powers down* We are saiyans from different planets that came to take over this puny planet.

Mammad:Why do you ask?

Zeta Buu: because i am here for the same exact reason.

Mammad:Then perhaps we can form an alliance

Cosmic: Yes,yes its fine with me.

Zeta Buu: We will be unstoppable

Mammad:What shall we call it

Cosmic: Demonic.......

Zeta Buu:Destruction!

Mammad: Double D i like it.

  • Meanwhile with the crew..........*

Kotsu:*jumps into the pool*

Little Trunks*Jumps in afterwards*

Gotek:*jumps in also*

Kotsu: Goku are you gonna get in the pool we're on vacation after all.

Goku: No, i just have a strange feeling something is not right.


Little Trunks*whispers something in Gotek and Kotsu's ears*

Gotek: Right*runs out of the pool*

Kotsu and Little Trunks*swims up by Goku*

Gotek:*runs behind goku*

Little Trunks: NOW!*pulls one of gokus arms*

Kotsu:Okay!*pulls gokus other arm*

Gotek:*pushes goku*

Goku:*falls into the pool*You guys are gonna get it!

All three:*laughing* Uh oh!

Goku:*fires the Kamehameha and all the water flies out of the pool*

  • 10 minutes later*

Gotek:Good going Goku now we cant go back to the pool for the rest of our stay.

Kotsu:You just had to use the kamehameha.

Little Trunks:What a temper.

Goku:ITS NOT MY FAULT YOU GUYS TRIED TO GET ME IN THE POOL!*senses the 3 power levels and flies off*

Kotsu,Little Trunks, and Gotek:*sense the 3 power levels and flies off after goku*

Zeta Buu:There coming.

Cosmic:What do you mean who is coming.

Mammad:Who could come at this great timing.

All 4:*land* Us and we're not coming we're here.

Episode 2


Little Trunks:Coming Soon calm down Gotek sheesh.

  • intro plays*

Zeta Buu: Ill take on you you look easy enough *points at goku*

Goku:Dont bet on it.

Mammad: Ill kill you easily *points at Gotek*

Gotek:I wont just kill you i will destroy you physically and mentally!

Cosmic: i will Break you in half *points at Trunks*

LT:Good luck with that.

Kotsu:So no one wants to fight me you to scared*sticks out tongue*

Zeta Buu: Dont think that i have someone special for you.

  • a strange being lands and the ground begins to shake as if it trembles in fear*


Anti-Ωmega: if that thing means me then yes,yes you do.

Anti-Ωmega: *grabs kotsu's head and slams him into a mountain*

Kotsu:KAAAA MEEE HAAA MEE HAAAA! *smirks and fires*

Anti-Ωmega: WHY CANT I MOVE *paralyzed*

Kotsu: Your paralyzed because i hit you in a special point of your body *flash back to hitting Anti with a quick jab to his chest*

Anti-Ωmega: YOU LITTLE-*turns to ashes*

Kotsu:That was way to easy.

Anti-Ωmega:*Regenerates and blast Kotsu* Ωmega Eraser! *fires at Kotsu*

Kotsu: *tries to block*


Episode 3

Kotsu:*just barely deflects*

Anti: Had enough yet! *fires large Red energu spheres at kotsu*

Kotsu:*takes the hit* Nope, and i wont give up!

Anti: A stubborn one i see, not giving up then i shall make you beg for mercy! *fires a extremely large Red sphere*

Kotsu:*walks out of dust battered and bloody and has a broken arm* I wont give up! I wont let you kill! I wont let you win! RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! *hair flickers gold* AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH *goes ssj for first time hair turns completely gold and power increases dramatically*

Anti: Pathetic, a change of hair color wont help you. FEEL MY WRAITH! *Super Kicks Kotsu*

Kotsu: *easily catches foot and throws him*

Anti:*just barely catches self almost hitting a third mountain* grrrrr!

Kotsu:*instant transmission one handed super kamehamehas Anti in the gut*

Anti:*giant hole in gut and coughs up blood*

Kotsu: *walks infront of Anti and fires another one handed super kamehameha*


Kotsu:*hair turns normal and passes out*

Goku777: Trunks, get Kotsu its my turn to fight *drops weighted training clothes and goes ssj2*

  • the wind blows cautiously causing peoples hair to move making it look epic*

Goku777: Prepare because im not going easy i was looking for a good fight.

Zeta Buu: If a good fight is a quick demise then you can plan on it. *drops wighted clothes and powers up*

Goku: *charges at Zeta Buu*

Zeta Buu: *charges at Goku*

Both:*Punch each other*

Both: *Power Levels are equal and they fight blow by blow and block by block in the air*

Trunks:*gives Kotsu a sensu bean*


Goku:*collides punches with Zeta Buu* *pant* *pant*

Zeta Buu:*collides punches with Goku* *pant *pant*

Episode 4

Goku: *catching breath* Your not half bad

Zeta Buu: Like wise



Goku: *powers up and charges at Zeta Buu* SHATTERED DREAMS!

Zeta Buu: *gets in a blocking stance not knowing anything of the attack*

Goku: *grabs Zeta Buu flies into the air then slams Zeta Buu into the ground*

Zeta Buu: *Slowly getting to feet*

Goku: SPIRIT BOMB! *begins gathering energy*

Zeta Buu: REVENGE DEATHBALL! *charges energy into a sphere shape*

Goku: *fires spirit bomb*

Zeta Buu: *fires revenge deathball*

Goku: *powers up to max*

Zeta Buu: *powers up to max*

Goku: *losing the clash by a small bit*

Zeta Buu: *winning the clash by a small bit*

Goku: STEEL BODY! *turns body to steel*

Zeta Buu: So we are playing this game are we? EXPANSION WAVE *begins growing and grows 2 feet taller than a super namekian*

Goku: *charges at Zeta Buu and jumps at him*HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

Zeta Buu: *punches Goku*

Goku: *runs up Zeta Buu's arm*


Goku: *runs up right in Zeta Buu's face* KAAAAA MEEEE HAAAAA MEEEEEEEE HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! *fires right into the face of Zeta Buu*

Zeta Buu:*stumbles backwards* AAAAAAAH!

Goku: *backflips landing on feet trying te catch breath* *pant* *pant*

Zeta Buu: *Size decreases back to normal* *pant* *pant*

Goku: *passes out and goes back to normal form*

Zeta Buu: *passes out also*

Mammad: W-w-who won?

Cosmic: Brother that does not conserne me we must flee

Mammad: but what about Zeta Buu

Cosmic: Leave him we have to go *begins flying off*

Mammad: O-o-okay *begins flying off*

Gotek: Oh no you don't *fires thunder wave at Mammad*

LT: HA *fires End Cannon at Cosmic*

Mammad: *just barely dodges* Now your dead! *begins charging at Gotek and LT*

Cosmic: MAMMAD!

Mammad: *stops*

Cosmic: We have no time for them let's go *flies off*

Mammad: You Got Lucky *flies off*

Gotek:*runs over to Kotsu* Kotsu, are you Okay.

Kotsu: Yeah *cringes* but that guy was really strong

LT:*runs over to Goku and gives him a senzu*

Goku: *chews and swallows*

Gotek: Come we are going to see the great Chix he will be able to give us power.

Episode 5

The Debut of Chix Gotek's new found power

Gotek: *flying with the others towards a extremely tall mountain* It's this way.

Kotsu: Okay *flying along side Gotek,Goku, and LT.*

Goku: So we are almost there? *flying*

Chix: Yes I believe you are. *standing in front of them*

Gotek: *bows* You must be the great Chix.


Goku: *facepalm*

LT: *facepalm*

Gotek: Kotsu, bow that is no way to speak to the great Chix.

Chix: The boy is fine infact I figured he would say that now come *walking to a door way in the mountain*

Gotek: *follows Chix*

Goku: *follows Chix*

Kotsu: *follows Chix*

LT: *follows Chix*

Chix: *stops at the door way and enters a code* lets see the code was 91823228736Chix

  • door opens*

Chix: Now Goku,Kotsu, and LT don't be to suprised by who is in here.


LT: Fine.

Kotsu: Okey Dokey!

Gotek: *facepalm*

All:*walk in*

??? 1: Hey Grandsons!

??? 2: Hello Grandson.

??? 3: Yo Goku.

??? 4: Sup Kotsu.

??? 5: Hello LT.

  • all ??? step out of shadows*
  • it is Goku,Vegeta,Gohan,Goten, and Trunks*

Goku: DAD! GRANDPA GOKU! *runs to them*

Kotsu: PAPA! GRANDPA GOKUUU! *also runs to them*

LT: DAD! GRANDPA VEGETA!!! *runs to them*

Chix: While there having there reunion come with me Gotek. *walking towards a large doorway*

Gotek: Alright Sir *trying to be as polite as possible, follows Chix*

Chix: *opens door and walks in and sits on a chair* Gotek Take a seat.

Gotek: Alright *follows and sits down*

Chix: Gotek Prepare yourself.

Gotek: For What???

Chix: You'll see. *puts hands on Goteks head and focuses power*

Gotek: What the...

Chix: *takes hand of Gotek* Your true power has been awakened.

Gotek: But I don't feel any different.

Chix: Gotek Power Up.

Gotek: Alright *powers up to max* *turns into a Released Zaba* Wow!

Gotek: Thank you Mr.Chix i will repay the favor.

Chix: No need.

  • meanwhile*



Darku Saga

Episode 6

  • Capsule Corp. Japan, March 3rd 2012*

LT: *walks in door* Yo Luka I'm bringing some friends over.

Luka: *reading a magazine about swords* Sure, whatever. *looks up* Wait, are any of them cute?

LT: *facepalm* Luka, do you seriously need to be datinga guy at your age your only 14.

Luka: So, that doesn't mean I cannot go out with someone your to protective.

LT: Whaaatever. *grabs phone* Goku,Kotsu,Gotek I'm at capsule corp. you guys wanna come over.

Kotsu: *on phone* Sure I'll be right there.

Goku: *on phone* Yeah I'll see you there I am eating right now, wait will there be food there.

LT: Yes there will be Goku.

Goku: *with mouth full of food* AWESOME!

Gotek: *on phone* Sure I'll come over.

All: *hang up at the same time*

LT: *opens the door*

Kotsu: Yo.

Goku: Hi.

Gotek: 'lo.

Luka: *taps on LT's shoulder* Bro...

Goku: *goes to kitchen to try and find some food*

Luka: *points at Goku and whispers to LT* Who is that?

LT: Thats my friend Goku.

Luka: *whispers in LT's ear* He's cute.


Goku: *walks into the room and see's Luka*

Luka: *runs and sits back down on the couch*

Goku: *whispers to LT* Who is that?

LT: Thats my little sister Luka.

Goku: *whispers to LT* She's cute.

LT: O.O*passes out*

Luka: *runs over to LT* What happened!?

Goku: I dunno he just passed out!

Luka: Goku, how old are you?

Goku: 16 why.

Luka: This is why.

Goku: Whats wh-

Luka: *kisses Goku*

Goku: O.O

Kotsu: wooooooo. Goku's got a girl!

Gotek: and its LT's sister!

LT: Wha- *wakes up to see Luka and Goku kissing*

LT: O.O *passes out*

Gotek and Kotsu: *pick up LT and take him out of the room and sat him in his room*

Luka: Sorry Goku.

Goku: *still shocked* O.O......

Luka: I bet you don't like me now....

Goku: O.O

Luka: Well...*starts walking away*

Goku: Luka wait.

Luka: *stops* Hmm?

Goku: You wanna go out sometime?

LT: *walks back into the living room and hears it* O.O *passes out again*

Kotsu: Again....

Gotek: *facepalm*

Both: *pick LT up and carry him out of the room*

Episode 7

Luka: Of course Goku! *Luka yelled as her face lit up*

Goku: *hugs Luka*

LT: *walks down the stairs once more* Okay are we done with the kissy kissy smooch smooch now?

Kotsu: I hope.

Gotek: Your prettty heavy.

Kotsu: Tell me about it.

Goku: *begins getting a major headache*

Luka: Goku are you Okay?

Goku: *slaps luka away* AAAAAAAAH! *holding head*

Luka: *falls over*

LT: *picks up Luka and is blown back from the immense power*

Gotek: *also blown back*

Kotsu: *is also blown back*

Goku: *lets go of head and stands up* *laughing psychotically*

Kotsu: Goku are you okay?

Gotek: I don't think we're dealing with Goku anymore...

Goku: *in a deep dark voice* Goku? Oh you mean your friend. Lets just say he is on a pause right now.

Kotsu: whaaat?

LT: Goku???

Goku: *kicks LT and Kotsu through the wall* *laughing psychotically* Hehe...

Goku: *goes SSJ but hair is white* Now for you! *about to punch Luka but strangely stops*

Luka: *shaking in fear*

Goku: *turns around and looks at Gotek* *starts laughing again*

Gotek: *backs up* *turns into Released Zaba*

Goku: *disspears and hits Gotek slighty on the shoulder*

Gotek: *passes out*

Goku: *Blast the door* *walks out and flies off*

Luka: *runs over to LT* Bro! Are you okay?!?!

LT: Uugh, I'm okay but Kotsu is not...

Kotsu: *hit his head extremely hard on the brick wall passed out* Uuuuuugh.

LT: On second thought I am getting i little bit Dizzy. *passes out*

  • Meanwhile*

Zeta Buu: *sees Goku flying* GOKU! I DEMAND A REMATCH!

Goku: Please, your a waste of my time.

Zeta Buu: *thinks to self* He's changed his attitude is totally different.

Goku: *flies off*

Zeta Buu: Hmm.

Goku: *lands* Steel Kamehameha... *fires and the entire area around him turns into steel*

Goku: *walks into a castle of steel and sits on a throne*

Goku: I am not Goku any longer. Refer to me as.....Darku.

Episode 8

Darku: *grabs a flute* *starts playing it*

Dark Mass: *hears the flute* *flies towards Darku's Castle*

Escar: *hears the flute* *flies towards Darku's Castle*

Draki: *hears the flute* *blast a hole in the ground and comes out of hell* *flies towards Darku's Castle*

Kaiyan: *hears the flute* *flies towards Darku's Castle*

All: *land at Darku's castle and walk in*

Darku: Hello, My evil alliance.

Escar: Hi.

Dark Mass. *bows* Hello Master.

Draki: *bows* Hello Lord Darku.

Kaiyan: Hello.

Darku: Your first Mission. Eliminate LT,Kotsu, and Gotek.

All: Yes Lord Darku *fly off*

Darku: *laughs*

Gotek,LT, and Kotsu: *wakes up*

Gotek: uuuugh

LT: What happened.

Kotsu: I'm hungry.

Escar,Dark Mass,Draki, and Kaiyan: *land*

Rex: *senses the Evil Power and starts flying towards the location*

Lux: *also flies towards there*

Episode 9

LT: *runs at Kaiyan*

Kaiyan: *runs at LT*

LT: *repeatedly punches Kaiyan*

Kaiyan: *dodges*

Rex: *dropkicks grabs Kaiyan and slams him on his head*

Kotsu,Gotek,Rex, and Lux: *fight off Escar,Dark mass,Kaiyan, and Draki*

LT: *runs out the door and runs towards Darku's Castle*

Escar: *goes to charge power

Dark Mass: *also goes to charge power*

Kotsu and Gotek: *also run out the door and run at Darku's Castle*

Darku: Please You have no chance in hell you cannot stop me.


Kotsu: Oh yeah.....

Gotek: Well we got LT...

Darku: Wha-

LT: *runs and dropkicks darku in the chest*

Darku: *backflips and lands on feet* You'll pay for that foolish one.

LT: *repeatedly punches darku*

Darku: *dodges and punches LT*

LT: *grabs Darku's fist and flips him*

Darku:*lands and trips LT*

LT: *flips*

Darku: *puts Ki into fist and punches LT*

LT: *puts Ki into fist and punches Darku*

  • fist collide*
  • power explosion*
  • the middle of the castle starts cracking*

Episode 10

Dark Mass: *Charging Kamehameha*

Gotek: *charging up Thunder Wave*

Dark Mass: Kaaaaaaaaa Meeeee

Gotek: Thuuuuuuuuun

Dark Mass: Haaaaaaaaa Meeeeee

Gotek: Deeeeeeeeeer

Dark Mass: HA! *fires at Gotek*

Gotek: WAVE! *fires at Dark Mass*

  • Darku's Castle Cracking from the immense power in it*

Darku: *starts hitting LT with a barrage of Punches and Kicks to the gut*

LT: *grabs Darku's arm and throws him on the ground*

Darku: *bacflips and roundhouse kicks LT*

LT: *stumbles Backwards but catches balance*

Gotek: *turns into Released Form*

Dark Mass: *gets blown away by the Thunder Wave*

Escar: *firing a Barrage of Ki Blast at Kotsu*

Kotsu: *just barely dodging them all*

Escar: *charges at Kotsu*

Kotsu: *goes SSJ and swings hand back*

Escar: *jumps at Kotsu for the Final Blow*

Kotsu: *punches Escar right in the head*

Escar: *gets blown back through the Castle Walls*

Kotsu: *powers down*

Escar: *turns into Pure Form*

Episode 11

Next Time on Dragon Ball XG

The Real Father of Kotsu Revealed/Luka! A Fighter???