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"Mankind has been deemed obsolete. In a world where human power is no longer significant and the dominance of Saiyan power is absolute, one man struggles against himself, his nature, and his past to prove that one's power is determined by his will...not his race......" ~ Dragon Ball Z Elsewhere Tagline - RMK

Dragon Ball Z Elsewhere - is an online fan manga, or fanga, created by RMK.  It centers on Yamcha and gives details into his past and some series of events between the Cell Saga and the 25th Budokai.


Volume 1

Chapter 1 - "Full Circle"

The story begins with Yamcha returning to his old hideout in the Diablo desert, as he reflects on recent events in his life after Cell's defeat. It is revealed that having felt that he hadn't contributed enough during the battle against Cell and the Androids, Yamcha had pursued his training further, spending 6 months training in the gravity room at Capsule Corp, managing to push through numerous injury and eventually mastering 400x gravity. Deciding that this was not enough, however, Yamcha continues further by traveling to Kami's lookout, now the home of Earth's newest guardian Dende, and making use of the Room of Spirit and Time, training there for two days.

Chapter 2 - "Destiny, Take 2"

Picking up where the previous chapter ended, Yamcha meets a young woman named Bead. Having learned of how she came to arrive at his former hideout, Yamcha offers to assist her fellow villagers, who've recently been attacked. Arriving quickly at the village, he immediately confronts a thief who attempts to pick his pocket. This draws the attention of armed gunmen, who immediately take him and the thief into custody. Transporting them to a nearby compound, which turns out to be the Wolf martial arts school, Yamcha is shocked to discover the gunmen are working for a former friend named Barracks. Yamcha questions what Barracks is doing, who answers that he is simply protecting the village, and reminds Yamcha that the task was originally his. Yamcha expresses regret for having been gone for so long, and requests to speak with Yunomi, only for Barracks to adamantly refuse. He instead questions where Yamcha has been and what he is doing there, and angrily responds with violence when the former Wolf school heir refuses to answer. Their reunion, and that of Yunomi, is suddenly interrupted by the appearance of an old enemy.

Chapter 3 - "Rematch"

Upon arriving outside of the school, Yamcha is confronted by an old nemesis, named Kyonshi. Revealed to be an old rival of their later master, he immediately begins taunting Yamcha, revealing that he was the one who gave the wolf student the scars on his face. Yamcha immediately challenges Kyonshi, who initially brushes the challenge off, but ultimately accepts at the former bandit's provocation. The fight ends quickly in Yamcha's victory, the former bandit revealing that he is now far superior to the martial arts master now turned vampire. However, Yamcha opts not to kill the villainous Kyonshi. Inspired by the memory of his deceased friend, Goku, Yamcha gives the villain an ultimatum, leave the Wolf village and never harm anyone again, or face death. Kyonshi agrees to leave, and after his departure, a visibly shocked Barracks and Yunomi both agree to hear their former friend out, wishing to know the truth of his disappearance and whereabouts all these years.

Chapter 4 - "Confessions"

The chapter begins with a reflection of the significant battles of Yamcha's early life, highlighting both his defeats and his victories. It is revealed that Yamcha is relating these events to his old friends, who are shocked at the adventures the former bandit has been involved in. However, they seek to understand what caused their old friend to abandon his home. Yamcha decides to reveal the truth, a story of conflict and betrayal. Starting 19 years in the past, a young Yamcha is summoned by the master of the Wolf school, Maccha, along with an equally young Barracks. Both students are informed of an impending invasion, led by Kyonshi, and instructed to prepare for combat, along with Pu'ar's father & grandfather, Sencha & Tuocha.

Chapter 5 - "A Bad Hand"

Picking up where the previous chapter left off, the transformed Tuocha (disguised as Kyonshi) is confronted by a demonic underling, and the two begin to do battle. Yamcha attempts to step in to help but is rebuked by the shapeshifter and told to protect the villagers. Rescuing a woman and her child nearby, Yamcha is immediately beset upon by numerous underlings, and proceeds to battle them. He is assisted by Barracks, who continues to provide cover, while the transformed Sencha & Tuocha team up to take on the previous underling. Meanwhile, Maccha observes the battles from the top of a tree but is drawn out by a distress call nearby. He arrives in time to save a woman, revealed to be his wife Lace, who had been missing for 3 years. Their reunion is interrupted by the arrival of Kyonshi, leading to a web of deception.

Chapter 6 - "The Four Masters"

Continuing the events of the past, Maccha confronts Kyonshi, who he admonishes for his war-like behavior, noticing that he has managed to gather a representative of each of the sacred schools. Kyonshi reveals that Ox King's participation was coerced, as all of them knew that his master, Muten Roshi, would not have agreed to take part in his plan. Maccha states that his plan won't succeed, but Kyonshi disagrees, believing that his plan is destined to succeed; alluding to Maccha being unaware of the knowledge that he has and of not revealing the full truth to his students. As the battles rage on, treachery seems just around the corner.

Chapter 7 - "The Serpent's Rage"

Kyonshi's plan comes full circle but doesn't quite work out as he planned, as the legendary seal remains intact. Enraged, Kyonshi proceeds to accuse his allies, the other masters of sabotaging their goal. Both masters reject his accusation, stating that they indeed possessed a shared hatred of Lace. This prompts a reaction from Lace, who is confused as to why these strangers would hate her. Kyonshi then reveals the details of his plan, and that she had just been used as a pawn to achieve them. And that despite her betrayal, Maccha still loved her. This shatters Lace, who believed that Kyonshi had genuinely cared for her, and threatens to kill herself in order to restore her honor. Kyonshi, however, reminds her of what she would be leaving behind, forcing her to stay her hand. Meanwhile, Yamcha's presence is discovered by Kyonshi, who sends Ox-King to pursue him. Ox catches up to Yamcha, cutting off his escape, but rather than kill him, he tells the wolf student of an alternate escape route, and threatens him should he ever return to the village.

Chapter 8 - "Homecoming"

As Yamcha's tale of his exile ends, a heartbroken Yunomi excuses herself from the room. Barracks changes the subject to the girl Bead, whose plight Yamcha had told him about. Barracks requests that Yamcha bring her to them, and Yamcha agrees, flying off back to his old desert hideout to retrieve her. There, he is reunited with Pu'ar, who Yamcha apologizes to for leaving behind. After informing Bead of his friends' desire to help her, Yamcha has Pu'ar transform into an air shuttle and proceeds to fly the two back to Wolf village. There, Bead is introduced to Barracks, while Pu'ar is reunited with his grandfather, Tuo. As Barracks speaks with Bead, Yamcha goes to check on Yunomi, who reveals that Yamcha's story has given her a change of heart. She invites Yamcha to stay with them, recognizing how much he wants to redeem his and her father's honor. As Barracks and Yamcha agree to go look for Bead's missing villagers, Pigero arrives, revealing he knows the way to their location and makes a deal that he will take them there, if Yamcha agrees to train him in martial arts.

Chapter 9 - "Training"

After reuniting Bead with her missing family and villagers, Yamcha begins training not just Pigero, but both Barracks & Yunomi as well, using the teachings he learned from Korin, Kami, & North Kaio. Meanwhile, a year passes as Yamcha reacclimates himself with both helping out the villagers, and rekindling his broken friendships with Yunomi & Barracks. Both of his friends' skills progress rapidly, and Yunomi briefly discusses using the dragon balls to restore her father to life. Yamcha is unsure if the idea will work but agrees to gather them anyway to find out. They are suddenly interrupted by a mysterious girl, who introduces herself as Solace, and reveals that she not only possesses a dragon ball but is able to detect them. After overhearing their tales of the items, she agrees to help them search for the rest, in order to use one of the wishes for herself. They return to the village, only to be informed of Kyonshi's return, who they rush off to confront at the site of the Legendary Seal.

Chapter 10 - "The Broken Seal"

Revealing that he recognizes the dragon balls, Kyonshi & the others are interrupted by the sudden breaking of the seal. Confused, Yamcha & Barracks both wonder whether or not being affiliated with each school is enough, as both inadvertently reveal to the other their affiliation with the other schools. As Kyonshi celebrates the culmination of his decades-long plan, Yamcha finds himself suddenly boosted in strength, only to look on with the others as a being emerges from the seal. The figure is addressed as Anshin by Kyonshi, who takes credit for his release, and requests godly power as a reward. However, Kyonshi is angrily rebuked by the being, who then sets his sights on Yamcha. Introducing himself as Heiwa, he demands that Yamcha attack him, and threatens his friends when the warrior initially refuses. After asking the others to leave, Yamcha unleashes his ki and charges Heiwa, only to be taken down with one blow. It is revealed, however, that Yamcha is being possessed by another godly being named Anshin, who unlocked his hidden potential and seeks to redeem mortals. Heiwa, who views mortals as corrupt beings beyond saving and seeks to destroy them, agrees to a ceasefire between the two for a full Namekian year, as Anshin seeks to use Yamcha as the vessel through which he proves that mortals are capable of being saved.

Volume 2

Chapter 11 - "Legends and Truth"

Yamcha awakens from unconsciousness, surrounded by his friends, where he is quickly informed of his injuries and the events that happened after his confrontation with Heiwa. He is told that they are at Kyonshi's castle, along with Piccolo, and that both are waiting to speak to him. Piccolo reveals that he's fully aware of what transpired, and together the two confront Kyonshi. The serpent master admits that his life's work turned out misguided, and reveals the history of the four sacred schools of martial arts through a tapestry hanging on his wall. Kyonshi reveals the roles that each of the schools play in relation to the seal, and this is what drove his desire to use the schools to unlock the secret of the seal. Piccolo confirms the seal's purpose, as well as the deity Anshin, having chosen Yamcha as its vessel, and that the part of him that is Kami only possessed knowledge of the history and purpose of the seal. Meanwhile, Yunomi and the others are approached by Solace, who reveals to Yunomi that her mother has requested to speak to her. Yunomi initially rebuffs her, but then agrees to meet with this woman, only to discover the shocking truth to come.

Chapter 12 - "Yunomi's Mother!"

Solace's mother is revealed to be Lace, the former wife of Yunomi's father, and the current mistress of Kyonshi, who has now been fully transformed into a vampire by Kyonshi. While their reunion starts off tentatively emotional, it quickly devolves into anger, as Yunomi vehemently rebukes her mother and accuses her of abandoning her and killing her father for Kyonshi. Lace expresses sincere regret in her actions, but argues that she only did so because she believed in both Kyonshi's plan and that he loved her. Yunomi tearfully reminds Lace that both she and her father loved her, and questions why that wasn't enough. Lace, in return, laments her actions and apologizes to Yunomi for the pain she's caused, acknowledging not only the damage she'd done to Yunomi, but to Yunomi's sister, Solace as well. Lace reveals that the reason she chose to stay with Kyonshi, is because she had to protect Solace from Kyonshi, who she claims had no interest in being a father, while she is a poor mother. As such, Lace pleads with Yunomi to take Solace with her, in the hopes that she will have a better life in the outside world. Afterward, Yamcha and Piccolo return to the others, revealing the results of their conversation, and that Yamcha has decided the best way to defeat Heiwa, is to find out a way to unlock the spirit of the deity within him.

Chapter 13 - "Heaven and Earth"

In a far part of the universe, the Supreme Kai and his attendant, Kibito, are in the midst of discussing their plans for tracking down the elusive wizard, Babidi. They are suddenly joined by Heiwa, who initially greets them happily, while both Kais are shocked as he's been gone for centuries. Heiwa informs the two that he needs to speak with his father, the Dai-Kaioshin, but Shin informs him of the events that transpired with Majin Boo during his exile. Outraged by this news, Heiwa correctly presumes that they don't know where Boo and Babidi are currently. However, he is immediately questioned by Shin on the whereabouts of Heiwa and his brother, Anshin, as the Supreme Kai finds Heiwa's sudden appearance suspicious. Rather than answer, Heiwa vows that he will find Babidi, and release his father from Boo. After getting information on the wizard's last known location, Heiwa sets off to begin his search, and the Supreme Kai chooses to leave Heiwa to his devices, believing that if Heiwa's intentions are true, then they will have a powerful ally against Boo. Meanwhile, on Earth, Yamcha and his friends, along with Solace, train with Piccolo at the lookout, using the combination of a hyperbolic device developed by Dr. Briefs, and Dende's healing powers to accelerate their progress and maximize the fruits of their training. While Kyonshi, as a non-human creature, uses an alternative method of increasing his power, as each prepares for the coming threat.

Chapter 14 - "Wishing for an Edge"

As Yamcha and his friends take a break between training to replenish themselves, he decides to fill the group in on a possible idea he had for releasing Anshin, by using the dragon balls. Dende reveals to the group that he's upgraded the mystical orbs since they were last used and that they now grant two to three wishes, depending on the size of the wish(es) involved. As the group converse, they are soon joined by Kuririn, who arrives in a hovercar, accompanied by Android #18. The two men catch up, with Yamcha quickly deducing that the Z-fighter and former killer android are now dating. While Yamcha introduces his old friend to the rest of the group, he fills Kuririn in on the events that have transpired, which alarms Kuririn who is revealed to have not known any of the secrets of the seal. As the group gathers around, Dende summons the eternal dragon, Shenlong, to the astonishment of the Wolf school members. Yamcha attempts to use his first wish to release Anshin, but the dragon reveals that it cannot. Deciding to go with his back up wish, Yamcha wishes for all members of the sacred martial arts schools to receive the zenkai power-up ability of the Saiyans. After the wish is granted and the dragon balls scatter, the group receive a visit from Baba, who informs Yamcha that due to being a vessel of a godly spirit, he has been selected to receive special training from the Grand Kai.

Chapter 15 - "World of the Grand Kaio"

While Yamcha travels to the Otherworld, the Grand Kai is informed of his impending arrival, and of the events surrounding Anshin and Heiwa. Alarmed by the news surrounding such high-profile beings, and that he was left unaware because of a clerical error by his predecessor, the Grand Kai decides that he will meet with Yamcha and have the North Kai oversee the task of releasing the spirit of the deity. Meanwhile, Yamcha arrives in Otherworld, and is immediately reunited his dead friend, Goku and King Kai. After a warm greeting, the three proceed to the Grand Kai's palace, where Yamcha is escorted to meet with the deity. Reading the human's ki, the Grand Kai is alarmed by the amount of power he possesses but tells Yamcha he's not yet ready to receive his training. Instead, he suggests the Z-fighter return to King Kai, and grants him permission to remain in the Otherworld for as long as is necessary. While being introduced to the North Kai's top fighters, Yamcha recognizes his childhood hero, Olibu, from the stories he read as a kid, and the group proceeds to get to work.

Chapter 16 - "Grand Training"

As King Kai and Olibu look on, Yamcha and Goku engage in a round of sparring, each fighter displaying various techniques and skills in order to one-up each other. While they rest in between rounds, Goku compliments his old friend on his newfound strength, impressed by both the speed of his Wolf Fang Fist style, and the control of his Sokidan. Yamcha reveals that although he's adjusted his style over the years, it is still an incomplete form, as he never learned the complete Wolf Fang Fist due to his master's death. Goku suggests that they try to find his master, as he is bound to be somewhere in Otherworld. King Kai confirms that the masters are indeed in Otherworld, having decided to not pass on to heaven, but have forfeited their bodies in order to reside on the planet of female warriors. Inspired by this news, as Yamcha believes he can accomplish two tasks at once, Yamcha requests to be allowed to visit the planet. King Kai agrees, stating he will submit a formal request, and the two friends proceed to re-engage in training.

Chapter 17 - "Masters and Maidens"

The chapter begins with Yamcha and Olibu indulging in a bit of leisure time, with Olibu sharing tales of his adventures during his life on Earth. Yamcha takes the time to inquire about Olibu's strength, hoping to discover some unknown secret. However, Olibu reveals that his strength is simply achieved from training. Deducing that Yamcha is comparing himself to Goku, Olibu tells the younger human that there is no limit to human strength. King Kai arrives at that moment, informing Yamcha that their request to go to the planet of female fighters has been approved, and that they are getting ready to set out. King Kaio, Yamcha, and Goku journey to the planet, using Goku's Instant Transmission to arrive there. Yamcha quickly locates his late master, who questions how he is in Otherworld even though he's alive, and is informed of the seal breaking and Heiwa's release. Maccha agrees to go track down the other masters, and soon returns with them in tow, including Mutaito and the original founder of the sacred schools, Coffee. However, before they can speak on the subject of the seal, they quickly find themselves discovered and confronted by the female fighters of the planet, led by Gorga, Olibu's former acquaintance from Earth.

Chapter 18 - "Unfinished Business"

Having been informed of the secret of the Legendary Seal, and how to release Anshin, Yamcha begins training to fully master the Wolf Fang Fist under his former master's tutelage. During this, Maccha addresses Yamcha's weaknesses, as well as detailing the secret of how the Wolf Fang Fist style works. After lengthy bouts of training, Maccha requests to see his student's true power, as being a spirit, he's unable to test the extent of Yamcha's abilities in the traditional manner. Yamcha agrees to his master's request, shocking everyone present with the extent of his power, and Maccha deems him adequate as the new master of the Wolf Fang Fist. Seeing another opportunity to achieve his goal, Yamcha then demands a duel with Goku. Excited at the thought of testing his friend's newfound strength, Goku quickly accepts, and the two former rivals begin the fight to settle their rivalry, once and for all.

Chapter 19 - "Goku vs Yamcha"

Having engaged in their decades overdue rematch, Yamcha and Goku trade blows, as each attempts to overcome the other. Seeming to be on par, initially, Yamcha is able to inflict damage on Goku with his newly acquired mastered Wolf Fang Fist, but the Saiyan is quickly able to adapt to his tactics and regain the upper hand. Yamcha responds with the Kaioken, catching his friend off-guard and revealing that both he and Tien were able to learn the technique shortly around the time they were wished back to life on Earth. Goku compliments him, though he is disappointed to discover that neither martial artist had been able to learn the Spirit Bomb, and the two begin a battle of Kaioken. King Kai remarks on the fallacy of this strategy, pointing out to the other masters that the Kaioken will only increase the difference in strength between the Saiyan and Human fighters. Their fight continues while King Kai, the Sacred School masters, and the female fighters all look on, with neither fighter backing down.

Chapter 20 - "Tricks and Aces"

The battle between Yamcha and Goku continues to escalate, as King Kai and Maccha both comment on the tactics used by Yamcha. Both martial artists continuously draw upon higher multipliers of the Kaioken, while consistently changing strategies in order to one up the other. While Goku is able to counter Yamcha's abilities through timing of attacks and raw strength, Yamcha continues to inflict damage through his newly mastered version of the Wolf Fang Fist, and various means such as misdirection. After regaining the upper hand, Yamcha then reveals his ultimate technique, surrounding Goku with countless balls of ki, surprising the Saiyan as he initially wonders if it's Piccolo's technique. Yamcha reveals that each of the ki balls are in fact Sokidan, and drawing upon his former notions as a thief, shows that he is not above taking elements of another fighter's techniques, and incorporating them into his own. Revealing one of his newest techniques, the Hellzone Sokidan, Yamcha begins bombarding the Saiyan with numerous attacks, seeking to end the battle.

Chapter 21 - "Battle of Wills"

Yamcha unleashes his latest, and ultimate technique, sending innumerable Sokidan ki balls against Goku. Utilizing consistent changes in the timing of each Sokidan, and detonating one of them at seemingly random intervals, Yamcha manages to keep the Saiyan from escaping the technique or mounting any counteroffensive. The ki balls continuously hit their target, but don't explode, effectively bouncing Goku from one to the next. King Kai, however, takes notice of a giant mass of ki hovering in the air above both fighters. The deity notices that the massive orb bears a striking resemblance to the Spirit Bomb, and remarks on how that shouldn't be possible, due to the human fighter's admittance of having been unable to learn Goku's signature attack. Instead, King Kai notices the technique's true endgame, and reacts with outrage at Yamcha's variation of a pure-hearted technique. Goku is eventually able to last long enough to whittle the Sokidan down to more manageable numbers, and begins to destroy them soon afterward. Realizing this, Yamcha sends each of the orbs in at once, in a seemingly last ditch effort to bombard the Saiyan. Goku survives the bombardment, but this proves to be yet another distraction, as the Saiyan finds himself in a powerful struggle against the mass of ki that Yamcha launches at him immediately afterward. Goku is ultimately able to repel the attack, and immediately responds with one of his own, knocking Yamcha down and back. In disbelief that his newest technique wasn't enough to end the fight, Yamcha thinks quickly and invites Goku in one final showdown to decide the victor.

Chapter 22 - "An Explosive Hunch"

As their fight nears its end, both Goku and Yamcha assume similarly familiar stances, preparing for one last match up. The two fighters charge their attacks, before leaping into the air, both unleashing their respective Kamehameha. Bolstered by a Kaioken x20, the two fighters' aura flare up behind them, as their ki beams struggle against one another. As their struggle progresses, with both attacks appearing to be equal, Yamcha reveals to his old rival that in order to catch up to the power of the Super Saiyans, he had to rely on training up and maximizing his Kaioken. As such, whereas Goku had only trained to 100x gravity, Yamcha had trained up to 400x gravity, and proudly boasts on possessing the strongest Kaioken before shouting out his trump card, the Kaioken x40. This pronouncement surprises Goku, who finds his Kamehameha being suddenly and quickly overwhelmed by Yamcha's. Now backed into a corner, Goku wordlessly transforms into a Super Saiyan, instantly boosting his attack while simultaneously reversing the fighters' situation. Yamcha valiantly continues to struggle against the Saiyan's power, but finds that he is unable to do so. Realizing that his friend is unwilling to give up, Goku concedes the duel, shouting at Yamcha to not forget the importance of his mission. This shocks the human fighter back into his state of mind, and he quickly shuts off his attack, dodging to the side just in time to avoid the two ki-beams. As both men land on the ground, Goku releases his transformation, and the two men collapse as they remark on the details of their fight. As Goku compliments his friend's strength and ingenuity, Maccha confusingly asks why Goku would yield when he had the upper hand. As King Kai answers the Wolf master's question, both Yamcha and Goku laugh jovially as they celebrate the final conclusion to their rivalry.

Chapter 23 - "Recovery"

Yamcha awakens later, in a hospital located in the nearby settlement known as Anthrax, and reacts in typical fashion when the bosom of a female nurse is comically placed in his face. He discovers that Goku is resting in a bed next to him, and after inquiring about his master's whereabouts, Yamcha is informed by the Saiyan that after discovering Fortuneteller Baba's ability to bring someone back to Earth for a single day, Maccha decided to take advantage of this and return to reunite with Yamcha's friends. After an emotional reunion, the Wolf master proceeds to instruct his daughter and former student, Barracks, along with Pigero, in mastering the more advanced aspects of the Wolf Fang Fist. Meanwhile, the two fighters heal from their battle, and return to the male warrior planet where they continue training, now armed with the information they received from Master Coffee. However, Yamcha is still plagued by nightmares of his near murder at the hands of Android #20, the former Dr. Gero. Recognizing that his dreams are yet another issue for him to resolve, Yamcha approaches King Kai for help, having decided what his next objective will be. After informing Goku of his decision, he is informed by the Saiyan that a confrontation with Gero should be possible, much to the human fighter's chagrin. A day later, Yamcha accompanies Goku, Pikkon, and Olibu on a mission to transport their former enemies, and most dangerous criminals, to their personal hells. However, shortly after their departure, King Kai receives an unexpected correspondence from King Yenma, one that could have disastrous repercussions for the Wolf fighter.

Chapter 24 - "Heaven's Most Wanted"

The chapter starts in a unknown location in North Galaxy, on an asteroid in space. A strange object is seen protruding from the surface of the asteroid, and Heiwa appears outside of it, observing the entryway. Inside, a short, green creature stands, gazing into his own crystal ball. Heiwa appears behind him, confronting the being he addresses as Babidi, the son of the wizard responsible for the creation of Majin Boo. Caught off guard by the sudden intrusion, Babidi immediately calls out for Dabura. Moments later, a tall, hulking red figure enters the room, the strange "M" insignia on his head, confronting the intruder. Babidi informs Heiwa that his servant is the King of Demons, however, Heiwa reacts with mockery instead of fear. In an act displaying his superiority, Heiwa dismisses Babidi's sorcery as easily remedied, and demonstrates this by removing the spell used to keep Dabura subservient to Babidi with a simple gesture. With the spell removed, Dabura displays obvious rage toward his "master", and Babidi immediately cowers before the two powerful warriors. Babidi immediately convinces the Kaioshin that he will lead him to Boo, and assist in the release of the Dai-Kaioshin, and Heiwa shows the imp mercy, restoring the spell on Dabura with another simple gesture. Babidi then informs Heiwa of their last suspected location of Boo's prison, on planet Earth, but that a tremendous amount of energy is needed to undo the spell that holds Boo captive. The two discuss the option of potentially raising an army, using powerful fighters in Heaven, but Babidi's magic is unable to have any effect in that realm. Heiwa proposes a potential solution to this, and Babidi agrees, as Dabura summons three of his own minions to go to Earth to gather energy from the most powerful fighters located there. With their plans set, the two sides set off to put their plans into motion.

Chapter 25 - "At The Lake of Blood"

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Chapter 26 - "Yamcha's Repressed Rage"

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Yamcha (Elsewhere)

  • DOB: 733 A.D.
  • WEIGHT: 150 lbs
  • HEIGHT: 6'0"
  • FAMILY: Maccha, Sencha, Tuo, Yunomi (sister-in-spirit), Master Roshi, Korrin, Kami, King Kai, Mr. Popo (mentors), Puar (life-long friend), Barracks (best friend), Bulma (ex-girlfriend)
  • FIGHTING STYLE: Urufu-ryu, Kame-ryu, Kaio-ryu

Seventeen years ago, Yamcha was a notorious bandit and has been a long time friend of Goku since, but his past before that time is a total mystery. His Wolf Fang kung fu and extensive knowledge of nearly all Tenka Ichi Budokai competitors, techniques, mythology, and legends make one believe he was instructed under a master long before his bandit days.

From the beginning, Yamcha's ultimate goal was to get married. Yamcha at one time was terrified of women, but over time with his first girlfriend, Bulma, he managed to at least remain coherent, although his shyness never truly left. Bulma has since left him for the Saiyan Prince, Vegeta, the man responsible for his one time death, and requested that Yamcha move out of her parents' monolithic residence, Capsule Corp.

As a fighter, Yamcha has always been competent, but his distraction by Bulma and having a job have kept him from training and his battle plans always seem to backfire or be too complex to work. After being resurrected by the Dragon Balls, Yamcha developed an intense fear of dying before he will find true love. Now that Bulma has left him, Yamcha begins to accept that it's deeper than just a distraction that keeps him from becoming stronger, and he embarks on a quest to confront his past.


  • DOB: 734 A.D.
  • WEIGHT: 110 lbs
  • HEIGHT: 5'7"
  • FAMILY: Maccha (father), Lace (mother), Solace (half-sister), Yamcha (brother-in-spirit), Barracks (brother-in-spirit), Sencha, Tuo (mentors)
  • FIGHTING STYLE: Urufu-ryu

Yunomi is the only child of the fabled Maccha, also known as Rougasennin. A loyal and dedicated child, much of her personality was formed by the desire to appease her father. Traditionally, to be named heir of Urufu-ryu style, the student must be a male. The fact that Maccha had only a daughter before his wife's disappearance meant he had to look elsewhere for a suitable male student. He found two boys: Yamcha and Barracks.

Yunomi found herself trying to prove herself superior to the boys, all the while expected to learn and go about a traditional woman's duty in the home. She distanced herself from the boys, but over time secretly developed feelings for Yamcha and calmed her fiery temperament, thinking that maybe he would be a worthy heir after all. All of that changed one fateful day.

Yunomi and Barracks developed into friends in their adult years as they worked together to run matters within Wolf Village. She is upset that they have to resort to more militaristic measures for security, but feels the days of the village's traditional guardian died with her father. She holds a deep-seated bitterness towards Yamcha and his absence these past seventeen years.


  • DOB: 734 A.D.
  • WEIGHT: 167 lbs
  • HEIGHT: 6'2"
  • FAMILY: Maccha, Sencha, Tuo, Taopaipai (mentors), Yamcha (best friend), Yunomi (sister-in-spirit)
  • FIGHTING STYLE: Urufu-ryu, Tsuru-ryu

Barracks was an orphan adopted by Maccha along with Yamcha to train to become their heir of Urufu-ryu and guardian of Wolf Village. Both boys took their training very seriously, Barracks being the more severe of the two. Although a brilliant strategist even at a young age, Barracks could tell Maccha preferred Yamcha to be the heir over himself. Regardless, Barracks worked hard, if not to win the honor of being guardian, then to ensure that if Yamcha was guardian, he'd be as strong as possible. Because of his team mindset, Yamcha and Barracks became more like brothers than rivals in their knit-together family unit.

When Yamcha left, Barracks felt betrayed and bitter. Seeing his years of training towards high ideals as a farce, Barracks took it upon himself to work with Yunomi to guard the village in any way possible. Assassins and mercenaries were assigned with what small income Barracks and the village earned. One day he happened upon a brutal mercenary named Tao, a master of Tsuru-ryu.

Barracks saw Tao's tutelage as an investment opportunity. If he could become as strong as Tao, in the long run, they needn't spend as much money to hire other mercenaries. Tao trained Barracks brutally and in the end deemed him adequate. His high ideals gone, Barracks accepted what he had and relieved Tao of his duties. Barracks presently guards Wolf Village from nearly all outsiders along with a small group of trusted soldiers from the village and occasionally more mercenaries. His demeanor is grim and taciturn with everyone except Yunomi, whom he guards with his life.


  • DOB: N/A
  • WEIGHT: 165 lbs
  • HEIGHT: 5'10"
  • FAMILY: Yunomi (Daughter), Lace (Wife), Yamcha (Adoptive son), Barracks (Adoptive son)
  • FIGHTING STYLE: RougaFufuken

Maccha is the master of the RougaFufuken, Wolf Fang Fist martial arts style, and the head of the Wolf Sacred School of Martial Arts. He is also the father of Yunomi, and the adopted father and master of Yamcha and Barracks, two orphans whom he took in order to become the heir of the school and guardian of the Okami (wolf) village. As the village's leader and protector, Maccha has a more serious temperament and militaristic mindset, compared to the other Sacred school masters. This attitude becomes even more pronounced after his wife's, Lace, disappearance.

He is also very traditional in nature as well, believing that as a woman, his daughter should not inherent the title of heir, and instead should be more ladylike in manner and appearance. This led to resentment on the part of his daughter, who believed she was just as capable of inheriting their martial arts as any male. Like the Turtle master, he does not believe in using martial arts to chase power, and as such disagrees with the Serpent master, Kyonshi, on the state of the Legendary Seal and whether it should be unlocked or not.

He is described by even his adversaries, such as Kyonshi, as being honorable without equal. However, he is not beyond becoming susceptible to deception from others he trusts, which is what eventually leads to his death. Even in death, he still maintains his honor, though he does seemingly hold regret with regards to his daughter, something he is able and does later rectify.


  • DOB: 739 A.D.
  • WEIGHT: 107 lbs
  • HEIGHT: 5'5"
  • FAMILY: Sherman the Shaman (Father)

Bead is a young woman from a small yet diversely populated village beyond the forest surrounding Wolf Village. Her life has been quiet and simple, save for a few odd events here and there. As a little girl, her village was terrorized by a shape-shifting monster named Oolong. Oolong made a habit of stealing away the daughters of the village to be his wives, and one day, his next choice was Bead. As fate would have it though, she wouldn't be taken away. A small boy named Goku, and his female companion, Bulma, came to the village one day and agreed to take down Oolong in exchange for a Dragonball one of the elderly women possessed. Goku routed Oolong, revealing that he was in fact merely a shape-shifting little pig.

After the events with Oolong, things remained calm in her village, until one day, monsters seemingly randomly attacked her village. The people had rightly so developed a sense of skepticism towards monster threats, but once the first person was killed, reality sank in and all ran for their lives. Bead fled as quickly as she could, with the creatures in pursuit until she entered the Diablo Desert. Amazingly, she managed to make it to a small hollowed-out mesa with full accommodations and remained there until her chance encounter with Yamcha.

Bead's personality is very gentle, polite, and reserved. Her upbringing was simple and traditional for a country atmosphere, mostly lending skills to her repertoire that would help make a good wife. Bead has a fantastic work ethic and a grateful demeanor towards the things she can enjoy in life. Although timid and easily startled, Bead is a source of optimism and comfort for those around her.


  • DOB: 746 A.D.
  • WEIGHT: 145 lbs
  • HEIGHT: 5'8"
  • FAMILY: Yamcha (mentor)

Pigero used to take care of a small group of orphans and protect them from social workers who would put them in an orphanage. After a chance run in with a young boy named Gohan, Pigero decided the orphans would be better off having the chance to be adopted into a family and left his chosen duty.

An orphan himself, Pigero has seen some rough times out on his own and eventually took up pickpocketing. His speed and natural agility lend themselves to the job nicely, as he's never been caught once. That all changed the day he met Yamcha, a former bandit himself. After Yamcha defeats Kyonshi, he strikes a deal with Yamcha & Barracks, to become the former's student in exchange for leading them to Bead's village and helping reunite her with her family. He later is seen training with Barracks, and proves himself to be a competent fighter. He also develops a crush on Solace, and offers to help her in whatever endeavor.


  • DOB: 744 A.D.
  • WEIGHT: 110 lbs
  • HEIGHT: 5'6"
  • FAMILY: Kyonshi (father), Lace (mother), Yunomi (half-sister), Yamcha (mentor)

Solace is a nature girl, pure and simple. Not many people have ever seen her, as she never stays in one place for very long, but she loves animals and the simple things in life. When she's actually been spotted, it's usually involves her running alongside a herd of deer or a pack of wolves. Because of her simple, peaceful nature, Solace is a very uplifting, vibrant person to be around, albeit naive. She also seems to lack basic knowledge of customs and courtesies, as she has no problem invading the personal space of those she comes in contact with, and also takes whatever she wants wherever she finds it. She is also blatantly open about what she may be thinking at any given moment, good or bad.

Solace has an odd assortment of abilities. She has no martial arts prowess and has had no training or discipline, yet she possesses almost inhuman speed, above average strength, and the ability to sense strong sources of ki within a limited range. It is later revealed that these abilities stem from her heritage, as she is the child of the former human-turned vampire Kyonshi, and the (former) human wife of the Rougasennin Lace. After the release of Heiwa, she is recruited into and trained by Yamcha's group of friends, eventually becoming a competent fighter herself. She appears to be initially antagonistic towards her half-sister, Yunomi, though for different reasons as she is initially unaware that she and Yunomi are related.


  • DOB: Unknown
  • WEIGHT: 249 lbs
  • HEIGHT: 6'7"
  • FAMILY: Lace (lover), Solace (daughter)
  • FIGHTING STYLE: Hebi-ryu

Kyonshi's origins are shrouded in mystery to the living. Anyone who may have known who he is, was, or where he comes from is either long dead or disappeared years ago. All anyone knows for sure is that Kyonshi is a seemingly unstoppable, highly intelligent force to be reckoned with.

Kyonshi is, in fact, a vampire lord and a master sorcerer. It's his magic that allows him to walk during the daytime, among other things. Because he's undead, as vampires tend to be, his ki also cannot be sensed. This makes him very dangerous to even those who might possibly be stronger than him. Overall though, Kyonshi's most dangerous asset is his ever plotting mind. His actions are often merely ploys wrapped in guile laced in lies to manipulate those around him.

For all his vaunted deadliness, Kyonshi shows restraint and respect towards Wolf Village and it's inhabitants. This respect and honor may come from a time, if it ever existed, before he was a vampire. Still, he seems to take regular pleasure, however odd it may seem for a vampire lord, in simply harassing them all, especially Barracks. His connections to his late rival, Maccha, the former guardian of Wolf Village, and Yamcha and Barrack's master, are shrouded in mystery as well, but past instances insinuate that they were once friends.

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