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DBNF is a fan series done by Goji64, the series takes place in alternate universe where GT never happened and Uub doesn't exist. Uub was never created cause Buu was never reincarnated, and Majin Buu still exist in hell.

The timeline here is DB, DBZ, and then DBNF.

Majin Buu Returns Saga

In Hell, Majin Buu was determined on returning to earth to kill Goku and the rest of the Z Fighters. He would use anyone who got in his way, he ran into the 3 Saiyans Nappa, Turles, and Raditz. He battles Nappa 1st, Nappa exploded into his SSJ2 form and charged at Buu.

Nappa as a Super Saiyan 2

Nappa was quickly defeated and absorbed, Turles went SSJ and then shot a full power beam at Buu. Buu just let the beam hit him, he then flew at Turles and did a combo on him and absorbed him. Raditz went into his SSJ3 form and then did a combo move on Buu and flew into the air. He stuck his hands out and shot two full-powered beams at Buu, Buu flew past them and kicked Raditz in the face and absorbed him.

Majin Buu after absorbing the 3 saiyans

After absorbing the three he ran into Freiza, he easily defeated Frieza, he powered up into his full power then absorbed Frieza. He flew into the sky to the edge of Hell then blasted 5 times, the edge cracked open leading to earth.


He goes threw the vortex, he exploded onto the surface and then fly into the mountains to see Goten and Trunks training. After letting them know of his arrival, they both turned SSJ and were beaten by Majin Buu, they both went back into there base forms and then fused into adult Gotenks. Gotenks turned SSJ3 and right before the 2 went into combat Buu said "Hmm....a a true opponent...", the 2 had a long battle.

Gotenks' defeat

After Gotenks used a full power Kamehameha on Buu, he knew he was in trouble, he dodges the Kamehameha and climbs up onto some rocks. He looked around for Gotenks who had teleported above him and was flying at him, he punched Buu so hard in the head that the rocks broke and Buu fell inside. Buu was so angry he teleported on top of a cliff about 3 cliffs away from Gotenks, Buu charged up a pure evil Kamehameha.

Before Gotenks could attack it struck Gotenks and blasted him into some rocks, he hit them so hard that Gotenks split back into Goten and Trunks. Buu was about to absorb them when a beam struck Buu from the side, Buu went tumbling torwards the ground, Goten, Trunks, Buu all looked to see Vegeta standing there.

Vegeta SSJ3

He exploded into his SSJ3 form, Buu tried to fly at Vegeta and attack him but before he could Vegeta stuck his hands in front of him. "FINAL FLASH!!!!", the beam hit Buu dead in the face, destroying his whole upper body. Vegeta stood there panting "Buu you and I both know that you aren't dead....so stop pretending...".

Buu regenerated, then teleported in front of Vegeta and punched him into a mountain. After Vegeta hit the mountain he teleported in front of Vegeta and grasped him by the face and threw him at the ground. Vegeta hit the ground with a loud thud then threw 5 ki blasts into the sky at Buu.

Buu dodged and jumped over them all and then went in front of the mountain and shot 2 beams at Vegeta. Vegeta powered up "I'm not holding back this time.....", he turned SSJ4 then grabbed both of the beams and there them at another mountain, destroying it.

Buu absorbs Vegeta

Vegeta put his hands together "GALIC!!! GUNN!!!!", the beam exploded fast at Buu, Buu tried to reflect it but before he could he was was hit with it. It destroyed him, but then Buu regenerated, he thought to himself "Whoa!!! I that's powerful.....", he powers up and yells out loud "VEGETA YOUR MINE!!!!!!!!".

He shot a barrier of beams at Vegeta then teleported behind him, Vegeta reflected 2 of the beams into 2 mountains. The rest hit Vegeta knocking him back into his base form, Buu tapped Vegetas shoulder "Hey Vegeta...", Vegeta slowly turned around to be absorbed by Buu.

Buu after absorbing Vegeta


Goten got into his fighting pose and turned SSJ4 then got into the beginning stance of the fusion dance. Trunks turned SSJ4 then got into it 2, both of them "HEY BUU!!!", Buu looked at them "OH NO!!!".

Goten and Trunks started "FUUU...SION......", and right before they finished "NOOOO!!!!". Goten and Trunks "HAAA!!!". Gotenks SSJ4 stood there, he pointed at Buu "Now Buu your gonna get it!!!", he flew at Buu and kneed him in the stomach.

Gotenks flew into the air "GHOST KAMIKAZE ATTACK!!!!", he spits out 3 ghosts. One hugged his face, the second hugged his stomach, and the 3 grabbed both his legs. They exploded after the 3rd grabbed Buus's legs, it killed Buu, but he regenerated then pointed Gotenks "Before you do any more attacks....did you know I was holding back this whole time.....".

Gotenks stared shocked but then said "Ok! So you? If you've been holding back this whole time....", he stood up straight with his hands on his hips "Then show me your true power...". Buu stood in his power up stance "YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE DONE THAT!!!! NOW YOU WILL FACE YOUR DOOM!!!!". He began to power up and then became twice as Buff.....


Birth of Mega Buu

Buu powered up into his ultimate form, which was five as strong as a kid but (because in his normal form he was only twice as strong as kid buu).

Mega buu by db own universe arts-d37bkr3.png

He stood up straight and crossed his arms "Gotenks in this form I have the power of 7 of you....". He flew at Gotenks and tried to punch him, but his fist hit the ground, all of a sudden Gotenks stood on a mountain 3 away from Mega Buu.

Mega Buu stood up "Come on coward..."

He shot a huge purple ki blast at the mountain, Gotenks jumped over it and then put his hands together 'KAAAAAAAMEEEE......KAAAMEEEE.....". Mega Buu looked up at him "How cute a Kamehameha...", he lifted his hand down and a small purple ball of energy formed in his hand.

Gotenks "KAME...HAAA!!!!", he shot it, Buu shot his tiny ball of energy, the 2 collided the ball overpowered the beam quickly. Right before it hit Gotenks he yells "WHAT!!! THIS CANT BE!!!!", it hit Gotenks and exploded into a white light, it faded out ti see Goten and Trunks wedged into 2 mountains.

Piccolo on the roof waiting for Mega Buu

Mega Buu quickly went by Trunks and absorbed him, Goten retreated to his house before Mega Buu could absorb him. He went and told Chi-Chi, and Gohan who was carrying Chi-Chi went to Kame's Lookout and told Master Roshi. Then Goten and Gohan gathered up all the Z Fighters (not including Vegeta and Trunks who where absorbed), they all charged up into there full power and all waited for Mega Buu.

Goten then explained to them all that Trunks and Vegeta where absorbed, meanwhile Mega Buu was approaching......

Mega Buu vs. the Z-Fighters

Mega Buu had just arrived at the house to be punched in the face by Gohan, Tien Shinhan flew high into the sky and charged up a tri beam, ha, Piccolo charged a special beam cannon and Gohan flew next to Piccolo and began to charge a masenko ha. Goten held him off for about 25 seconds then he teleported into the sky and they all fired, all 3 hit Buu, they exploded into a huge white light. The light faded out to see Mega Buu standing there undamaged.

Meanwhile in hell at the crack where Buu escaped.......

The cell had noticed the portal after defeating Broly in fierce combat and then absorbing him, he said "A portal to earth...this must have been why I haven't seen Majin Buu or Frieza around... I can finally destroy Goku, Gohan and the rest of the Z Fighter.....", he jumps into the portal.

Cell after absorbing Broly

Meanwhile back at Kames house.....

Mega Buu had beaten Tien and Yamcha, Piccolo jumped back onto the roof and shot 5 ki blast at him. Gohan and Goten both shot a Kamehameha at Buu. He stretched both of his arms out and grabbed both of the Kamehamehas and threw them at the sky. He then lifted his two fingers and di the explosion wave knocking Krillin, Android 18, and Chiaotzu out.

Goten, Piccolo, and Gohan all stood by each other, Buu looked up at them "You 3 know you can't beat me....". Piccolo looked at them "You 2 fuse...NOW!! I'll hold him off...", Gohan and Goten begin while Piccolo flys at Buu......

Birth of Gotenhan

Piccolo did a combo on Buu, it had very little effect on Buu, he grabbed Piccolo and threw him at the ground then looked to see that Goten and Gohan finished the fusion dance, Buu "What is this? Another fusion?".Buu asked "Who are you!!!", "I am neither Goten or Gohan, I am the fusion of them.....call me Gotenhan", he powers up and then shoots a full power Kamehameha at Buu sending him rolling. Buu was inraged, he flew up and tried to punch Gotenhan but missed as Gotenhan teleported behind him and kicked him in the back sending him flying into the water. Gotenhan began to charge up a full power Maseko ha while piccolo charged a special beam cannon, Mega Buu rose out the water panting angrily. They fired, the special beam cannon went threw Buu's stomach (which quickly regenerated) and the Masenko ha hit buu dead in the face, knocking him out and sending him underwater.

Cell Approaches

The cell was walking when he saw Piccolo flying torwards Kami's Lookout to ask Dende to help him try to summon Goku (Cause he overhears Piccolo saying that as he flys bye).

Cell "Revive Goku...I DONT THINK SO!!!!", he flys up and knees Piccolo in the stomach and double ax handles him towards the ground, Cell then sticks his hand out and shoots an Eraser Cannon at Piccolo. Piccolo jumps back up onto his feet as it hits the ground and explodes, Piccolo looks up "Cell?", Cell flys down by him and knees him in the stomach again and does a blaster meteor.

Picccolo stared shocked and thought about where he's seen those moves before (about 2 minutes of clips from the Broly fights)

Piccolo thinking about Broly


Cell cracked his fist "What's the matter, Piccolo? Get up! Get up! Before I put you down for good!!!!". Piccolo jumped up and thought to himself "He absorbed Broly! That's it no wonder he looks so freaky!!!". Cell flys at Piccolo and tries to punch him but hits the ground as Piccolo jumps back into the air and continues toward Kami's.

Cell watched him fly away and jumped up into the air "He thinks he can escape me that easy?", Cell began towards Kami's where Piccolo had just arrived.


All of a sudden the part of Kami's lookout behind Piccolo explodes as a green light appears with Cell floating in it, Mr. Popo "WHATS GOING ON!!!"

Battle at Kami's

Piccolo yelled at Dende "Hurry!!! You have the Dragonballs right!!", Dende stared shocked "Yes!!!", Piccolo yelled "OK THEN GO SUMMON GOKU!!! ILL HOLD CELL OFF!!!". Cell "Revive Goku!!! I STILL DONT THINK SO!!", he shot and eraser cannon at Dende, Dende quickly ran, the cannon hit the floor causing it to explode making a hole. Dende stared in shock as Cell attempted again but to be kicked in the face by Piccolo, looked back up angrily then punched Piccolo across the face then double ax handled him to the floor. He landed on the floor and walked after Dende who had just gone into the building (you know that the hyperbolic time chambers in). Mr. Popo got into a fighting stance "UH...UH..UH...GO AWAY!!", he flys at Cell and punches him in the face to not affect at all, Cell slaps Mr. Popo out the way. Cell flew into it then Piccolo and Popo both got up and ran in there after him, they looked around for Dende but saw nothing but green blast shooting everywhere. All of a sudden they saw Dende hiding behind a wall, he told then to come over and they did, Cell was still blasting while he yelled: "I WILL BLAST THIS PLACE UNTIL YOU COME OUT!!!!!". Dende said "Hurry follow me they ran over to a door then walked in Dende pointed "The Dragonballs are right there we need to hurry and summon Goku before Cell finds us.

Goku Arrival

Dende quickly summoned Shenron over Kami's then wishes for Goku to be summoned, Shenron does as he says then Goku appears and then the dragon balls are spread across earth again. Goku "Hey Piccolo, Dende, Mr. Popo!!", Piccolo smiled its great to have you back but Cell has returned from hell and absorbed Broly, and Buu returned and absorbed Vegeta and Trunks.

Goku's look at the time

Goku "Vegeta....", he powers up then bust down the door and runs into the hallway, Cell looks "Oh no Goku!!!:, Goku "Cell!". Goku knee Cell in the stomach then double ax handles him the wall back to the outside. Goku steps threw the hole, and then after about 5 minutes of fighting, he puts his hands together "Let's finish this!!! Kameee.....ha.....meee...". Cell put his hand in front of him "AAAHHH!!! ERASER CANON!!!".

Goku "HAAAA!!!!", the Kamehameha quickly exploded straight the canon and knocks Cell of the platform towards the ground. Goku looked at Piccolo "So what is this about Buu?", Piccolo "Its a long story", and after Piccolo explained everything. Goku said "Well let's get to Kame's Buu should have woke up by now and Goten and Gohans fusion must have been worn off.

They told Dende and Popo goodbye and flew towards Kame's House, unware that Cell had just woken up and was following them.

Cell vs. Mega Buu vs. Goku

Goku & Piccolo had just arrived at Kame's and told everyone, "Hey," and their wounds were patched up (Everyone who fought Mega Buu). All of a sudden Cell stood floating over the water "Hello everyone!!", he looked over at Gohan "Gohan!!", Gohan backed up a few inches "Cell....". Goku powered up and turned Super Saiyan, then stepped forward and said "Bring it on Cell-', then the water exploded as Mega Buu hopped out and began to yell while powering up.

SSJ Goku about to join the battle

Cell said "Oh there you are Buu...", Buu grunted and then teleported and then Cell and Buu began in combat. The Island shook and the water shook and crashed as the 2 fought, Goku jumped into the sky and joined the battle.

After Goku joined in everything shook, all of a sudden Goku appeared in the sky as he shot 5 ki blast at the spot in the water where Buu and Cell fought. The 2 stopped there combat and both shot 2 Ki blast at Goku's 5, they all exploded exsect for one that struck the water and exploded knocking the 2 back.

But Buu and Cell continued there to fight, Goku powered up into an SSJ2, "LET'S FINISH THIS!!!", "KAAAAMMEEEEE.......HAAAA........ME.....". Buu and Cell kept going "HAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!", a giant blue Kamehameha hit the 2, but with there combined strength they held it off. Goku turned into an SSJ3. Goku yelled again "HAAAAAAA!!!!!!!", the beam struck the 2 so hard that it killed them both.....or so he thought......

Goku went back into his base form panting, he looked at the Z Fighters "*pant* *pant* I've won.....'.

Buu absorbs Cell

Cell's head rose out of the body "Not quite Goku!!", he regenerated then all of a sudden a pink blob appeared behind Cell. It absorbed him then formed into the new Demon Cell, Cell powered up then pointed at Goku and said "Bye! Bye!!!'.

Demon Cell

A giant finger beam shot at Goku, causing him to backflip face-first onto the Island, Goku stood up and dusted himself off "Everyone clear the island....". Everyone took off, Gohan carried Chi-Chi and Oolong, and Krillin carried Roshi, all of a sudden Goku turned SSJ4 and nearly blew up the island.

SSJ4 Goku shot a Kamehameha x4 at Cell, it destroyed Buu's bottom half. He regenerated it then shot 2 finger beams at the island, Goku did a backflip into the sky as they hit the island blowing it up.

Roshi looked back "MY HOUSE!!!! I STILL HAVE MAGAZINES IN THERE!!!", he grabbed Krillin's head then started pulling Krillins shirt chocking him "WE GOTTA GO BACK!!! TURN AROUND! TURN AROUND!". Krillin squirmed "STOP IT!!! YOUR HOUSE IS GONE AND YOUR MAGAZINES ARE TOO!!!".

They show the water as it bubbles a bit and then 2 of his magazines popped out the water. Krillin starting flying again "Crazy old man....", Roshi looked back again and began to cry.

Goku punched Cell in the face twice, and then kicked him in the stomach, all not affect Demon Cell, he stretched out his antenna and then started swinging him around by the neck. Goku clutched it trying to rip it "GUAHHH!!!!!", Gohan, Chi-Chi, and Goten all looked back "Goku.....", all of a sudden Goku busted out of it and then began to talk.

Goku pointed "Cell, I didn't wanna have to do this but I have an advanced form past SSJ4....a SSJ5", everyone even Cell was shocked. Everybody stopped then turned back around to watch, Goku began to yell "AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH.......AAHHHHHHH......AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!".

SSJ5 Goku

The 2 prepared for combat...

Goku's Explosive SSJ5 Power

Goku and Cell had been in combat for a while, and Goku was dominating Cell. All of sudden Goku's fist turned Yellow and he delivered one huge blow to Cell's stomach. Then Cell spit Buu and everyone he absorbed out (Except for Freiza, Cell later spit him out in hell), Cell yelled "GUAHHHH!!!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING-". Goku uppercuts Cell into the sky, he put his hands together "KAME....HA...ME.....HAAAA!!!". The beam destroyed Cell, he said better destroy everyone else down there while I'm at it (The Saiyans from hell). Vegeta and Trunks woke up then looked to see SSJ5 Goku standing there, Vegeta said "Ka...ka...kakarot?". Goku stayed floating "Yes? What Vegeta? The fact that I'm a  Super Saiyan 5?", Vegeta turned SSJ4 quickly. He and Goku had a staredown, he grunts then flew with the rest of the fighters. Trunks stood up "Goku you're an SSJ5?", Goku "Yes Trunks...", Trunks began to laugh "You and I already know how mad dad is already!!!". Goku "Well get to safety with the others *cracks his fist* I got something to deal with...", Trunks flew over with the other. All of a sudden full power LSSJ Broly busted out of the water and powered up, he growls and stuttered "Ka...ka....rot!!!!", Goku got into his fighting stance "TOOOOO!!!!!!!". Goku said, "Bring it on...". All os a sudden Nappa, Turles, and Raditz all float out of the water......

The Saiyans Attack

All of the Saiyans turned into there SSJ3 forms and then Goku powered up and shot an angry Kamehameha, it exploded and dust filled the air in front of the Saiyan. It faded out to see Broly standing there with an energy barrier around them all, Broly shot 3 eraser cannons at Goku, they all missed and hit the water and exploded. Goku went into combat with Broly, one on one, and after fighting for a while: Goku punches Broly knocking him back into his base form as he hit the water in front of the Saiyans. Raditz floated out from in front of them and said "Nappa, Turles, I got this one", he floated towards Goku and cracked his fist bring it on brother. Goku turned into a full power SSJ5 then quickly fought and defeated all 3 of the Saiyans, all 3 of them (along with Broly) played nearly dead in the water. Goku said "WOOOH! Cant use too much more energy...I'll just do a finger Kamehameha', he stuck his finger out "FINGER KAMEHAMEHA HA!!!!", it fires at hits the water nearby the Saiyan and exploding, killing them all.

Goku about to do a finger kamehameha

Goku stood up "Yes there all dead.....wait? Except for someone...."

Buu hopped out of the water and grunted "Buu will kill you!!!", he flew at Gokua and tried to kick him but Goku teleported ou the way and then appeared behind him and kneed him in the back. Buu scratched out a yelled in pain, Goku grabbed him by the antenna and then threw him into the air. Goku "If this doesn't kill him that's it....ill run out of energy..."

Goku "KAAAA...MMEEEEE...HAAAA....MMEEEEE......HAAAAAAAAA!!!!", a giant blue Kamehameha hit Buu and destroyed him (For real this time). Goku went back into his base form then flew home with all of his friends.

Bojack Returns

Bojack had noticed the portal a while ago and had went threw, meanwhile....Cell, Majin Buu, and the Saiyans who had exscaped Hell where punished by Satan. Bojack whent threw the portal and went to the 1st town and wiped it out, the Z Fighters had been trainging until they herd about the the 2nd town he attacked. Goku was still to tired to fight and Pan and Gotun wanted to tag along, Videl approved but Videl told them to be careful.

They went into the town, because they still felt the power in there, they all split up, all of a sudden 2 huge bright lights filled the sky. The all met back up and then Bojack floated down on top of the building in front of them holding a nearly dead Yamcha, he droped Yamcha in front of him then crossed his arm "Nice to see you all again....especially you Gohan". Gotun got into his fighting stance, all the Z Fighters powered up and then Vegeta flew at Bojack and exploded into his SSJ Form and delivered a swift kick to Bojacks face, Bojack and Vegeta went into combat.

Bojack smiling as Gotun charges a kamehameha

Bojack quickly defeated Vegeta and then Gotun charged a Kamehameha, Bojack "Hahahaha!!!", Gotun fired it and it quickly exsploded into a white light. He hoped out the lgiht "HAHAHA!!! WEAK JUST LIKE YOUR FATHER-", Kaioken Gotun hoped out and punched Bojack across the face.

Gotuns Unleashing

Guton battled Bojack for a while when Bojack kicked Gotun across the face with full force knocking him into a building. Bojack stuck his hand out and prepared to blast Gotun when a ki blast hit him in the face and his blast flew out of his hand and hit anoother building, exsploding on contact.

Gohan turned SSJ2 then flew and Bojack and punched him across the face, then in the stomatch, and face. He then put his hands together "KAAAMMEEE......KAAAMMMEEE....", just then Bojack looked up, "HAAAA!!!!".

Meanwhile the battle damaged Vegeta had woken up......

Veget coughed up some blood and clutched his right arm "DAMMIT!!! KAKAROTS BRAT WONT KILL BOJACK THIS TIME!!!!", he put his arm down and balled up his fist. Vegeta "I AM THE PRINCE OF ALL SAIYANS!!! I WILL NOT BE SHOWN UP BY KAKAROTS BRAT!!!", Vegeta turned into a SSJ3.

He darted straight torwards the battle scene where Gohan had just been blasted into a building and Bojack stood laughing. "HAHAHAHAA!!!! OH VEGETA!! OH VEGETA HOW NICE OF YOU TO JOIN US AGAIN..", Bojack and Vegeta had been fighting for a bit when Bojack teleported above the city and shot one giant green blast down on top of them all. Vegeta and Gohan where nearly killed and knocked back into there base formas when Gotun whent into a surge of power as he turned into a SSJ3 for the 1st time.

He did a combo on Bojack and ended it with drop kicking him in the face sending him flying (Gotuns Rage Combo). He then turns into a super kaioken 3 and then shoots a full powr kamehameha at Bojack, nearly killing him.

Bojacks Defeat

Bojack had just gotten up again and whent into combat with Gotun again but this time Gotun was dominating him, he then grabbed Bojack by the hair and threw him into the air. He powered up and then shot three beams at Bojack, he fell to the ground and then powered up into his fullpower, Bojack "I will kill you all!!". He flew at Gotun, and then the 2 went into combat, they fought for a super long time, then Gotun and Bojack teleported distances from each other and then both charged up there strongest beams. They both shot them at eachother, then Gohan and Pan teleported next to him and shot there Kamehamehas (Gohans Family Kamehameha) quickly over powering Bojack and killing him, causing him to exsplode. Gotun turned back into his normal form and then passed out, all the Z Fighters celebrated and then brought Gotun back to Gokus house to nurse Gotuns wounds and there own.

The New Cell

There was 1 cell jr. that survived, he then sent his Super Perfect Cell Jr's (because he had trained them so well), out to destroy citys. The Z Fighters split up again but this time into the different citys, and the brothers Gotun & Gotek (Gotek by Gotek) whent into a city and met up with 3 SP Cell Jr's. The brothers battled the 3 for a long time and then destroyyed them with a bros kamehameha, they fled the city to tell the other Z Fighters but where unaware that the Jr's where regerating.

The surviving Cell Jr.

All the Z Fighters had fought some Cell Jr's and where unaware that they all regerated. They all met back up at the moutains where they started also unaware that the Cell Jr's and there father where closing in on them.

Epic Battle in the Moutains

They attack the Z Fighters and all of then are knocked out and nearly killled, the new cell then tells them to meat him where the old cell games where. And also says they have 3 days before they are supposed to meat him there.


Vegeta, Trunks, Tien, Yamcha, and Chiatzu all stay in the mountains and trein, also Gohan goes into the time chamber with his 3 children (Gotun, Gotek, and Pan). Goku goes in there with them.

The New Cell Games

Its been 3 days and they meet Cell there to see him building a New Cell Games areana this time with a roof and stands. He crossed his arms and smiles and the jr's fly up behind him "In detication to my fathers Cell games, i have made my own!". He continued "You call it The New Cell Games or the Cell Games Beta". Vegeta thinks in his head "The new cell games! what!!!". Cell says "But more than one you can fight me at a time".

Round 1 - Gotun & Gotek vs. Cell

Gotun steps into the ring as Gotek steps into the ring next to him. Cell laughs "How cute i get to kill the Brothers! *powers up* BROTHERS BORN TOGETHER DIE TOGETHER!!'.

Announcer "Fight!!"

Gotun does his rage combo just to distract Cell as Gotek goes into the air behind him and charges a kamehameha. Gotun then performs the Astonishment rush on Cell, while Cell is down Gotun flys up next to Gotek and charges with him. They then put there Kamehameha's together and yell "HAAAA!!1!" (Bros Kamehameha), the beams destroys Cell intire upper body.

Cell regenerates and then yells "JR'S ATTACK!!!", the Jr's attack. Gotek and Gotun fight the Cell Jr's for the rest of the episode and then in the end they thing they have then all killed but one jumps of in front and behind them both.

SSJ Bros

The Jr's exsploded after grabbing them. Gotek and Gotun thought that the Jr'd are dead again but the four regenerate. The Bors turn into there ssj forms with exsplosive power. Cracking the ring in half.

Gotek and Gotun fight all 3, after a long battle Cell steps backas the Jr's chage 2 beams. The kids charge another Bro kamehameha, they easly kill the Jr's for good. But then Cell teleports behind them "YOUR FINISHED!!!", he punches the kids in the side of there heads ending them flying out the ring. They are both knocked out as the ground cracks around Gohan causing Pan, Videl, and Piccolo to retreat.

Gohan yell's "HAAAA!!!!!!"

Gohan stands there in his SSJ3 Form as he slowly steps into the ring, Gohan "Cell.....'. Cell turns into his perfect buff form, he punches his hands together "Bring it!!".

Round 2 - Gohan vs. Cell

Gohan and Cell battle, and after a long fight Gohan uses the mirror imaging trick to kick Cell out the ring. Cell stops himself from hitting the ground and then flys at Gohan. Gohan punches him in the stomatch sending him flying to the rign floor, Cell coughs up purple blood. Then 2 go into combat again but it ends with Cell blowing up the ring (Sending the Z Fighters fleeing).