The Dyrans are an elite warrior race similar to the Saiyans. They were also attacked by Frieza, but they fought back and protected their planet from harm. the Dyran king is named Trek, and his son is named Trixx. The 2 races once had a very huge battle. Many Saiyans and Dyrans died but eventually, they both signed a peace treaty to end their war. 


Dyrans are very powerful. They are among the top 5 strongest races in the known universe, Saiyans, Dyrnas, Lycaiyans, Orinas, and the Demon race. They have their own transformations similar to the SSJ transformation. The strongest Dyran is Trixx the Dyran prince.


The Dyrans are humanoid and have similar looks to saiyans/humans. They usually have dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. Most Dyrans are born without tails, but sometimes they born with tails, making them stronger than the average Dyran. They all have body armor similar to Saiyan battle armor, but with minor adjustments.


Dyrans have the ability to transform into Super Dyrans. Most Dyrans stop at the first transformation, but some elite warriors, (including Trixx and Trek), can go beyond the first transformations. The transformation is triggered by sadness and grief, but not anger. Just like Saiyans, their hair sticks up and becomes spiky, but instead of golden hair, they have silver hair. Some known transformations: SDR, SDR2, and SDR3.