The final super saiyan makes gogito as powerful as 100,000 Super Saiyan Four Gogetas and Super Saiyan 4 Vegito's combined, With his already high power level from being a fusion of the two, He is powerful.


Final Big Bang Kamehameha - a mix of the final kamehameha and big bang kamehameha, The ultimate ability for destruction combat.

Disintegrate! - Forms a sort of handheld very powerful spirit bomb that can only affect evil, it shifts in every color.

All of Gogeta's abilities.

All of Vegito's Abilities.

Saiyan Fury - Releases energy-claws from gogito's fingers, becoming powerful weapons that can be useful.

Super Kaioken - This is the super kaioken, With gogito's high ki it can go up to Kaioken Times 10000.

After Image - The after image, it works more of an physical illusion as you can actually hit it but it's not real.

Gogeta ssj6 by theothersmen-d34b02l

Final Super Saiyan Gogito using Disintegrate!