Future Piccolo (未来のピッコロ, Mirai no Pikkoro), as a result of being the Future Counterpart of Piccolo he acts, talks and looks like him. He is seen in the prologue during Dragon Ball Z: The History of Trunks and in a flashback during the Dragon Ball Z episode 149 "Ghosts from Tomorrow". He was killed by Android 18.


Early life and Goku's death

Future Piccolo's life was the exact same as his main timeline counterpart's life until August of Age 764, when Future Goku used the Instant Transmission to arrive on Earth and kill Frieza and King Cold(something Future Trunks arrival in the main timeline altered). Two years later, in Age 766, Goku died from a lethal Heart Virus and was unable to be wished back, due to the death being of natural cause.

Battle against the Androids


Android 18 delivers a heavy blow to Piccolo's chest (anime flashback)

On the 10th of May, Age 767, two killer androids would appear. Coming to the defends of Earth's inhabitants, Piccolo and the other Z Fighters would engage the androids in battle. Future Piccolo was killed by Future Android 18 when she delivered a swift kick to his chest. He was first of the Z Fighters to be killed by the androids (and, being fused with him, Nail died as well).

When Future Piccolo died, Kami also died as well, and so the Dragon Balls became useless; therefore, the Z Fighters, who would all also perish, could not be wished back, and any normal citizen who got killed by the Androids, could not be wished back. The only survivor of the battle is Future Gohan, and Future Piccolo's death had a great impact on him, who later states he thinks about how the androids killed Piccolo when transforming into a Super Saiyan.

Future Piccolo died the day after his 14th birthday (Piccolo ages differently, possibly due to being a

After 18 delivers a swift kick to his chest, Piccolo falls to the ground and dies (TV special prologue)



  • Future Piccolo was presumably weaker than his present timeline counterpart at the time of his death, as he did not spend three years training for the Androids' arrival and he also never fused with Kami.
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