Globe as drawn

Globe is a character created by Ava558. she has a bad temper. But mostly she can be kind and willing to help, only if someone says something bad about her she will turn on them. Like launch she goes in fits of rage. But she still is nice normaly.She has 2 partners, Orb and Sphere and when they are altogether they can do a special attack.


She has dark brown hair, She has one of those fusion scarf things around her neck, she also has a black and green shirt under the scarf-like thing. She has Shocking green pants like lightning strikes. She also has black boots.

List of techniques

  • Globe Ball
  • Flight
  • Ki ball
  • Full power energy wave
  • Super Explosive Wave
  • Power Blitz
  • Destructo Disc
  • Flare Planet Ball
  • Flight
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