— Goblu turning SSJ

"The Great Saiyaman 4 is here *does stance*"
— Goblu as Great Saiyaman

"You've made me mad BOJAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK!"
— When Fighting Bojack.

Goblue picture made by LT
Anime name Goblu
Manga name Goblu
Alternate names Goblu
Debut dbzreborn ep1 pt1 goblus training
Appears in Dragon Ball Z Reborn
Race 1/2 Human

1/2 Saiyan

Gender Male
Date of birth Age 13
Date of death More than once
Address 439 East District
Allegiance The Reborn Fighters
Likes Food




Dislikes Getting killed

Getting beat up

Family getting hurt

Family Gohan (dad)

Videl (mom) Tranx (bro)

Gokan (bro)
Pan (sis) 

Goku (grandpa) Chichi (grandma)

Son Goblu is a 13 year old fourth Saiyan born on Earth. He is the son of Gohan and the grandson of Goku. He is very skilled in swordsmanship and wears clothing very similar to his father's, but it is blue. He was trained by his grandfather Goku, Uncle Goten, and
Goblue bio super sayian

Super Bio Sayain Goblu (Made by trunksfan189 aka my sis give here credit)

Father Gohan. He wears a blue gi.


  • Paternal Grandfather - Goku
  • Maternal Grandfather - Mr.Satan
    Ssj goblue

    Super Saiyan Goblu (Picture by Little Trunks)


  • Galick Gun
    Goblue SSJ2

    SSJ2 Goblu (picture made by Little Trunks

  • Martial Arts
  • High Speed Rush
  • Super Spirit Bomb
  • Ultra Bomb


  • Goblu vs Goku
  • Goblu vs Runks
  • Goblu and Goku and Trunks vs ???
  • SSJ Goblu vs ???
  • Goblu fused with Gokan vs Gotenks
  • Goblu fused with Gokan vs Gotenks vs Gogeta
  • Goblu vs Trunks
  • Goblu vs Crazy
  • Goblu vs Goyen
  • Goblue and Goyen, Crazy, Trunks and Tapion vs Super Bojack
  • Goblu SSJ2 vs Super Bojack
  • Goblu the gerat saiyan man 3

    the great saiyan man 3

    Great Saiyan Man 3 (Goblu) and 4 (Trunks) vs Robber
  • Goblu and Goten vs Trunks (Great Ape)
  • Goblu Super Bio Saiyan and SSj Goten vs Trunks (Great Ape)
  • SSj Goblu, Broly and Exxo vs Android 77
  • SSj Goblu Ultimate Gohan, Broly and Yoku vs Coza


  • Goblu is the leader of the Reborn Fighters.



When Goblu was a little kid about 7 or 8 years old he trained with Goku to get stronger. He met a Namekian named Namek and a saiyan named Runks they became friends. A monster named ??? appeared at a tower. The Reborn Fighters Goblu, Runks, Trunks, Goku and Namek all tried their hardest to defeat ??? . ??? killed Runks and Namek. Goblu was so mad that he want SSJ and killed ??? .


Goblu had to battle Trunks, Crazy and Goyen. The last round was interrupted by Bojack. Goblu went SSj2 and killed Bojack from the rage he gained from Bojack almost killing Goyen, Crazy, Tapion and Trunks.

Coza's Attack

Coza attacked Earth to kill all saiyans. With teamed up power of 4 saiyans Goblu, Gohan, Broly and Yoku they almost defeated him. Gohan went SSj4 because he saw his son near death. Goblu, Gohan and Yoku killed Coza.

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