Gogeta Jr is the Fusion Dance result of Goku Jr and Vegeta Jr.He can take
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on Gotenks.He exists in Dragon Ball NS.His name is made out of Goku Jr and Vegeta Jr .


Universal Tournament Part 2

Appearance and Personality

As a child he looks and acts like Gotenks as a child but with a blue vest and red headband. As an adult he takes off the headband and becomes more serious. Sometimes he is annoying because he is the youngest Super Saiyan 4.


Gogeta Jr can go SSJ -SSJ4. He has not achived SS4.5-SS7. He can not go Great Ape because he does not have a tail.

Techniques and Special Abilities

  1. Ki Blast - ability to shoot ki
  2. Flight -ability to fly
  3. Martial Arts-fighting skills
  4. Explosive Wave-powerful attack
  5. Saiyan Shield-a move that doesnt make you flinch for some time
  6. Saiyan Barrier-make a barrier around you and protects you from anything for some time
  7. Galick Kamehameha-combination of Galick Gun and Kamehameha
  8. Big Bang Kamehameha -saw Gogeta




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