Gogetto is The Supreme Fusion of Vegetto And Gogeta in their respective Super Saiyan Forms.

Gogetto as A super saiyan.


He appeared when Goku and Vegeta used the Cloning technique, and one pair fused with Potara Fusion, The other pair with the Fusion Dance. They both weren't strong enough to beat the evil Super Saiyan 3 Sepulcros, since their power was halved. Then Baba showed up and told them about the Supreme Fusion, they fused and got the mighty Supreme Fusion Gogetto!

He has the Combined hair of Vegito and Gogeta.

The vest of Gogeta is now blue, with the orange neck and shoulder pads.

The gloves are from Vegito.

The pants are from Gogeta but blue like Vegito's.

The Boots are from Vegito.


Gogetto's personality is similiar to Gogeta's Super Saiyan form,But he is more talkative like Vegetto.Often he like's to play with his opponent,even when the opponent is finished.When Gogetto is in rage he loses the control of his body,Because the Supreme fusion must be mastered completely to get the whole control of the body.When Vegetto And Gogeta used The supreme fusion they didn't learned it,They just saw how it goes.


Gogetto has got a time limit in this state, Since the Supreme Fusion maximum duration is 1 day.
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