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Goku777 in his normal clothing

Goku or Goku777 is by far the strongest member of the crew. Goku777 is the Defender of the group. Whenever Goku777 fails (which is not often) he trains harder to succeed at what he failed in. Goku777 is best friends with Kotsu and Little Trunks and is a very good friend and fighter and a revered foe to evil.

Featured in

  1. Dragon Ball XG (First appearance)


Goku777 wears a red headband and has long, messy hair and wears blue training gear.


  • Ki blast — The most basic form of energy wave.
  • Flight — Like most Goku777 has the ability to fly using ki.
  • Ki Blade — Goku77 forms an energy blade from his Ki to fight his opponents.
  • Universal Kamehameha — The Universal Kamehameha is a technique that Goku777 does not use often (due to its strength). This move could wipe out an entire planet and race.
  • Universal Spirit Bomb — This is the strongest version of the spirit bomb mastered by Goku777.
  • Super Dynamite Kick — The Super Dynamite Kick is an significantly stronger version of the Dynamite Kick. It has the power to shatter someone's bones in a single blow or leave them completely paralyzed.
  • Shattered Dreams — The Shattered Dreams technique is where Goku777, holding his opponent, flys into the air and drives them into the ground. He then follows the technique with a normal Spirit Bomb.
  • Steel Kamehameha — When the Steel Kamehameha makes contact with the opponent it instantly turns them to solid steel. However Goku777 can use this technique on himself in a different way. The technique is called Steel Body.
  • Steel Body — The Steel Body technique is where Goku777 uses the Steel Kamehameha on himself in order to turn his body to steel. He is the only one who has the power to move with a body of steel.