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Golak is a created character created by Supreme Gogeta.

He is Raditz's son and was born the day Raditz left to go find Goku. Raditz saw him one time before he left Earth and that was to see if his Power Level was high. He was disappointed to find out it was only 3 so in rage Raditz leaves the planet he was on and goes to look for his brother. Frieza sends Golak to the sun so he could die but it goes off course and lands on Earth. During the Super 17 Saga he enters the portal to hell and meets his father and other past villains; he trains with them for 10 years. Then uses instant transmission to leave hell and go to Earth to fight and kill all the Z-Fighters. Which he does successfully and almost easily.


Golak wheres a Gi similar to Goku's but it is red and black

Except for when he first went to hell to train where he wore a old Saiyan uniform.

Golak in the old Saiyan uniform when first arriving in hell

Golak as a Super Saiyan 2


Golak can transform into a Super Saiyan 1,2,3,4, and even 5.

He reached all those forms while training in hell with every past villain.

Golak as a Super Saiyan 1

List of Techniques

Ultra Kamehameha

The Ultra Kamehameha a move created by Supreme Gogeta. It is the most powerful version of the Kamehameha because it can absorb any other version of Kamehameha against it, and make it more powerful than it already is.


  • Golak's Super Saiyan 2 hair is bigger than all of the other Super Saiyan 2's.
  • Golak looks more like his uncle Goku and Grand Father Bardock than his Father Raditz.