Gotek is the son of Gohan and Videl born very shortly after Dragon Ball GT. He is friends with Blaze and Eko and rivals with Netta. He appears in Dragon Ball Unbeatable and the cancelled Dragonball X.



Gotek in his alternate clothes.

Teen Gotek

Teen Gotek.

As a young child he has hair like Goku, but brown. He wears a red gi and a light blue undershirt (For Kid Gotek pictures look at the gallery). As a teen, he looks like teen Gohan, but with brown hair and a red aqua gi. He also wears clothes like teen Gohan, but green sometimes.


  • Golden Kamehameha - Gotek's signature move
  • Destructo Disk - Gotek learned this attack from Krillin
  • Angry Kamehameha - Gotek can use this attack as a Super Saiyan
  • Final Flash - Gotek learned this attack from Eko
  • Special Beam Cannon - Gotek learned this attack from Piccolo
  • Light Grenade - Learned from Piccolo
  • Galick Gun - Learned from Eko
  • Big Bang Attack - Learned from Eko.
  • Galick Rifle- Gotek's own version of the Galick Gun that is faster, smaller, and stronger.