Kalic space pod

This is the thirteenth episode of Ultimate Origins and is property of Ultimate Alien Warrior

"Well we better head back to the village or whats left to talk to the nemekians." Kame says lifting Genki with him into the air."Soo exactlly how long have been living here any way?" Genki says trying to stay conciuosness."About 6 years." Kame replys slowly."So your...""12." Kame says.He then spots the Nemekians ans flys faster,but not too fast for Genki."Genki! You have saved us! We are forevr in your favor." The elder said."No thanks I'm a warrior right? Thats what we do...." Genki said as he feel alsleep.

 2 weeks later

Genki wakes up and walks out of his newly built Nemekian home."Genki!Hey so you descided to wake up huh?" Kame says running towards him with Tarvil by his side."Wait didnt he die?" Genki asked."I'll explain on the way."  Kame said getting his back pack.'Going where?""Well the counsil decided it would be best to search the landing sights of the invaders so me,you,Turvil,and Reakai." Kame said turnin towards a young nemekian."Wait what can Truvil do if we get attacked?" Truvil then powered up soaring his power to around that of Kame's.Reakai then walked up to Genki and gave him a hand shake."Are we ready?" Genki asked.The other nodded and they rocketed into the sky towards the landing site.

When they arrived the spaceships were still intact."Everything looks normal!" Kame was interupted by a sound of a door opening.The door let out a beautiful girl about Kame's age.Startled she taped her scouter and said,"Saiya Squad I'm onna need back up!" After she got into her fighting stance.

What is The Saiya Squad and who is this girl? Find out next time!