Iwazaru, {I-wa-zar-oo}​​​​​​(悪を話すません, lit. "Speak no Evil") is the condensed form of the Oozaru/Kikazaru that Primal Saiyans can transform into when gaining total control of themselves after transforming into the Kikazaru. This battle form increases there strength another tenfold once gained and is the continuation of the Oozaru/Kikazaru branch of transformations.

Conditions for Transformation

The only way a Saiyan can attain Iwazaru if they become a Great Ape/ Kikazaru(or Lentil's variant) and regain conscious control over the form. Even after this form is attained, it cannot be accessed at will and initial exposure to Blutz Waves every time the user wishes to utilize the transformation. This form grants the Primal Saiyan with primal power, though they retain a general humanoid appearance.

This form gives the user the super strength and speed of a Great Ape, but with a calm, collected mind. For many, this form can make them very cold and aggressive. A user of this form loses some of their rationality but lives to fight. This form can't be utilized by younger Saiyans due to the fact that this required great will power to gain.


The Saru-no-gakkō is an academy for the Primal Saiyan, where they're taught to control their Ki as well as there minds. Their courses consist of Ki Control, Physical Training, Mental Training, Technique Creation/Conceptualization, etc. Once completing all of their required courses the young Saiyan is given the opportunity to enter the Tsuki no kyū. Here they are given the Ozāru Shiken(Kikazaru Exams) where they will be given there first look at a full moon and experience the Kikazaru form for the first time.

If an individual can gain control of themselves within an hour they will be granted a passing score and will graduate from the academy, but if they cannot they will be held back forced to wait another year to take the exam. 

Once a warrior graduates they will be immediately enrolled in the army in order to continue their war against the Original Shadow Dragons alongside their comrades in arms, the Superior Saiyans.


In this form, the Saiyan's hair color remains the same, the same goes for the tails and the body which is covered in black fur. A Saiyan in this form also possesses a shadow trim around their eyes and over the eyelids that come in variations of black, such as obsidian. The hair is lengthened while becoming wilder, reaching down to the middle of their back, while two long pointed bangs of hair appear on both sides of the neck. It also makes the individual considerably larger in height yet gaining an appearance akin to a teenager. While this form does resemble the Modern Saiyan's Super Saiyan 4 form there are many differences to distinguish these two forms from one another. When examined side by side one can see an obvious difference, Iwazaru possesses two long and muscular tails while the Super Saiyan 4 form has a single shorter and leaner tail. Another difference is that Iwazaru has broader forearms and calves in comparison to there body. While SSJ4 is in no way lean in appearance as its muscles are very bulky, the form doesn't possess any particular muscle that stands out as more muscular than another like the Iwazaru form. Furthermore, the aura of Iwazaru has an appearance vastly different from SSJ4 as it becomes darker in the outer layers while retaining the users' normal Ki color within as its dominant color as contrast to the jagged and golden appearance of SSJ4 that more resembles Super Saiyan for obvious reasons,

Usage and Power

The Iwazaru form transforms Blutz waves into usable Ki, giving the impression that the user's ki increased a hundredfold. This transformation is normally utilized against the Original Shadow Dragons or in competitions against their superior counterparts during festivals.

While this form doesn't drain any stamina if the user uses too much energy they can drop out of the form. This form also grants the user the ability to absorb Ki and convert it into their own for usage. 

Techniques and Special Abilities

Besides enhancing each of their techniques by a hundred-fold they're also given the ability to use Konzetsu, which is a highly condensed blast emerging from their mouths. Additionally, they can also breathe fire but mainly use this ability as a distraction and hardly ever used as an offensive tactic.

Variations and Enhancement

Hyaku Iwakaru

This version of Iwakaru, which takes them beyond their normal capabilities is achieved by absorbing their allies, Ki. By doing so their Ki increases in power equal to the Ki they absorbed. Once they enter this version they will gain an all-black aura until the Ki they absorbed dissipated.


Mizaru or sometimes referred to as the Wrath State is the result of using only partial amounts of their primal Ki. Many Primal Saiyans can be seen in this state as evident by their eyes possessing pupils and varying eye color.

Legendary Kontorōrusaru

The Legendary variant of Iwazaru.


  • This transformation has been here for a long time but i felt like the names needed changing so im doing just that
  • This form was created to give a different interpretation of how Primal Power of the Saiyan race would be shown and finding the best way to do that would have to be by taking Super Saiyan out of the equation entirely
  • This page is here mainly so I don't forget how Primal Saiyan's transformations work, though criticism is welcome 
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