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"How dare you!!!!!! For that I will drive your entire race back to Extinction!!!!!!" -Vine, Tuffle Invasion Saga, following the Death of Trilon Eclipse, and her subsequent ascension to Super Saiyan, DB Beyond timeline

DB Beyond Variant

Back Ground

(In the Timeline of DB Beyond, the events take place in an altered version of Universe 11, in which, history unfolded quite uniquely, this led to the rise of a very different setting, as compared to DB super or the suchl, I did not create that timeline, and arrived partially into the story by quite a bit, since this is based off of a pre-existing and ongoing RP, I will try to explain things as we go, that may cause confusion and the such)

Vine was born on Sadala, during the reign of King Shadow (Not sure of his numeral), his reign was cruel and inefficient, later events transpired that would play into the later story, but I will explain that once we get to that part, for now we are focusing on her mainly obsolete for the time backstory and childhood. She possessed C-Type genes at birth, and had a power level of 6,789, (maximum flux, she averaged 798, but it was unstable and constantly changed), so she was marked to be an elite class warrior, in addition to the aid of her parentage, she was raised and taught how to manipulate her Ki, fly, and the such, however, by the time she reached the age of 7, she decided that she didn't want to be a Soldier, since this was allowed, but frowned upon, she was reluctantly unenrolled from the training regimine, this was viewed as an enormous waste, and caused a bit of debate, before she was quickly forgotten, and faded into obscurity once more, she began to take various classes on the basic subjects, and she learned to read and write, and later was designated to be a researcher, by the age of 14, her education was complete, and once again, she decided to defy the course set for her, instead, becoming a painter for some time, much to the dismay of her parents, who were already embarrassed by her actions, so they decided to send her off-world to receive "Specialized schooling", but in reality they got rid of her to restore their public image, claiming she had been tragically killed in a pod failure while in transit. Upon arriving on a deserted planet, and her pod malfunctioning, no longer being operational, Vine quickly realized what had happened, discovering that the course was random the entire time, and directed her to the nearest deserted inhabitable world, so Vine entered the next phase of her life: Life as a forgotten hermit, 3 years passed, uneventfully, until a mining company from planet Arcosia arrived (This timeline's version of Frieza's homeworld), they began strip mining the planet, killing most of it's wildlife, the very same wildlife that kept Vine company, and inspired her, since the ecosystem had very few predators, and was extremely peaceful, she View it as innocent, she became exceedingly angry, especially when she tried lodging a formal complaint ((yeet, I am not cheesing Ikari or SSJ or anything here, not yet at least)), of course, her complaint was completely ignored, she then took to sabotaging the equipment, which led to the next part: after damaging the equivalent of millions of dollars worth of equipment, a team was hired to remove her, the next three months, she spent hunted, forced to use every trick under her disposal to evade capture, until she was eventually cornered, and tranquilized, since the mercenary group was given directions to avoid killing her, for financial and legal reasons, Vine however, misinterpreted this, she freaked out, trapped in her holding cell of about four square meters. Vine was under the Impression that they intended to torture her, due to the antics of Razin ,the leader of the Hired group and a Saiyan, who had led her to falsely believe that, all for the fun of it, well, it didn't work out, after two weeks in the cramped cell, anxiety eating away at her, her Ikari state triggered during a prank pulled by the immature Razin, and she proceeded to snap the metal bindings, and killed him before he could trigger the alarms, she then proceeded to kick the door open, drawing the attention of several ill-fortuned miners, who had the bad luck of attracting her rage, killing the entire hallway worth of people, the alarms began to finally ring, since most of the population of the mining facility were Civilian miners, she quickly destroyed the entire installation, over the course of almost an hour. Having fallen unconscious at the end of her rampage, she woke up surrounded by rubble, and the mangled corpses of almost three hundred miners and other essential crew, It was then that she realized what she had done, Immediately feeling ashamed, having been told that it was all a prank by Razin in his final moments, which fell on deaf ears at the time, but sparked pangs of guilt in Kajitsu, who woke up remembering the events, without the distorting rage brought on by Ikari state

Post Ikari Years

Following her Ikari outburst, she resolved to seal away her berserk state, taking a mining ship, she set out to find away, eventually coming across tales of orbs called Dragon balls, while on Namek, she then decided to try her luck, studying their language and living on world for a year, before she was contacted by the Elder Guru, to make her wish, she wished for her powers to be sealed, and the Dragon kindly convinced her to only seal away her C-type Genes, warning, however, that it would damage her genetics, effectively rendering it impossible for her to have a child naturally, Vine of course, had no objections to that, already never intending to have a Child. Leaving Namek, 7 months before the battle that shook that world to it's core, she joined an expedition to explore a solar system, and proved invaluable numerous times, before being called to Planet Sadala, news of her survival being leaked, Vine returned discreetly, as to not shame her family, She lived out in the wilds, before the new King Shadow arrived to greet her (Another OC, ran by someone else), her abilities where tested, and she was incredibly shocked by his sheer power, he healed her with a senzu bean, after shattering her arm to test her durability, in a single punch, Vine was invited to strike his palm as well, and he was impressed by her speed for someone with as low of a power level as her, however, her strike, boosted by Ki, and Z-vanished, was hardly enough to move him back even a fourth of a centimeter, revealing her lack of physical strength, but testing her Ki, she leveled the entire surrounding forest with Kiai by charging up at full power, this however, was due to her raw ki strength, rather than control over it, one again, King Shadow was MUCH stronger than her, the Kiai hardly even fazing him. He then decided to impress her, by showing her the Super Saiyan form, which made Vine think he was the Super Saiyan of legend, when he stated that he was not, and that she would be capable of it someday most likely, she was enthralled by it, even unable to sense Ki, she could feel it's power, he then proceeded to power up to Super Saiyan two, at which she was entirely enamoured by, reaching out to touch an arc of lightning, getting blasted back, much to the King's amusement, he then offered to train her, to which she happily accepted.

Pre Tuffle Arc

(rest is WIP)