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"What’s wrong? Are you shaking? Maybe is it because I have just used the technique you were using? Hehe, don’t worry I won’t hurt ya."
Mercure to a deceased race member

Ki Mirroring ( エネルギーミラーリング Ki mirāringu ) or, Energy Mirroring, is a move used by the Oscillers and fully shown by Mercure.


This technique emits a purple glow on the user’s left hand with also some black flaming effects around it.

Usage & Power

The Ki Mirroring technique is emitted when the user’s left hand is in a wide open form like shown in the picture. The user must then concentrate their ki into that palm and then allow the ki to “move freely”. When their palm is in touch with another living thing, the user is then also covered in purple glow. This is a sign of them copying someone’s power and strength.

After their target’s ki is copied, the technique will then make it “fit” for the user’s body in case the ki is too high and too powerful.