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King Chappa

King Chappa is a Human warrior who was once the world champion using his famous eight-handed technique. It was said he made it through the whole tournament without being touched. He lives at the address SSR 249905 C with his wife Ruhna and their three children Sapa, Peruka and Chapu.

22nd Budokai

King Chappa enters the 22nd World Martial Arts Tournament, and is set to face the young Goku in the preliminaries. When Master Roshi (as Jackie Chun) sees him he exclaims Goku can't beat him. He was, however defeated by Goku, surprising everyone, including King Chappa.

23rd Budokai

The night the tournament ended, King Chappa was shown already training with a large group of loyal students at his temple. Soon he was targeted by Tambourine, who announced he was there to kill him. King Chappa then attempted to use his eight-handed technique to defend himself, but he was easily killed by Tambourine who mocked the technique and used an advanced One-Hundred Arms variant. King Chappa dies from the powerful punches and the impact of the wall. Some of his students attempt to avenge him, but they are killed as well.

Later King Chappa (and presumably his students) are revived by Shenron. He then went on to fight Goku but he was easily defeated.