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Kiyoshi as a baby.

Isamu holding baby Kiyoshi.

Kiyoshi angrily powers up to save his dad.

Kiyoshi after being bullied.

Kiyoshi beaten to death.

Kiyoshi transforming.

Kiyoshi Super Saiyan.

Kiyoshi is a pure blooded Saiyan, and the son of Isamu.


Just as his father, Kiyoshi has blood red hair that looks like Goku's. He always wears a light gi shirt with a dark yellow sash, baggy pants and wrist band with black shoes.


When he was just a baby, Kiyoshi, and his father fled to earth before planet Vegeta was destroyed. 4 years later, Isamu's twin brother Daichi kidnapped Kiyoshi.

When Isamu learns of this, he arrives at Daichi's spaceship to rescue his son, but Daichi brutally beats his brother until Isamu is half dead, but Kiyoshi hears his father's cries for help and smashes out of the spaceship.

Daichi reads Kiyoshi's power level and is shocked to find it 5000, and before he can do anything, Kiyoshi rams into him, killing him instantly. Three years later, Kiyoshi is at a martial arts school but one problem, he keeps getting bullied.

One day when he's sitting down, Kiyoshi suddenly gets punched in the stomach. It's the bully here to give him his daily beating. The bully beats him so hard that Kiyoshi falls unconscious. The bully stops to watch his work, but then a gold aura surrounds Kiyoshi, and then Kiyoshi begins powering up madly until there is an explosion. There Kiyoshi stands as a Super Saiyan, Kiyosho has awoken.

Super Kiyoshi then proceeds to give the bully a beating, then kicks the bully in the direction of the infirmary, breaking several buildings in the process.