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DBZ Movies Amv - Four Rusted Horses

DBZ Movies Amv - Four Rusted Horses

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The Invincible Golak

It begins with Raditz right before he leaves to find his brother Goku, he has a son named Golak who he sees right before he leaves and is disapointed because of his Power Level being 3. He is mad that is father left him and leaves to find Goku and we know what happens after that, Raditz dies.

Goku goes on defeating all evil such as Cell, Majin Buu, Baby, etc. Golak was shipped off to a planet so he would die but instead, he lands on Earth. During the Super 17 Saga, the portal to Hell is open and Golak goes to Hell to find his dad. While visiting his dad, the portal to Hell is closed and Golak is trapped.
180px-BUDOKAI AF m Evil Goku by pgv

Golak turning super sayian 1 for the first time in hell

Raditz and everybody in Hell tell Golak all about the Z Fighters that have defeated the inhabitants of Hell. So Golak finds out

Golak in the old sayian uniform when first ariving in hell

that Goku and Piccolo had killed his father. So he begins training with everybody in Hell until he is strong enough to kill every single wingle Z-fighter.

10 years later he becomes a Super Saiyan 5 and now knows everyone of each Hell inhabitant's moves.

He then uses Instant Transmission (Cell had taught Golak this technique) to ecscape out of Hell and go to Earth to find the Z warriors. He first finds Yamcha and he tells him to gather every Z warrior and meet him where he is. He listens to him because he senses how powerful he is. Yamcha was scared Golak would kill him if he would not listen to what Golak said. All of the Z warriors arrive and Golak tells the story.

Everybody is shocked because Raditz was one of the weakest people Goku's ever fought. The first to step up was Tien, who Golak kills with a Kamehameha taken from Cell. Chiaotzu is furious and goes after Golak. He dies from a Double Sunday (an energy beam Frieza had developed). Then Krillin was next. He throws a

Golak as a Super Sayian 2 charging up a Khamehameha to kill Tien


Golak as a super sayian 2 getting ready to fight

Destructo Disk but Golak grabs it and throws it back, thus killing Krillin. Android 18, Majuub, Gohan, and Yamcha soon die too from simple Ki Blasts (Golak was incredibly strong). Kibito Kai showed up and told Piccolo to charge a Special Beam Cannon and Goku to charge a Spirit Bomb.

While they charge, Gotenks destracts him for 3 minutes (Goten and Trunks had fused) until Golak goes Super Sayian 3 and kills him. Kibito Kai distracts him and holds on to Golak as Piccolo fires the Special Beam Cannon. Sadly, Golak uses Instant Transmission and disappears killing Kibito Kai instead. Golak comes back and shoots a Death Beam at Piccolo which kills him. Goku finishes charging his energy bomb and throws the Spirit Bomb at Golak. It hits him but it does not kill Golak. It only weakened him. Goku and Vegeta are shocked, Goku and Vegeta go Super Sayian 4 and fuse to make a Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta. he attacks Golak. Golak is losing so he goes Super Sayian 5, uses the Solar Flare technique, and then uses Instant Transmission to get behind Gogeta. He powers up a Spirit Bomb and kills Gogeta. THE END.

Baby Kid Buu the Ultimate Horror created by me and TienShinhan88:

The story begins with Baby Vegeta attacking Goku and Uub. While he is attacking them, he sees the Evil Kid Buu inside of Uub.

He knocks down Goku and he starts to unleash the evil in Uub with his almighty magic powers. Uub trys to fight the unleashing of his evil counterpart off, but fails and Kid Buu was reborn.

Baby gets off of Vegeta and he begins to possess Kid Buu. He suceeds and the most evil being was born, Baby Kid Buu.

Kibito Kai sees this through

Majuub trying to fight off Baby

his crystal ball so he grabs the Potara Earrings because he knows how powerful Baby Kid Buu is with his excellent Kai powers. He shows up while Goku and Vegeta are beaten down. Tien and Yamcha show up and Kibito Kai give the Potara Earrings to Tien and Yamcha.

They put them on creating Tiencha. He and Baby Kid Buu fight. Tiencha gives the evil his all with a Wolf Fang Volleyball Fist. He hits Baby Kid Buu, but it has no effect since the Potara Earring's result was just a human hybrid. Baby Kid Buu throws a Vanshing Ball at him and it kills Tiencha.

Trunks, Goten, and Gohan show up and they see their fallen friends. Trunks and Goten attack Baby Kid Buu and Gohan checks on Goku and Vegeta. Luckily, Gohan brought some Senzu Beans with him. He gives one to each of the fallen warriors. Goku and Vegeta are back to normal and on their feet just in time to see Trunks and Goten die from a Super Kamehameha from Baby Kid Buu. Goku and Vegeta see their sons die.

Goku and Vegeta are so angry that they transform into Super Sayian 4's and they try to fight Baby Kid Buu but they are no match for him.

Goku after turning Super Sayian 4

Baby Kid Buu unleashes all of his power and beats them down again. Gohan and Kibito Kai try to fight him, but fail and they die as well

Goku and Vegeta know they must fuse to stop him so they do but even Gogeta couldn't beat this monster.

They are actually the same speed and strength. Gogeta knocks down Baby Kid Buu with a Final Kamehameha and he tries to talk to Uub who is Kid Buu and it works. Kid Buu transforms into Uub and he is now free. Gogeta fires a Big Bang Kamehameha and Baby dies. THE END!!!!!!

The Ultimate Andriod

The story starts off in Hell where Dr. Gero, Dr. Myuu, and Dr. Raichi are talking about how they all have tried so many times to take over the Universe, but are always stopped by Goku and the other Z Fighters. They realized that the only way to take over the Universe is to get rid of the Z Fighters one by one instead of all of them at the same time like they usually do. So they start building what they call the Ultimate Android with a gender of male. They specificly designed him to be at least the same strength of a Super Sayian 3 at full power and the ability to regenerate, but there was a flaw everytime he regenerates. He loses a little power. Ultimate Android also has the power to absorb any type of Ki Blast to become stronger and faster. To be stronger than a Super Saiyan 4, Ultimate Android has Super form which lets him be as strong as a Super Saiyan 4.

After they got finished creating Ultimate Android, they didn't know how to get him out of Hell to go to Earth until Dr. Gero suggested that he could learn Instantaneous Movement from a fellow being in hell who knew the techinque called Lucifier. He taught the android the techinque and then it was time for the showdown between the Z Fighters and Ultimate Android. The android appeared somewhere close to Tien and Chiaotzu. He blasted Tien from behind with sucess since Tien was focusing his undivided attention on Chiaotzu. Chiaotzu rushed to Tien's aid. "Tien. Tien are you okay, Tien?!" Yeah Chiaotzu, I'm fine. But he's not going to be when I'm done with him! Tien charged after Ultimate Android and tried

Tien trying to fight the Andriod


Chiaotzu after seeing Tien die

as hard as he could manage, but he was no match for the mighty android. The Ultimate Android blasted him with a Android Beam killing Tien. Chiaotzu was furious. He didn't know what to do, but he knew that he was no match for the android, so he tried to escape, but was killed while trying to fly away by a Super Double Ki Blast from Ultimate Android.

Next on his list was Krillin and Android 18. He finds them near a island close to Master Roshi's house. 18 sees him and quickly recognizes this being as an android. She tells Krillin but he isn't sure to believe her because the only people that know how to make androids are dead. She tells Krillin to run away before the android sees him. Krillin got away, but the android still has 18 in distance and she starts to battle him. 18 trys to kick Ultimate Android, but he catches her leg and throws her to the ground. He starts laughing because he knows she's an android as well, but a weak android and asks her, " Why didn't you obey your master just like I did?" 18 replys, "Because he was an evil freak just like you!" She hits the android with a Destructo Disk, but it has no effect. He absorbs it and attacks her. "HAHAHAHAHA! You are by far to weak for me I'm done playing with you." Then he kills her with a Super Explosive Ki Blast. "Now who's next? HA! Yamcha, you are very near. Let me pay you a visit."

Meanwhile, Krillin finds Goku and Piccolo. Krillin didn't need to explain what happened. Goku already knew something was wrong since he felt Tien and Chiaotzu's power level drop, but he didn't want to believe it. He tells Krillin to tell the others about what happened and grab some Senzu Beans because they might need them in case a valiant warrior get injured. Goku and Piccolo go and try to find the android while Krillin tells the others. The Ultimate Android reaches Yamcha with the technique Lucifer taught him. Yamcha asks, "Who are you?" Without responding, the android hits him with a uppercut and it knocks Yamcha down. But not for long! He gets back up and tries to fight Ultimate Android back with a Kamehameha not knowing that this would make the android stronger. The android absorbs it, laughs, then says "Thank you for the

Yamcha trying to fight the Android

energy Yamcha."

Yamcha is confused that Ultimate Android knows his name and tries to hit him with a Wolf Fang Fist. The android simply doges it like it was nothing, then blows Yamcha to pieces with a Hell Flash. "Hahahahaha! Oh my, is there no one that can give me a challenge! Yeah! I can, you hunk of junk!" The android turns around and finds Vegeta with his pride, standing up to him. Before the android can do anything, Vegeta punches him in the torso. Then he kicks Ultimate Android in the head. While he's down, Vegeta powers up to a Super Sayian 3 and uses his Crimson Galick Gun. The android is very thankful for this and absorbs it.

Vegeta sees this and realizing what he just did, he powers up to a Super Saiyan 4 and attacks Ultimate Android. Vegeta is clearly is beating the android. The android is shocked. He strikes

Vegeta after turing super sayian 4 to fight the Andriod


Piccolo stoping the Andriod from escaping

Vegeta with Multi Ki blasts and knocks him down with a knee to the gut and an elbow to the back of the head. Ultimate Android then runs away. "I fear of being killed." Then the android is stopped by Piccolo and he says, "I saw everything from the absorbing to the fear. You are nothing more but trash in the way. And I am going to be the one to stop you!" "Go ahead and try Piccolo, but we both know you are no match for me", says Ultimate Android. "Oh is that so, then let me show you the power of a Super Namek!" Piccolo begins to power up to his maximum power. "HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" Piccolo screams. He attacks the android with a flurry of kicks and punches. "What!? NO NO NO NO NO! This can't be real. How are you so strong?"

"Let's just say I was tired of being left behind the Saiyans, so I did something about it!" said Piccolo The android and Piccolo are equal in power and speed. In fear of losing, the Ultimate Android headbutts Piccolo, then powers up to his Super form! "HAHAHA! You fool! You failed. You and your miserable planet. Now get ready to die!" Ultimate Android powers up his ultimate attack, the Android Death Blast, but before he could hit Piccolo with it, someone kicks Ultimate Android in the face. Piccolo looks up and sees Gotenks as a Super Saiyan 3 and Krillin. "I've never been so happy to see you guys," said Piccolo. Y"eah, Yeah, now leave it to us. We can take him no problem," says Gotenks. "Uh, now let's not get to carried away," says Krillin.

Multi KI Blasts come falling from the sky and hitting Krillin thus, destroying him and the Senzu Beans. Bye. bye healing beans."It's coming from the Android! No! Why did you do that?! I am going to kill you!" Gotenks jumps into the air and begins to battle with the Ultimate Android. It's a even match up until the android starts using his full power. He catches Gotenks by the hair, chokes him and throws Gotenks into the air. "It is you who will die not me!" Then he hits Gotenks with a Power Blitz, then a Rocket Punch, and when Gotenks was on the ground, he walks over to him. Ultimate Android uses his Android Beam to attempt to kill Gotenks, but Goten and Trunks separate right when Ultimate Android used his Android Beam thus, keeping Gotenks alive, meaning Trunks and Goten still live. He is confused (Ultimate Android doesn't know about the Fusion Dance) and asks Piccolo where Gotenks went. Piccolo "responds" with a Special Beam Cannon and it goes right through Ultimate Android. He could not absorb the blast because the android didn't see the blast coming. "Yes, I did it! Wait, what is this?! He's... he's regenerating! But how he's an android, not Buu! I can regenerate I mean... how did he learn this technqiue?!"

"Oh Piccolo, you thought that little attack was going to do me in? Well that just won't do. You're going to have to wait your turn to die like the rest of your friends. Well, what's left of your friends." Then Goten gets back up and uses a Super Kamehameha ,but the android absorbs it like it's nothing. "When are you going to learn you can't beat me?" Then Goten goes after Ultimate Android and tries to punch him ,but the android has other plans and uses his Energy Field to kill him. "Now where did that other brat go?" "Right here! You have no idea what I'm capable of! For this, your going to pay!" Trunks says defiantly. He begans to transform into a Super Saiyan 2 then, a Super Sayian 3. "Wow, like I've never seen this before," says the Android.

They start to battle, Trunks not knowing how powerful Ultimate Android is. Trunks thinks he can beat the android, so he doesn't use his full power. A life-risking mistake as the Ultimate Andriod takes the advantage and kills Trunks with a Android Death Blast. Goku and Gohan finally arrive at the scene and Vegeta gets back to his feet. They all power up to the max. Gohan goes first and and gets knocked to the ground. Then he gets kicked into the air, knocking Gohan out and making him land on an island nearby. The android finally kills Piccolo by punching him to death. Then he crushes Piccolo's Namekian skull with his foot. "Now that the trash is out of the way, let's say me and you have a little fun, Goku." "Oh no you don't, you're mine!" says Vegeta as he attacks Ultimate Android. He attacks with all that he's got ,but is no match because the android absorbed so much Ki energy, even a Super Saiyan 4 can't stop him.

Goku tries and doesn't get much farther than Vegeta, getting beaten to near death. "Alright Vegeta, we know he can absorb energy, but from what? Piccolo told us if you catch him off guard and hit him with a Ki Blast then it works, but he can also regenerate." "Yeah, go on," says Vegeta impatiently. "Then maybe Gohan can distract that android and I'll hit him with a 10x Kamehameha while you hit him with a Final Shine Attack," Goku planned. "Okay, let's do it." Gohan distracts the Android with jokes like he was supposed to. Then Vegeta and Goku use their moves which hit the Android! The smoke clears and all that remains is his head which Vegeta crushes. "It worked we finally beat him!" says Gohan happily.

Supreme Gogeta the Perfect Hero!

The story starts out with everybody peacefully enjoying there day. Then suddenly, a terrible threat happens. The portal to hell is open! King Yemma has no idea about how this happened he is furious asking what happened who

King Yemma shocked when finding out about Hell.

was in charge of this?! Then a spirit tells King Yemma what happend. He said apparently Hell has so many people in it that it just gave out and the portal opened to make more room for more souls. There is nothing that can fix it but then King Yemma comes up with an idea. He said "How about we make it bigger so that this won't happened again." The Soul and everybody else says it's a good idea but it's to late. All of the villains from everywhere escaped and there's not a single Soul left in Hell.

King Yemma oredrs everybody to stop what there doing and fix it now so they get to work. Mean while on Earth all of the Souls start attacking everybody. All of the people that the Z fighters killed in the past are now stronger than ever before because they have all still been training and have even known this day would come. So all the main villains meet with each other and talke about what the plan is to kill the Z fighters. They all split up in teams and go to there target. Nappa, Raditz and Turles go and find Goten and Trunks. Goten and Trunks not knowing who these people are already know they are Saiyans because they see the tail on each of them. They asked "Who are you and what do you want with us?" Raditz responds by saying "I am your uncle, Raditz, Goten". What Goten is shocked than he remembers the stories that Gohan and Goku told him when he was little. Trunks is still shocked and has no idea who they are being that Vegeta and the others didn't meation anything to him.

Goten tells Trunks it's true. They ask how are you alive? All three of the villains transform to Super Saiyans at

Nappa after turning Super Saiyan.

that very moment. Trunks and Goten do the same thing knowing that they where looking for a fight. Then they all started fighting. First Raditz and Nappa attack Goten with a double punch to the side of his head. Turles attack

Turles getting ready to kill Trunks.


Raditz fixing to punch Goten

Trunks with everything he's got he knees Trunks in the gut than blast his head completely off with a super powered Ki Blast. He laughs and says I can't believe how easy that was! Nappa throws a Bomber DX at Goten knocking him down than Raditz finished him with a Saturday Crush. Then all three power back down.

Cell and his six Son's the Cell Jr's, who are now the size as Cell, find Piccolo and Gohan. Both Gohan and Piccolo recognize them. What are you doing here Gohan asks in anger. I killed you all, there's no way you could be alive! Oh but thats the thing, none of us are alive you dumb brat!. Really, than how are you on Earth right now?! You see that big purple black cloud over there over the hill? Thats where we all came from. Now before we start fighting let me say that I'm 10 times stronger than I was before so you better be ready for the fight of your life! Alright then, let's do this! Then both Gohan and Piccolo power up to there max. Cell and his sons laugh at them. What's so funny? Oh nothing, it just seems I did all this training in Hell for nothing if this is all you got. You actually gotten weaker since I last fought you didn't you? Well, yes but I'm still strong enough to beat you! Oh is that so Gohan, don't make me laugh! You and Piccolo don't stand a chance! Oh really? Says Piccolo. Yes, really!

Now let's fight, I'm tired of all this talking! Alright, lets do this. Says Gohan. Than both Gohan and Piccolo use the

One of the six Cell J.r's

solar flare to get away from all them and they fly off as fast as they can knowing how strong he's gotten over the years. They go to Goku, Vegeta and Bulma because they formed a plan on the fly over there. They tell them everything thats happend and how much stronger all of them as gotten. There even stronger than you two fused if they work together which they seem to be doing. Says Gohan and Piccolo. Ok, ok, so whats your plan? They tell Bulma to build a time machine and use it they can go into an alternate Univerise to find Goku and Vegeta's Great Great Grand children so they can help out with all this. Well it's a long shot but I'll try it Bulma says.

Good now it's up to us to try and stall them says Goku. So they do just that. All the Z fighters (excluding Trunks and Goten who they now know is dead) meet up and try to stall all the Villains. They kill all the weak ones fast and easy. Than it starts getting down to the stronger ones the ones that gave them a hard time in the past. Yamcha and Krillin meet the new and approved Zarbon, Cui, and Dodoria. They all look the same but than Zarbon tells them that he and Dodoria have learned a new transformation. What! They are both shocked and confused. Than all three start to transform Zarbon transforms into his second and already seen form. While Cui transformes and looks completly different than before. He is now orange and purple colored and grew at least another 5 feet. Dodoria transforms and he is the same color but now he's 6 feet biggier with horns and a tail. Yamcha and Krillin stand there and than they try to rush them. But now alll three are at least the same strength as a Super Namek. Cui blasts Krillin with a super atomic death wave which knocks him out cold but he's still breathing. Yamcha fires a Kamehameha at Zarbon and it hits him Zarbon. Zarbon is on the ground but not for long.


Dodoria shooting the mouth blast at Yamcha

Out of nowhere, Yamcha gets hit with a mouth blast from Dodoria. Yamcha gets back up but is badly beaten. He charges up his new attack that he calls Spirit of the Wolf! He stands on the ground with his hands in the air than his arms turns black and redish looking. He attacks Cui with it. But Cui dodges almost every punch but then, Yamcha hit him and at that very moment, Cui's arm falls off because thats where Yamcha hit him. Now Yamcha is very tired and drained of power so he falls to the ground. Cui is yalling in pain "My arm, he knocked my arm off, nooooooooo!" Zarbon tells him to shut up before he blows him up just like Vegeta did years ago. Cui responds. "Oh yeah, your one to talk, he did the same thing to you too!" Dodoria gets tired of the yelling and says calm down now what are going to do with these two?

I know! How about we blow them to bits! Says Cui. Ok, let's do that. Too bad we didn't get to play with them that long though. Says Dodoria. Zarbon charges up a blast but then, Tien suddenly appears and kicks Zarbon into the ground. How dare you sneak up on me like that! Zarbon says. Well it's not my fault you suck so bad now is it? Who do you think you are you little freak?! My name is Tien and your one to talk buddy, look at you. "Shut up, I don't really look like this. This is just a transformation!" "Oh really?" "Yes really!" "Than show me what you got!" Says Tien. Zarbon tells Cui and Dodoria to stay out of this. Then he attacks Tien who is actually keeping up with him. What! How are you so strong it dosen't make since? From what I hear, your only as strong as a unmastered Super Saiyan 1. Hahahahaha! Tien laughs, thats what I use to be like until I discovered how strong I really can get.

He begans to power up to his max and Zarbon, who now knows how to sense power levels, realizes just how strong he really is. So he transforms into his new form and he now looks little bit of a darker green, he grew a tail just like Dodoria did, and he's now got a very dark green aura around him with lightining around it. Tien is done powering up, he attacks Zarbon with little to no effort and gets knocked down very easily. Come on, I thought you said you could beat me? Zarbon asks. Tien replys, I can beat you! Then he shoots a Tri-beam at Zarbon and it hits him. Zarbon gets knocked down but it didn't hurt him. Zarbon powers up a new move he learned called the soul punisher. He puts one hand away from his body, focus's his energy into that one hand until a purple ray glows around and on his hand with black lightning. He rushes over to Tien and picks him up. Then he hits him with the attack right through his stomach. Tien dies.

Krillin and Yamcha Tien's back up. Krillin throws a destructo disk at Cui to finsh him off. It hit's Cui and he is

Krillin about to throw the Destructive Disk at Cui.

now dead. Yes! We finally got to kill one of you. Hahaha! Do you honestly think Cui was a threat? Asks Dodoria. He is nothing compared to the others like Cell, Cooler, and Frieza. Oh man, I guess that means we will have to kill you now too. Says Yamcha. Yamcha hits Dodoria with a wolf fang fist. Dodoria gets knocked down and is hurt. Krillin and Yamcha fire a doulbe Kamehameha at him killing him. Zarbon attacks Yamcha from behind by kneeing him in the back making him fall down. He hits Krillin with an elbow to his neck, then blasts at them both repeatedly until there's nothing left of them.

Meanwhile, King Yemma is informed that they fixed the portal so they can't escape anymore but the only way to get them back is to kill them. He is upset at this but understands. Back on Earth, Bulma fixes the time machine and tells the others who are still alive. Goku goes into the future finds his and Vegeta's Great Great Grandson's and tells them the problem and the plan. They hesitate at first but then they agree so they go back to the present time. Vegeta tells Goku that they are way to weak to fight some of them so they must train. They bring them to the Hyperbolic Time Chamber so they can train. While he's there, Goku goes to Korin and asks for as many Senzu beans as he has but he said he doesn't have any.

Goku is dissapointed but still believes his Great Great Grandson can do this. Meanwhile, Piccolo, Chiaotzu, and Gohan are looking around for other villains. Then they see the Ginyu Force(excluding Captain Ginyu). They all rush over and start attacking each other with no talking. They just fight until Piccolo starts to realize he's actually losing to recoome so he lands on the ground. Then the rest do the same. So you all have gotten stronger just like the rest of your loser friends. Says Piccolo. I guess you can say that. Guldo says with a smile on his face. Chiaotzu asked Guldo what he's smiling at. His reply was a soon to be dead mine! This angers Chioatzu which is actually what Guldo wanted. Guldo blocks Chiaotzu's kicks and punches. Then Guldo lays a upper cut on Chiaotzu knocking him to the ground. Then Recoome lands a cheap shot on Piccolo which knocks him to the ground as well.

Gohan who is already at Super Saiyan 2 tries to fight Recoome and Guldo off his friends but Burter and Jeice stop Gohan by taking turns blasting at him. Thats it! Gohan turns into a Super Sayian 3 and begans to attack both of them but it's to late. Guldo kills Chiaotzu by blasting him with a new move he calls bending the mind. Gohan kills all of them with a new verison of the Kaamehameha. In this verison he can wrap it around people and crush them. He powers back down and see's that Piccolo is badly hurt. He picks him up and takes him to Kami's Look Out. Thats where everybody else was waiting for Goku and Vegeta Jr. to get out of the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. Than suddenly Broly appares in a new form Legandary Super Saiyan 4 form. Vegeta

Broly arriving at the Look Out.

and Goku power up to there Super Saiyan 4's while Gohan powers up to his Super Saiyan 3 form Majuub is going to try to help as well. All of them attack Broly but he knocks all of them down except for Vegeta. Vegeta strikes Broly with a Galick Gun knocking down the monster. Then he tells all of them to lend in and shoot their most powerful attack. They all do just that and they kill Broly. Vegeta go's around looking at all the damage that has happened so far. Then he see's him. Vegeta stops in disbelief. that really you... Dad?! Vegeta! My, my, you have gotten very strong haven't you? Yes I have. Thank you Father. Haha! And to think I would never see my own son live to be a Super Saiyan. How did you know? Son I've been in hell a long time. Don't you think someone would have brought it up by now? Yes, I suppose. But you know I can do to a Super Saiyan as well. King Vegeta

King Vegeta showing Vegeta that he can go Super Saiyan.

starts to power up and it's true. You can turn Super Saiyan! Yes son, I can but I haven't mastered anything beyond that.

Really? I can go to a Super Saiyan 4! Vegeta shows his Father his transformation. Wow son, that's great! I hear my Grandson is a Super Saiyan as well, isn't he? Yes he is, but he's dead now. What! Who killed him?! I don't know. That's the problem. Oh well. I bet it's that darn Turles. He's always been mad because I surpassed him while we where in hell! Son, I'm going to stay here with you on Earth. That's great Father! Let's go now son. Show me your friends that everybody as been saying are the real villains. Ok. Follow me this way Father. Vegeta shows his Father everybody and they tell each other about what exactly has been going on.

Goku ask about his father and King Vegeta says, "He's not in Hell, I know that much,". "Then he must be in Heaven!" Goku says with a smile on his face. "Okay, erybody I'm going to go and try to find villains to defeat," Majuub says. So he flies back down to a city on Earth to hunt down villians. Majuub sees Frieza, Cooler, and even King Cold with each other nearby, since villians are everywhere now. Frieza spots Majuub and shoots a Death Beam at him, but it barely misses Majuub. "Hey, who do you think you are?!" Majuub asks in anger. "I am Frieza and this here, is my Brother Cooler and Father, King Cold. "Oh, I hear you are weak," Majuub says while laughing. "Ha ha, then you don't understand just how powerful we have become since our last battles with your friends!" says Cooler. All three begain to transform even though they were already at there 4th forms, into their 5 forms?! Could this be possible?

Frieza, Cooler and King Cold have mastered the 5th form while training in Hell. All three attack Majuub, but he fights them off. It's very even, until Majuub shoots an Explosive Wave at all three of them and it the Ice-jins. They all get back up quickly and say, "We see this isn't enough for you is it? So let us show you our true power!". They all transform again, but into their
Cooler 6th form

Cooler 6th form


Frieza 5th form about to attack Majuub.

form! The Ice-jins all attack Majuub again. This time, Majuub is having trouble and he gets knocked down, Than all three shoot at him using 100% Full-Power Death Beams. All three blasts hit Majuub, thus killing him. Over at the Lookout, Piccolo wakes up and is feeling much better. They all inform him on what has happened so far. He meets King Vegeta and then the Hyperbolic Chamber's door opens. Both Goku and Vegeta Jr. are least 50 times more powerful than before. They can both go as far as Super Saiyan 3 as well.

The Z Fighters are all ready and go looking for any villains that they can find. First they find Zarbon in rage. Gohan kills Zarbon with one hit to the skull. Then they find Nappa, Turles, and Raditz. All three don't even have time to transform because Vegeta kills Turles with one blast. Goku does the same to Raditz. Nappa tries to fight, but gets killed very easily by King Vegeta with a simple kick across the face finnished with a Ki Blast. The fighters then find King Cold, Cooler, and Frieza. Both Goku Jr. and Vegeta Jr. attack the Ice-jins with Kamehameha Waves (used by Goku Jr.) and Big Bang Attacks (wielded by Vegeta Jr.) killing all three like they where nothing to begin with.The fighters then find a very powerful Lord Slug already in his Giant form. He begans attacking the warriors until Piccolo shoots a Special Beam Cannon through his head, thus killing Lord Slug.

After that, they find all of the Androids that they have killed in the past. Vegeta thinks the destroying shouldn't take long, but who knows? But then every single Android fuses with each other and become one big, giant, monster using the Android Fusion technique. Then to make things even worse, Cell and his sons show up. "Oh no. This can't be. Where all going to die!" screams Gohan. "No, Gohan. We're not going to die," Goku says trying to calm him down. "Remember the plan. We have what we can to do this!" All the Z fighters power up to their limit and began to attack. Piccolo is trying his best to fight a Cell Jr., but he's not having any luck. Gohan is very even with another Cell Jr. at his Super Saiyan 3 form. Piccolo tries his hardest, but it's just not enough. He dies from a Solar Kamehameha which the Cell Jr. shot at him. Gohan is enraged and tries to kill the Cell Jrs., but is just not strong enough to take them all on. King Vegeta tries to help out with the Android along with Vegeta and Goku who are already in there Super Saiyan 4 forms. King Vegeta gets swept aside like nothing.

Vegeta and Goku Jr. try to fight Cell, but even at the same time, they are getting creamed and knocked down every time. Then they fuse (using the Fusion Dance technique) and Gogeta Jr. goes after this new and improved Cell and Gogeta Jr. blows Cell to pieces with a Final Kamehameha, but Cell regenerates and comes back even stronger. He then makes his six sons fuse with him. Now Cell is far more powerful than any of the brave warriors could have imagined. Gohan and King Vegeta are both knocked out. Goku and Vegeta fuse and Gogeta Super Saiyan 4 tries to fight the monster Android and is even with it until he knocks the monster down. But it gets back up and is ready to fight more. Gogeta Jr. goes Super Saiyan 4 and now he's even with the new
200px-Gogeta Jr. 5

Gogeta Jr.

Ultra Power Perfect Cell. Just then, Ultra Power Perfect Cell fuses with the Monster Android. This Android Cell starts beating Gogeta and Gogeta Jr. So to stop it, Gogeta and Gogeta Jr. fuse (using the Fusion Dance) to create

Supreme Gogeta about to attack the monster.

Supreme Gogeta! Supreme Gogeta knocks down the monster and laughs. The monster attacks Supreme Gogeta, but he's not having any luck. Supreme Gogeta gets tired of this so he goes Super Sayian 3

Supreme Gogeta about to fire the Kamehameha.

and attacks Android Cell but this time they are very even. Supreme Gogeta keeps hiting it with all he's got, but he's still very even with Android Cell. The monster just blocks everything so Supreme Gogeta uses a Kamehameha on the monster. It hits him, but it has no effect on him. Supreme Gogeta goes all out and transforms into a Super

Supreme Gogeta after killing the monster.

Saiyan 4. He attacks it again and knocks the monster down. Supreme Gogeta laughs at it then finishes Android Cell off with a Super Big Bang 10x Kamehameha. It kills the monster and Supreme Goegeta unfuses. Gogeta and Gogeta Jr. also unfuse.Vegeta Jr. and Goku Jr. go back to the future and they say goodbye to their ancestors. The world is safe.

The story of Future Gounks

This story starts off in Future Trunks timeline.

After another loss to the Androids, Trunks and Gohan begin to lose hope. So they start training more and more powerful everyday. Trunks finally becomes a Super Saiyan through the prosess. But they don't stop just because of that they continue to work and train. After months of training, they believe that they are strong enough to take the Androids down so they go and find them. Android 17 calmly says "Oh, there you are. Do you know how long that you've been gone? We thought you both died and ran out of people brave enough to fight us.

Trunks and Gohan about to fight the Androids.


No. We're right here. We have been training and we're going to kill you both! Gohan and Trunks said angrily. "Oh is that so? I would like to see you try." Android 18 replys. Fine than lets show them Gohan! Gohan and Trunks power up to there Super Sayian forms. The Androids just laugh and remark about how many times they have done this. Than the Androids attack! At first they are losing mostly because they are not trying to fight them that much. They're just playing with them. Then Trunks hits 18 with a Buster Cannon knocking her down, but she just gets back up smilng about how it didn't hurt her. Gohan shoots a Kamehameha at 17 but much like 18, it had no effect on him.

Trunks and Gohan are trying there best but it's still not enough. They just get brushed aside every time. Both of them realize that they still can't beat them so they run away from them. Trunks hates the idea but knows it's the best choice for now. They go back home and decide that nothing is working. They just can't get strong enough on there own. Then a voice appears that both Gohan and Trunks can hear. It's my Dad! Gohan says with joy. I can't believe it! Is it really you Dad? Yes it is son. Look, I need you to listen very carefully, ok? Alright. I have been dead a very long time as you know. While I've been dead, there have been some very important people that I have met.

One of thier names is the Supreme Kai. He says he knows an easy way to beat the Androids. Really?! Trunks asks. Yes, he knows this technique called instantaneous movement. He's going to use that to teleport there so he can give you these earrings to fuse with each other. What do you mean fuse? Look I can't talk. He'll be there to explian the rest of what you need to know. Wait Dad! But it's too late and Goku is already gone. Ok, so when is this guy going to show up? Trunks asks. I don't know. He just said he will be there to explain the rest.

Than shortly after that, the Supreme Kai appears and tells them what the earrings are and what they do. Both of them don't want to do it since it would be permanent. But they decide that it's their only choice so they do it. Both Trunks and Gohan put the earrings on and they fuse. At that moment, Gounks was born! Supreme Kai leaves and tells him good luck. So Gounks went and tried to find the Androids. He finds them and lands in front of them. The Androids comment on how he looks familer. Gounks said "You know me as Trunks or you may know me as
180px-200px-Future Gohanxs


Gohan." What are trying to say? 18 replys with a little anger. I am saying that I am Gohan and Trunks fused togather! What! That's not possible! 17 says. Oh but it is, and now you two are going to pay for what you have done to this world! Hahaha, do you think you can actually defeat us? We are far more superior than you. We are Androids. Our energy never goes away! 17 says. Well it's going to when I kill you both! Gounks replys. Enough of this talk, lets fight and see for ourselves! 18 says. 18 and 17 start attacking Gounks and Gounks is losing. He is shocked but kinda expected this so he trasforms into a Super Saiyan. He starts to get the upperhand and is winning back and forth. 17 hits him with a Power Blitz while 18 hits him with a Super powered ki blast. Gounks goes down but he gets back up

17 shooting the beam at Gounks.

and asks "Is that all you got?!"

No, of couse not! Then both Androids shot a Finger Beam at him but they both missed. Gounks fires a Kamehameha and hits 18, knocking her down. 17 knocks Gounks out with a Photon Flash. 18 gets back up. They both think he's dead so they leave. Gounks wakes up and can't believe he was still defeated by them. He goes back home and starts thinking about everything the Androids have done. He gets so mad that he transforms into a Super Sayian 2. He goes after them again when he finds them this time, he wastes no time and attacks them. He is winning and right when he was about to kill them, Cell appeares and absorbs them both. Gounks is shocked. He has no idea what this thing is. Cell tells him the story. Gounks who is now a Super Saiyan tries to attack him but is losing very badly.

Cell shoots a Kamehameha at him. Gounks does the same. It ends up in a blast battle that is tied. They both let

Cell about to fire the Kamehameha.

go at the same time and their blasts hit each other causing a big explosion. Gounks is attacked by Cell after the dust clears and is about to kill him but then Goku's voice shows up and tells Gounks that the only way to beat Cell is to transform like he did yesterday after getting beat by the Androids. He trys and he does it! He transformed into a Super Saiyan 2! Gounks attack Cell again. They are very even as of right now. Gounks doesn't waste time and fires a Super Burning Kamehameha at Cell and it hits and kills him. Gounks powers back and goes home this time in victory.


  • Golak was the first character I ever invented.
  • MDBS consists of movies not sagas and the movies are not contected to each other in anyway.
  • MDBS is mostly based in Dragon Ball GT.
  • I did not draw any of these pictures I used Google and my friend DB Wizard drew the Gogeta Jr..
  • I did not make the video my friend Gotek did. Thank you Gotek!
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