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Majin Gru

Gru let himself be controlled by Babidi in order to overcome the power difference between him and his rival Barrack D Obama the II.


He self destructed to save his son Jurter and Obama's son Beice. He knocked them both out and asked Namek the Namekian to carry them away from the blast zone. That is, when he had to go out on a fight with Anhky Vo. Majin Gru was no match to A.Vo 's big mouth and died instantly, there wasn't even time for regeneration.

Breaking Free

He broke free of Babidi's mind control by awakening his Mangekyou Sharingan and using Genjutsu to put Babidi in an illusion where

Majin Gru with Sharingan

he's in a doujin.

Fight with Anhky Vo

Majin Gru has never faced anyone like Anhky, the amount of Nyeh nyeh nyehs that was output from Anhky Vo's mouth was almost too fast for Majin Gru to react. Anhky Vo then did his Boku Gen Yo and Majin Gru was knocked to a great distance, Majin Gru knew that he was no match for Anhky Vo so he decided to absorb him. However, when majin Gru threw a punch at Anhky Vo, Anhky Vo's 15% Sherperd of the Hollow proc-ed, majin gru was then countered with a enormous shit talk, "What's wrong? Majin Gru?" -Anhky Vo. Majin Gru had no choice but to go Ultra Instint-Omen-, Ultra Instinct Gru tried to stun to Anhky, but what he saw was the word 'Resistance' pop out of him. Majin gru then decided to try and outspeed Anhky Vo but it wasn't enough as Anhky Vo had his Egg plant to cycle, he cycled so much and he boosted him self up with an attack buff and said, "Nyeh nyeh nyeh, watch this cleave nyeh." and proceed to finish Majin Gru.


Fat Gru

Evil Gru

Super Gru

Super Gru(Jurter Absorbed)

Super Gru(Goblue Absorbed)

Super Gru(Anhky Vo Absorbed)

Kid Gru


Ultra Instinct -Omen-


Candy Beam



Final Explosion

Summon Minions



Shinra Tensei

Rasenchidori shuriken

Freeze Ray


'Shinra Tensei!' - Majin Gru when destroying the Hidden Leaf Planet.

'Beice...Lucy...I do this for you. And yes...even for you, Obama...' - Majin Gru using Final Explosion.

'Wadafuk Anhky Vo???' -When he is matched up against Anhky Vo.