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Majin Vegito

" What d-d-do you c-c-call a Majin Vegeta and Kaka-I mean, Goku? Majin Vegetarot-I mean, Vegito sounds good"

Majin Vegito is the "what-if" result of a Potara Earrings between Majin Vegeta and Goku.


Appearing just like Super Saiyan Vegito, the only noticeable difference is the "M" on his forehead, increased muscle mass puffed up to the level that veins appear all over the body and face due to the intensity of the level, dark black lines around the eyes, and the crooked smile.


"Heh-heh-hey Majin Buu. Guess what? I'm a going to kill you."

Majin Vegito is crazy and psychopathical, indicated by the way he speaks. He is about as evil as Majin Vegeta was, but feels compassion for his friends and family due to Goku being apart of him.


In a what-if universe, Majin Vegeta never uses Final Explosion and gets a Potara Earring from Goku. They fuse together to form the ultimate warrior. He manages to to easily defeat Majin Buu after toying with him for a long time. It is unknown what happened to Majin Vegito after Buu was destroyed.