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The art and fan made story, Dragon Ball: Alternation is created by Irish Illustrations, not me. But the rest of it is my idea.

"Who said I was evil? "
— Mercure to a Truwg

Mercure ( メルキュール Merukyūru ) is a villain in Dragon Ball: Alternation and the last survivor of the Osciller race. He goes around the cosmos picking up ki. If the ki doesn't meet his standards he'll destroy the one he obtained it from.

For years and years, he's been on a mission to find a Ki powerful enough to take down the God of Destruction for his universe. This all began because an old G.o.D. eradicated his precious home planet and its people. He does this not only for himself but for what he feels is for the universe’s sake. For there to no longer be a G.o.D. to destroy any other planets. With having little knowledge of the true purpose behind why Gods of Destructions exist in the first place.

In simple words, he believes that G.o.D destroy planets for their own sick pleasure and not for the benefit of the universe at large.


Mercure is a tall muscular humanoid. Instead of regular skin, some of his body is covered in a hard wood like substance. He also has large eyebrows (that don’t actually have any hair on) with a hard bald head. His eyeballs are black with white pupils.


"I’ve heard of ‘em. He’s that low life thief that copies people’s powers. And when he doesn’t get what he fully wants… he gets real angry and straight up kills everybody!"
— A person that Irish will add (if he wants to)

Mercure, when he first started his mission, would first ask to copy another's Ki in order to “test” them. He wasn’t always an evil person, just a man fighting for what be believed in. But over time and after constant usage of Ki Mirroring he became corrupted, eventually growing sick and tired of the weak energy that he had been gathering. And so, every time he would acquire another weak ki he would become enraged, killing the person who he has obtained the ki from and it’s entire race. Becoming more like the Destroyer God he originally set out to defeat. So let’s just say. that he is a nonconformist and a rather low tempered person.


“A New Reality”

After the events of the new reality, or alternation, the Oscillers were brought back. But somehow, there was only one remaining. And that one was named, Mercure. He remembered of the god of destruction who disrespected his people by bragging about his strength and how much weaker they were compared to him, threatening to destroy them all if they posed an even more dangerous threat to the universe. Evolving with energy and magic, the Oscillers were able people to sense his ki, his God Ki. The god of destruction noticed this and was surprised of how such a weak race could sense god ki. And that’s what made him give the Oscillers a final strike until destroyed. Then a week later, the Oscillers created the Ki Mirroring technique in order to defeat the god of destruction once and for all. The god of destruction’s angel reported this and was told to eliminate those people immediately. And so, it was done.

After the universal alternation, the sole survivor went on and traveled into the cosmos to find the god of destruction who killed his people. He traveled with a sphere where he is able to breathe and move freely with in the vacuum of space. He found some planets where most of them were not inhabited. Traveling faster than the speed of light, 9 hours later Mercure finds an inhabited planet. He knew because he sensed life energy coming from it.

Mercure teleports to the planet, he spots a brown, tall, humanoid with long brown hair reaching its legs.. This long hair looks identical to Super Saiyan 3’s. This thing is named a Ghur. Seconds later, the Ghur spots Mercure and immediately charges in for an attack. Mercure raises his arm towards the charging Ghur, and produces a gust of wind which pushes the Ghur back.

The Ghur immediately gets back on its feet and charges at Mercure at full speed. Mercure is frozen in fear as he is slammed on the ground with the Ghur’s fist. As Mercure is on the ground, the Ghur consecutively punches him. The Ghur then grabs onto Mercure’s leg and throws him. Mercure is sent flying off as he then stops himself with his flight ability. He looks back at the Ghur and it is not there. Suddenly, he is punched, and punched, and punched, and then becomes enraged as he releases his arm on the Ghur’s face landing a tough hit. The Ghur attempts to land another punch but he is punched in the stomach by Mercure. The Ghur falls onto the ground, unconscious.

The punch Mercure used to finish off the Ghur by hitting it in the stomach was a technique named, Full Power God Fist. This technique releases all of the user’s current energy into one punch, dealing GREAT damage.

Mercure huffs and puffs as he opens his palm, places it on the Ghur’s body and mirroring its energy. Sadly, this only boosts his power by 1.5 times.

“Mercure’s Rampage”

After the loud noises of the fight, twelve Ghur’s come in and spot Mercure. “Come”, Mercure says to the Ghur as they all then charge at each other battling it out.

At the end, we see Mercure standing. Gravelly exhausted as he falls onto the ground with both of his arms horizontal. He chuckles, then the chuckling turns into laughter. He starts laughing very loud. “Hehehe, HAHAHA, HAHAHAHA, HAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” Mercure laughs.

Mercure then sits up and says “YES, with this ability, I will become stronger very quickly, and resulting in me defeating that scum god!” Mercure says in confidence.

Mercure then stands up and goes on a search to find more of the species he fought in order to become stronger. Night has fallen as Mercure emerges and becomes visible at the top of a hill. He suddenly shoots a tiny red ball from the tip of his right finger. This red ball collides with the ground and creates a big explosion. “I will call it, devil’s smite”, Mercure says as he then smiles and flies out of the planet’s atmosphere as he has no need for this planet anymore because of how strong he has gotten.

15 hours later, Mercure finds another inhabited planet. He lands onto its surface. “Amazing! I can move so freely!” Mercure says. The planet that he has found has a low gravity rate almost allowing the user to float in thin air. Mercure then flies to find the life energy he is sensing. *Im close, it’s coming from here, I know it* Mercure thinks.

[more comming soon]


  • Mercure vs 103 Ghurs
  • Mercure vs Truwg (race)


  • Ki Blast - The most basic form of an energy wave, in blue and a bit smaller than a regular one.
  • Flight - He is able to fly using ki.
  • Telekinesis - Mercure is able to use telekinesis but only to objects. Since he avoided trying to master this technique, he is not able to use it on living things.
  • Spirit Control - Mercure is able to use spirit control to utilize some abilities.
  • Ki Mirroring - As an Osciller, Mercure was teached on how to use Ki Mirroring. This powerful ability copies another’s power and current abilities. He uses this skill against many other races in order to defeat the god of destruction for his universe. Which he knows is extremely tough. In use, his left hand glows purple leaving black flaming particles around it. When he touches someone, their body glows purple aswell giving Mercure a new power. He then amplifies this new ki to his power level and with being able to use the technique.
  • Full Power God Fist - This technique releases all of the user’s current energy into one fist dealing great damage.
  • Toppu - He produces a gust of wind which pushes things back
  • Devil’s Smite - Mercure creates a red tiny sphere from his finger that he can control and guide until it hits something. When it does, it creates a huge explosion fatally damaging whatever hit it. Not only can he create one, but he can create multiple from all his fingers.
  • Hyper-Massive Dark Cluster - Mercure can create a huge dark sphere of energy that he then would blast at his opponent. On collision, the sphere would implode then explode leaving super flesh burning heatwaves that could leave someone in bones instantly.
  • Ultra Blaster - Mercure uses this energy to shoot a black beam outlined in green. Taking away little energy, he is able to “spam” this technique however he wants.
  • Containment Of Nullity - Mercure is able to create a small dark energy similar to a black hole which would suck up anything only if the target who is getting flung towards it is as strong as Mercure or stronger.


He uses this form to multiply his strength by a hundred-fold. He obtained it from a race that he encountered with in the past. In use, he becomes more bulky and is able to cut off trees with just his finger.