The Dragon Balls brought the all the people that died by Bardins hand back to life, and the Dragon Balls also brought back Earth. Miraf is two demons fused together after they stole one of Supreme Kai's Potara Earrings . Miraf has a power level that matches a Super Saiyan 3. Miraf came to Earth to get the Dragon Balls and to make himself stronger. Stronger than 2 saiyans fused into SS4. Miraf arrived on Earth with a small Namekian Space Ship. One that looks like Kame's. He first targeted West City, completely destroying it. This angered Gohan and so he turned SS2 and attacked Miraf. Miraf killed him in 3 minutes. This surprised Goku , so Vegeta and Goku went SS4 and tried to track down Miraf. Goku and Vegeta saw a crater in the ground and thought it was a Dragon Ball. They found out Miraf took it. Then they saw through his plan. Vegeta and Goku flew back to Kame's lookout and told everybody about what Mirafs plan is. Then Miraf hacked into the T.V networks and showed everybody that he has 4 Dragon Balls. So Goku took the Dragon Ball Radar and found the 6 star Dragon Ball. Goten and Trunks both SS1 were sent to search for Dragon Balls. They found the 2 star Dragon Ball, but was attacked by Miraf. They lost the 2 star Dragon Ball but survived. When they told the Z-fighters Yamcha thought there was no hope. But Vegeta got and idea. If Miraf can mask his power level lets lure him in with the 6 star Dragon Ball and then SS4 Goku and Vegeta ambush him. When they did that it worked but it turns out he already had 6 other Dragon Balls. So he got to make the wish and he was stronger than Goku and Vegeta . Goku and Vegeta tried the fusion dance but was stopped by Miraf. They thought there was no hope but Goku remembered that SS4's can temporarily stop wishes. So Goku punched Miraf stopping the wish and used Super Kamehameha killing Miraf. Goku and Vegeta have saved Earth once again.