Moori became the new Grand Elder of the Namekians before Grand Elder Guru died for the 2nd time. He is the oldest brother of Dende, Nail, Cargo, and all other namekians except Piccolo. He is not very powerful, but he is very clever.

Moori, A wise but old, Namekian


Namek Saga


Moori destroying all of Frieza's scouters

When Frieza invaded Planet Namek, Frieza invaded his village near the start. But as Krillin and Gohan caused a distraction, Moori flew in the air to teleport everyone to Earth expect for Goku and Frieza . On Earth, Moori was named as the new Grand Elder by Guru before the latter died for the second time (as Elder Tsuno was not brought back by Shenron's wish since him and his village was wiped out by Vegeta, not Frieza). As the new Grand Elder, Moori says that the Dragon Balls will shine again. After the Z Fighters used Porunga's three wishes to bring back to life Krillin and Yamcha 130 days later and two of Porunga's wishes to bring back Chiaotzu and Tien another 130 days later, Moori and his people used the third wish to teleport to a new planet similar to Planet Namek.

Dodoria eliminates Moori by brutally snapping his neck

Cell Games Saga

Three years later, Moori is seen is on New Namek. When Goku is looking for a new Guardian of Earth to replace Kami, Moori suggests Dende. During the Cell Games, Moori and his fellow Namekians sensed Super Perfect Cell's power all the way from Earth.

Kid Buu Saga

Seven years later, Moori appears again when the Namekian Dragon Balls are needed to help Goku, Vegeta, Dende, Kibito Kai and Elder Kai resolve the Majin Buu problem. It's revealed that Moori has powered up Porunga by giving the Namekian Dragon the ability to bring multiple people back to life with one wish.

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Other Appearances

Moori also appears in Dragon Ball Z: The Return of Cooler, in which he is seen chained up along with his fellow Namekians by Cooler's Cyclopian Guards. When a Namekian warrior breaks free and attacks the robotic guards, Moori pleads for him to stop, but to no comply. Luckily, the Z Fighters arrive and Gohan saves the Namekian warrior and Moori and the Namekians are set free for the time being.


Levitate – The ability to fly.
Finger Beam – Basic energy attack fired from the index finger.
Magic Materialization – The ability to create objects from nothing (Note: Moori has the ability to create new Dragon Balls because he is a member of the Dragon Clan).

Voice Actors

Japanese Dub: Kinpei Azusa
Ocean Group Dub: Don Brown
FUNimation Dub: Mark Britten (Originally), Christopher R. Sabat (Onwards) and Barry Yandel (Dragon Ball Z Kai)
Latin American Dub: José Luis Castañeda


  • Moori's name pun is based on that of the japanese word "Kattatsumuuri", meaning snail.
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