Mutated Namekians is the name of the spawn birthed by King Piccolo. It is said that the evil spirit of King

Two of the mutated Namek spawn who resemble Cymbal and Tambourine

Piccolo warped them into horrible mutants; King Piccolo calls them his "Demon Clan".

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Demonic Mutated Nameks

These creatures are actually the first Namekians to appear onscreen in the anime, making their first appearance in the episode "Enter King Piccolo". Unlike King Piccolo's sons in more modern times (such as Piano and Drum), these offspring's names are never revealed, and they are never heard to speak. Also, they all had a similar winged and scaled appearance with various animal-like features. Sometime after coming into being, King Piccolo spawns several mutated Namekian children. Master Roshi recounts how these unnamed creatures

King Piccolo's mutated Namek offspring attacking a city

rampaged around the world, until they attacked Master Mutaito and his students. In the aftermath, all the creatures are destroyed. Master Roshi and Master Shen, along with a wounded Mutaito, are the only survivors.

Video games appearances

King Piccolo's unnamed spawn appear as regular enemies in the video games Dragon Ball: Daimaō Fukkatsu and Dragon Ball: Advanced Adventure. Tambourine, Drum, and a gargoyle/duck-like spawn resembling a Piano are playable characters in Advanced Adventure.

A Mutated Namek named Conga, who is a palette swap of Drum, is an enemy in Dragon Ball 3: Gokuden.

Known Mutated Nameks

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