After Bardin was sent from the Living Realm, Bardin forced King Yemma to send him to the Namekian Planet. ( if you read about Dakon you would know about this planet.)



Bardin arrived and showed he was there by blowing up a whole Village. Goku, Vegeta , Kibito Kai, Gohan , and Majuub sense this. They arrived as fast as they could. But after they arrived Bardin put a force field around the planet so no one can
Final Flash

Super Saiyan Vegeta Charging Up a Blast

u Att

SS3 Goku Attacking Bardin

come in or out. First a foolish Nail tried to defeat Bardin . Bardin turned him into ash, by burning him. Goku and Vegeta fused into SS4 Gogeta . But sadly Bardin turned Legendary Awesomeness Best of All Super Saiyan . Bardin fought Gogeta until fusion time was up. As soon as the fusion time finished Goku and Vegeta made a hasty retreat back to Dakon's Palace. Kibito Kai suggested that Majuub and SS1 Gohan fuse into Gojuub. Then Vegeta Goku fuse into SS4 Gogeta and fight Bardin . So they tried that and SS1 Gojuub and SS4 Gogeta flew to Bardin and started combat. Gogeta kicked SS4 Bardin into Gojuub's knee and used Big Bang Kamehameha, Gojuub got out of the way. Seeing this Bardin went Legendary Awesomeness Best of All Super Saiyan . He punched Gojuub fifty times in 3 seconds and used Dragon Blast of Raging Fury to injure him. Then out of no where someone who looks like a cross between Piccolo and Dakon flew in. He said Dakon and Piccolo fused. So Gogeta used Big Bang Kamehameha and anticipated he would dodge it. So when he dodged it Dacolo used Special Blast of Raging Fury and hit Bardin . Gojuub got up and combo punched Bardin . Bardin punched Gojuub super hard right across the face. This nocked him out. So Dacolo used Special Beam Cannon and shot it at Bardin . Bardin teleported behind Gogeta and tried to punch him. But Gogeta was to quick and double jaw kicked him. While he was recovering

Super Gogeta

from Gogeta's attack, Gogeta used Stardust Breaker. This destroyed ( well turned him into sparkles) once and for all. The force field around the planet broke and the Z-fighters got out of the planet.