is a fighter from the Western Quadrant and is by far the strongest warrior from the West Quadrant. Pikkon comes into the series by fighting Goku for the finals in the Otherworld Tournament. He is also seen in Fusion Reborn.

Other World Tournament

Pikkon participated in the Other World Tournament. In the Quarter finals he fought Olibu , they looked evenly matched. But Pikkon won the match. Pikkon moved to the finals to battle Goku. Goku  won but both were disqualified because they touched the floor earlier in the match.

Kid Buu Saga

After Yamcha and Krillin died, they went to other world to recieve special training. When Kid Buu sensed the high powers in other world he teleported there and Pikkon risked his existence by taunting Kid Buu, but he sensed Goku's power and left.

Bio Broly

While not seen he's mentioned by Goku . At the end, Goku  is asked by the Grand Kai to go to Hell with Pikkon to fight Broly, but Pikkon is not seen.

Fusion Reborn

Pikkon plays a much bigger role in this movie! He goes to help Goku rescue King Yemma, and confront Janemba . While Goku combats Janemba , Pikkon is seen trying to break the barrier containing King Yemma. He later goes to help Goku , and Vegeta fend off Super Janemba .


  • Flight - The ability to fly with the use of ki.
  • Ki Blast - The most basic form of energy wave.
  • Homing Energy Wave - A move where pikkon fires a ki blast that targets his enemy.
  • Double Energy Blast - Used against goku.
  • Hyper Tornado - Pikkon starts spinning at high speeds, drills toward his opponent, then engulfs them in a tornado.
  • Burning Shot - Pikkon engulfs himself in flames and attacks the opponent.
  • Thunder Flash - Pikkon shoots a storm of flames from his fists.

Major Battles

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