Strongest WarriorsUnknown (possibly Toolo or Kanassan commander)
Date of DestructionAge 737

Kanassa (惑星カナッサ, Wakusei Kanassa) is the planet that Bardock and his crew were shown conquering in the TV special Dragon Ball Z: Bardock - The Father of Goku.



The Full Moon on Kanassa

Kanassa is a rocky planet on which are several modern cities,[1] inhabited by aliens called the Kanassans. These beings possessed extraordinary telepathic abilities. Prior to their demise, the inhabitants were able to foresee the coming destruction that would occur on the night of a full moon. This turned out to be an accurate prediction, as Bardock's crew were able to use the light of the full moon to transform into their Great Ape forms and exterminate the planet's residents.


Bardock's Elite destroys Kanassa

After conquering the planet, an injured Kanassan survivor, tries to attack Bardock, but Bardock effortlessly kills him. Before he died, the Kanassan gave Bardock psychic abilities to see into the future as a gift to Bardock, so he could see the horror of the end of his own home world, Planet Vegeta. The Planet Trade Organization had their eyes on the planet several months before Bardock's arrival, but the job was "left in the pool" by even Frieza's strongest elites. The conquering of this planet signified to Frieza that the Saiyans were quickly becoming the strongest fighters in the organization. This was one of the contributing factors that led to the Genocide of the Saiyans.

Video game appearance


Kanassa destroyed

In the video game Dragon Ball Z II: Gekishin Freeza, Goku, while in his way to Namek, landed in Kanassa after sensing something was wrong in the planet. Goku then defeated all of Frieza's soldiers and saved the planet. A Kanassan thanked him and said he looked a lot like Bardock, who had dominated the planet. Strangely this Kanassa knew about the sons of Bardock, Raditz and Goku, but this could simply be a result of the ability to have visions of the Kanassans.

Enemies encountered here are Gupure, Yūzu (color edited Zarbon), and two Kabosu (color edited Dodoria).

Known residents:


  • Kanassa looks very similar to Planet Frieza 79. It could have been renamed "Frieza 79" after Bardock's Elite exterminated the Kanassans.


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