Orina from a distance.

Planet Orina is on the edge of the milky way.It is currently inhabit The Orinas. This planet is blue because of its oddly blue sky and black clouds.This planet has one ring but only once year round.Usually it has 6 rings making it hard to enter or leave the planet.This planet has mild winters and sweltering summers.Their are thousands of cities,and isteadnof of being independent countries there is one capital country where King Malar. And his family lives.This planet is exactly 4.5 billion miles away from it orbiting star.This planet is a great training ground with lots of masters to teach,also because of it high gravity of 900,000 times Earth's gravity.The population of this planet is close to 9.35 trillion,able to fit more people because of being 900,000 times larger than earth.The population is constantly growing at an average of 900 thousand born a day.This is a healthy planet and is the galaxies largest producer of Katchin.They have large amounts of water and crops.Genrally this is a great place to live.