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Alternate Names 再生(Sai Sei)
Inventor Many races
Users Piccolo
Lord Slug
Majin Buu
Super Buu
Kid Buu
Rage Shenron
Omega Shenron
Class Physical

Regeneration is an ability that allows the user of the technique to replace and regrow removed, lost, or damaged limbs or body parts as long as their head is intact.



Most Namekians are able to use regeneration. Piccolo is the first seen using this technique during the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament after Goku severely damages Piccolo's arm. Because of this, Piccolo rips his arm off and regrows a new one.

Piccolo is seen using this technique again during the Vegeta Saga, after Raditz is defeated.

Nail is also seen using regeneration during the Frieza Saga. Frieza rips Nail's arm off, but much to Frieza's surprise, nail regrows it.

In Cell Saga, Cell drains Piccolo's arm. But Piccolo manages to distract Cell long enough for his arm to grow back. Later on, Cell severely damages Piccolo by blasting him in his chest, and then throws him in the ocean. Luckily, Piccolo's regeneration ability was able to recover the hole in his chest.

In the movie, Dragon Ball Z: Lord Slug, Piccolo is once again seen using regeneration. He ripped off his own ears so he could avoid hearing Gohan's whistling, but later grows back instantly. Lord Slug is also seen using the technique after taking damage from Goku in his False Super Saiyan form.


Majin Buu, Super Buu, and Kid Buu is able to regenerate without taking much damage. They can regenerate blast holes in their bodies, lost appendages, and can even regenerate into a full body after being vaporized.

Shadow Dragons

  • Rage Shenron is able to regenerate generate body parts with the use of the Five-Star Dragon Ball. He uses regeneration using electric pink slimes that are vulnerable to water.
  • Omega Shenron is able to use regeneration with the use of the Five-Star Dragon Ball.


  • Cell is a villain who is able to use regeneration. This is because Cell is created with Piccolo's cells, allowing him to use this technique.
  • Meta-Cooler has the regeneration ability. However, unlike others, meta-Cooler's regeneration technique looks more mechanical than natural.
  • Bio-Broly can regenerate. Krillin is seen using a Destructo Disk against him, but Bio-Broly simply reattaches his neck to his body after being hit.
  • Janemba is able to regenerate, although he does not use it often. He is seen using this ability after being insulted by Pikkon.